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  2. Unfortunately there's no way round it. Microsoft have a contract with Seagate to produce the SSD cards bet even if they didn't and other third parties could jump into the market, the prices wouldn't come down very much if at all. The SSD's on the next gen consoles high speed NVMe SSD's and they cost a lot of money. The consoles and even some of the games have be optimised specifically for them. So if a cheaper (and by that I really mean slower) version of cards came out some titles and other features legitimacy might not work properly. This is one the reasons I never really thought the XBox Series S was not really worth it. The expandable storage cost almost as much, perhaps even more than the console itself. Not exactly. Obviously larger capacity SSD's cost more because there's more storage, you just get what you pay for. I've been looking at PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD's on places like Amazon (UK) lately and they all tend to be around £100 per TB, regardless of size.
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  4. I like the Switch's graphics. Maybe the leaf definition could be better when it comes to trees, but other than that it's good.
  5. The exacy same thing happened to me actually! And after the initial tutorial area (White Orchard) I felt kind of overwhelmed at the options, and I ran into a big city way to early and got ganked by a beggar in an alley. The second time I tried I got further along the right track and learned the game better, but I never got past the second act, but I'm ready to give it another chance, probably some time next year.
  6. I have had The Witcher 3 for like 5 years now, and I only played a small portion of it. I couldn't get used to the amount of menus and options I had. Was overwhelming so I never stuck with it. I may jump back into it one of these days, but I have to really invest into it if I want to take it seriously I think.
  7. This is cool, A fan project titled Half-Life: Levitation was given the greenlight by Valve themselves to release on Steam today. It is a free unofficial add-on for Half-Life: Alyx, which has four hour campaign, with voice acting, and more. It also includes characters like Alyx Vance and G-Man. You can find more details on the game at the link below: https://www.pcgamesn.com/half-life-alyx/sequel-steam-levitation and via the Steam Workshop below: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2881604879
  8. 10/10 - Just an absolute classic! Masterpiece even. I love the DKC music aswell but Aquatic Ambiance is just immortal. Here's something on the exact opposite end of the stage bgm spectrum. It even manage to make an elevator stage feel awesome:
  9. Pretty epic diddy right there. :D I'd say a 7/10 for me. Not something I really get into, but I get why it's liked, it's a good track. And one of my all time favorite tracks from one of my favorite tracks. Mmm, so damn good! Once it sets in, I'm brought back to playing that classic. Honestly surprised it hasn't been posted here yet. It's also really relaxing.
  10. You forgot to share one for yourself! But that's alright, I'll just continue with another one to keep it rolling :) I haven't actually played this game myself, but I quite like the music!
  11. I think this is an amazing way for people to be able to do something they enjoy and be able to earn a living from it. For years we have always heard about how games can be bad for us and how people can never understand why we play them and don't just go outside and do what they used to do. The truth is that gaming really is something that you can get into now and make an income from in so many different ways whether it be through esports, streaming and content creation and so much more. I feel in time gaming will become a viable source of income and it will when it does, help so many people.
  12. I honestly haven't looked into betting on esports before even though I know it's a thing. I feel myself if I was to get to betting on esports when I watch them, I may get addicted to it, and I'd hate to have to end up in trouble that way. I guess if I was confident on an outcome for an esports tournament I would possibly have a small go and see what happened, but I would be strict with myself whether I won or not.
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  14. No, they're more expensive because it's a new format of SSD storage, an emerging technology, not because there's more space on it. Whips the same format, a lager SSD is naturally going to case more than a smaller one, but you can get SSD's that cost less despite being lager because the format is different.
  15. Getting back on topic. 6/10 I get what you're saying about it, it's good theme, just that memorable to me. Honestly, I think it may have worked better as a movie theme because it's one of those musical pieces that would help set a mood during opening credits to lead onto the firsts scene, but in a game the first thing you come across is the main title screen and menu, something you're busy on and will probable blast past in few moments with really letting the music do it's thing. A nice piece of music, but not great for a game, even a game as story heavy as Mafia II.
  16. Anyone who had a meal? I ate some nasty pizza. It was actually the best thanksgiving I’ve had in the last 20 years or so.
  17. Correct, and that's why I'm removing his post (This does mean editing your post as well @Tonberry, I hope you don't mind). This is @Justin11 posting a reply without paying attention to what the topic is, something that happens a lot for him and it's been getting worse recently. @Justin11, I can't say anything to you I haven't already said in my numerous PM's and warnings before, that's why I'm doing this on the public forum this time, see if that makes a difference. Start paying attention to what you post, you know, like when people do when the actually care about what the post, or you will no longer be allowed to post on VGR at all.
  18. Moderator Edit: Quoted post has been removed. Isn't this film music? This thread is for rating video game music.
  19. Justin11


    I haven't had my account banned or suspended though and for most times I don't even engage in conversations with other gamers on the platform though I would respond if someone sends me a direct message.
  20. They are becoming more expensive now because they have introduced SSD card with higher memory space in terabytes. You could just go for one now and later you could get one each for the boys if it's entirely a necessity you have a SSD card.
  21. I enjoyed playing Halo 3 can't imagine I haven't played another halo game in such a long time. Which other halo game off the franchise would you suggest I play.
  22. I actually played Detroit:become human a few months ago though I was a bit reluctant but finally decided to give it a try. It was fun for most part and the story develops quite well maybe the ending wasn't so great but it was worth it.
  23. I haven't tried this before, playing games on cloud before proceeding to install it on your console. How does it work exactly so I can do that when I am a bit impatient to have the video game installed first.
  24. Justin11

    Sea of Thieves

    I have watched a few game play video of sea of thieves and I like the pirates themed game and design. Though I haven't played it personally but I feel it would definitely be worth your time if you intend to get into it.
  25. I just enjoy the Xbox controller it has a completely different feel from other controller designs. And Xbox exclusives are fun though some are eventually available on other platforms some week or months after they are released.
  26. Yeah, I experienced it once event I was trying to install the program for my new wireless controller on my PC, but it was later sorted out.
  27. That would certainly be GTA sahandres , I did play this game on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. I would also go for elder scrolls franchise.
  28. I don't see anything wrong in the design simplicity is exotic and that's what the Xbox series X is, it looks simple but has this exotic feel since they aren't really easy to find and purchase.
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