Release Dates Announced for Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC

Earlier today, Bethesda revealed their 2019 roadmap for Fallout 76 DLC, and it features three major seasonal content releases. The first of these is the Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC, which was announced relatively recently. Now, the studio has revealed more details of what will be included, along with release dates for the various different content packs.

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC Release Dates and Details

“A mythical beast,” says Bethesda; “a lost generation of scouts, and the strongest brew this side of the wasteland. Welcome to Wild Appalachia – a new series of quests, features, events, crafting systems and more starting on March 12 and appearing over several weeks.”

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC Release Dates

Certainly, Wild Appalachia is a major PvE expansion, described by Bethesda as their first big content release of 2019. The DLC will be free to download, and will be released in stages, beginning on the 12th of March. On that date, the DLC will officially begin and players will get access to ‘Brewing & Distilling.’ The release will include a new quest allowing players to discover Nukashine and learn new recipes and plans for brewing and distilling mechanics; “Discover the secrets of the forbidden brew Nukashine,” says Bethesda; “and bring new brewing and distilling systems to your C.A.M.P.”

The Other Releases Coming in Wild Appalachia (March)

Fasnacht Parade (March 19th): Following this initial release, the Fasnacht Parade will be a new seasonal event. Players will be able to earn Fasnacht Masks by completing the event; “Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht!”

Survival Mode (March 26th): Already announced and detailed by Bethesda, Survival Mode will be a new way to play Fallout 76 with most of the existing PvP restrictions removed. This mode will initially launch in BETA as Bethesda gauges player opinions. As such, it will likely change somewhat as time goes by.

Releases Coming in Wild Appalachia (April)

Player Vending / Shear Terror! (April 9th): April 9th will bring the launch of a much-requested feature; player vending. Once this pack releases, players will be able to set up vending machines in Appalachia and highlight items to sell, setting their own prices and leaving them for other players to find. Also on this date, Bethesda will be releasing a new quest series called Shear Terror!; “Uncover the ‘encryptid’ secrets of Appalachia in a new series of quests and encounters to separate monsters from myths.”

Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia DLC Set for March Release

Camera (April 16th): Little is known about this release, other than it includes a working camera. Presumably, this might include changes to the game’s existing photo mode. Fans will have to wait for more information from Bethesda.

Releases Coming in Wild Appalachia (May)

Ever Upwards! (May 7th): The second new quest series, following Shear Terror, Ever Upwards allows players to uncover the story of the Pioneer Scouts. Certainly, this sounds as though it could be a new faction in the same manner as the Order of Mysteries“Earn merit badges, climb the ranks,” explains Bethesda; “and earn a customisable backpack for increased utility.”

Legendary Vendor (May 23rd): Finally, Wild Appalachia will see the arrival of a new vendor called the Purveyor. According to Bethesda, players will be able to seek them out to trade scrap and Legendary items for new Legendary gear; “For every star rating on a legendary item you scrap, increase your chances to get the legendary weapon or armour of your dreams!”