Destiny 2: Roadmap – EAZ Mini-Bosses Patch Coming

Bungie tends to release Developer Roadmaps for Destiny 2 in almost every Season. Before Season of Opulence went live, Bungie teased in a roadmap that there will be a new exotic weapon quest called ’Lumina’ coming with this Season along with some other features like Menagerie (6-player match made activity). It has been over a week since Solstice of Heroes went live in Destiny 2. With that came a really annoying step that’s ‘Defeat 100 Mini-bosses in EAZ.’

As we all know at this point that Solstice Armor contains three tiers of sets – Drained, Renewed and Majestic. Each armor set comes with its own assigned challenges and objectives.

EAZ Mini-Bosses Patch

Destiny 2 EAZ Mini-Bosses Patch

Now, when players came across the blue armor that is renewed, there a challenge that requires you to defeat 100 mini-bosses inside EAZ (European Aerial Zone). At the start, it seemed pretty easy but since we were only able to get 2-3 mini-bosses kills (4-6 if you’re lucky) each run. It looked like a reeeally long grind for a blue armor.

So, players have been constantly giving their feedback and asking Bungie to tweak the mini-boss number down to either 50 or add more mini-bosses – and Bungie delivered. In This Week at Bungie, they revealed that a patch will be delivered to Destiny 2 next week on weekly reset.

“For next week’s hotfix, we re-evaluated the objective requirements for unlocking the Majestic Solstice armor sets. Specifically, among these objectives, we believe the 100 Mini-Boss challenge has the most room for improvement. Here are the changes we’re making:

  • This objective is being scaled down from 100 Mini-Bosses defeated to 50
  • Completing the final boss round contributes an additional 5 points of progress”

Another thing they mentioned is kind-of a roadmap of what Bungie will be discussing with the community until Shadowkeep launches.

  • Director’s Cut‘ with Luke Smith
  • Armor Customization Preview livestream
  • More Shadowkeep details at gamescom
  • Cross Save launch
  • How Seasons will change in D2Y3
  • PVP reveal for Shadowkeep
  • An invitation to the Crucible at PAX

Destiny 2: Shdowkeep will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, on October 1, 2019, and later in November on Google Stadia.