World of Tanks: Second Front, Polish Tanks, and Maps are Live

The Update 1.1 we talked so much about is finally here. Everything Wargaming promised you are now available in-game. The Second Front missions, the Polish tanks, and the Minsk and Studzianki maps are finally here for you to explore and make the most of. On top of that, the new vehicles rewarded by the Second Front missions are also waiting for you to claim them.

Update 1.1 is finally live. The Second Front missions will contain three types of tasks that will test a different skill of yours each via single and multiple battles. You will also be able to track the progress of your Second Front missions. Of course, the rewards involve blueprints you will have to collect to get a vehicle. The tanks rewarded from the Second Front missions are the Excalibur, the Chimera, and the Object 279E.

Additionally, the Polish tanks are finally here. They are all low-tier light tanks that evolve into high-tier heavy vehicles. They have strong armor and deal massive damage. One of these beauties is the 50TP Prototyp which we talked about in the past. It has astounding features, and it is unique in its own way.

Last but not least, the Minsk and Studzianki maps are finally here, turning these locations into battlefields. Each map features unique and astonishing places where you can showcase your skills and destroy enemy vehicles. And let’s not forget the changes that Wargaming brought to some older maps. Pilsen, Glacier, Siegfried Line, Mines, and Province now feature new additions that will make your in-game experience more natural and accessible.

Along with Update 1.1, Wargaming announced the maintenance they will be performing soon. The servers of World of Tanks will be down on August 29 from 02:30 to 10:00 CEST (UTC+2) in order for the new Update to be ready for you.