Apex Legends Gold Rush Duos Mode and Grand Soirée Launch Tomorrow

It hasn’t been all that long since the end of Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash, the Apex Legends winter event, but the next event is already on the verge of launching. The Apex Legends Grand Soirée event was announced last week, and will feature no fewer than seven new game modes! However, each of these modes will only be available for two days. The first of these, the Apex Legends Gold Rush Duos mode, will be playable from tomorrow.

The Apex Legends Gold Rush Duos Game Mode

The Grand Soirée event, which starts tomorrow on the 15th of January, will be a two-week long event that ends on the 28th. The event features all-new cosmetics, alongside a new Event Prize Track, but the most notable inclusion are the seven new game modes. Previous Apex Legends events have added in a single new mode, such as the Winter Express mode which was available during Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash. During the Grand Soirée, only one new mode will be available at a time, but this mode will change every two days, cycling through the seven new additions in turn.

Apex Legends Gold Rush Duos Mode Launches Tomorrow

The event, along with the Apex Legends Gold Rush Duos mode, begins tomorrow. Gold Rush Duos will be the first new mode that players get to try, and indeed, the first in which players can complete special event challenges to progress along the Event Prize Track. Each of the seven modes will feature three challenges, worth 1,000 points total. To reach the end of the Prize Track and unlock everything, players will need to earn 5,500 points by the end of the event. As such, you don’t need to complete every challenge, just some of them. Note that there is also a special badge for players who try all seven of the new modes.

In Gold Rush Duos, most of the standard Apex Legends match rules apply. However, it is, as the name suggests, a ‘Duos’ mode. Furthermore, every weapon in the match is automatically a gold weapon! Because gold weapons all have preset Legendary-tier attachments, this means you won’t need to scavenge for gear as much. However, it also means that skirmishes could be especially deadly, as everybody will be wielding the best guns in the game!