WWE 2K19 CAWs Download: Bray Wyatt’s New Look, Firefly Fun House Available Thanks to Creative Gamers

In recent weeks, WWE fans have watched entertaining new segments on WWE Raw featuring Bray Wyatt. He’s been a guy who went from an over fan-favorite to an underused member of the roster. Wyatt also was a former WWE Champion who has had some questionable turns throughout his wrestling career. However, the latest seems to be working with fans, and now one gamer has brought it to the world of the WWE 2K19 CAWs download library.

New WWE 2K19 CAWs include Bray Wyatt’s “transformation”

CAWs refers to the Create A Wrestler feature that many versions of WWE 2K have implemented. The library of created superstars and content on the WWE 2K19 game is rather large to the point it requires a lot of scrolling or performing keyword specific searches. Creative minds have brought pretty much every character to the game one can imagine, including wrestlers that weren’t included in the game.

They also bring to life characters who just showed up less than 24 hours ago. One creator has officially brought Bray Wyatt’s terrifying new character look from Monday’s Raw episode into WWE 2K19. As seen below, a gamer with the Twitter handle @Iconic2k has officially brought the new Bray Wyatt to WWE 2K19. As of right now, this character appears to be exclusive to the Xbox One game, though.

Iconic2k created one amazingly accurate looking version of what fans saw for the first time just last night. So it’s clear that is the content creators work extremely fast within WWE 2K19. They seem to bring superstars’ memorable attire to the game quickly, as well as the updated pay-per-view arenas after big events. These have included arenas for events such as WWE Starrcade or the special Saudi Arabian house shows on WWE Network.

WWE 2K19 Firefly Fun House arena on PS4

Speaking of arenas, a creative content designer over on the PlayStation version of WWE 2K19 has brought an interesting concept to the game. It’s none other than a Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House arena. This isn’t something fans have ever seen before with regards to a WWE event, but it’s entirely possible. Even if never happens, it’s still pretty amazing to see someone dream up in the game!

The new WWE 2K19 Firefly Fun House is terrifying and fun all at once. It looks like a great arena to have a creative themed PPV event in or maybe an online tournament. PS4 gamers are still waiting for the new look Bray Wyatt to find its way into the WWE 2K19 CAWs download library, but one has to assume it will happen quickly too.

For those who missed the latest episode of WWE Raw, here’s a look at Bray Wyatt going from “Wowie Zowie” to “Very Scary” in his Firefly Fun House segment.

Superstar Bray Wyatt has certainly come quite a ways since his previous stints as Husky Harris with NEXUS. WWE 2K19 originally arrived with his special matches included and promoted as part of the new title, including the House of Horrors. One has to figure Wyatt’s new character will be prominently featured when WWE 2K20 arrives for consoles later this year.

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