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  1. Harvest Hunt is a new survival horror roguelike game where you're supposed to protect your village at night from a creature who's intent is to kill. Kinda reminds me of how Minecraft is when night rolls around. It looks like a fun game to play, but I don't know how long it'll hold my attention. This seems like it'd be a short lived game, at least for me. The cool thing is, it's only $18, and it's even on sale right now on steam for $15.29. - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2009620/Harvest_Hunt/ I wonder if it'll make its way on consoles next. Seems to be PC only right now. Th
  2. I'm surprised that the Tenchu series hasn't been a thing in a long time. The last big Tenchu release I believe was with Tenchu Z. Which came out all the way back in 2007. They came out with another game a year later, but it was a digital only release called Shadow Assault: Tenchu, and it didn't do so well. And the very last game, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins was released in 2008 for the Wii and in 2009 for the PSP. But it's been radio silent when it comes to the franchise since. With the rise in popularity of games like Nioh and Rise of the Ronin recently, it made me wonder if we could one day see a new game in the Tenchu series, or maybe a whole reboot. It looks like FromSoftware still owns the IP.
  3. Who here has played Stellar Blade? It's been out a little under a month now and it seems to be quite popular. I haven't played it myself, but would like to if I can ever get my hands on a PS5. It looks like it'd be a lot of fun. For those who have played it, is it worth getting a PS5 for? And do you think this could release on PC at some point?
  4. https://press-start.com.au/news/nintendo/2024/05/21/nintendo-has-acquired-shiver-entertainment-from-embracer-group/ Nintendo has recently acquired Shiver Entertainment from Embracer Group. They are responsible for developing games like Scribblenauts: Showdown, and Scribblenauts Mega Pack for the Switch. And they did ports of Mortal Kombat 11, Hogwarts Legacy, and Mortal Kombat 1 for the Switch. Nintendo doesn't buy up studios that often, so it's interesting to see them make the call to buy one up.
  5. MetalJesusRocks put out a video recently discussing some of the most obscure consoles he and his friends have played. A lot of the consoles mentioned I have never heard of. They really picked some pretty obscure ones. Though I'm sure some of you will recognize a few of them. Only thing I really knew was the Nintendo PlayStation prototype, and maybe a few of the handhelds that were mentioned, but the rest I don't recall ever hearing about. What are the most obscure consoles you've ever played? I'd say the Virtual Boy by Nintendo for me. And maybe a couple of those plug and play tv games you could get years ago. But I don't think I've really used or played anything that's really unknown or obscure enough.
  6. This actually looks kind of fun. It's a new sandbox style game that looks heavily inspired by older GTA titles, especially with the mostly top-down view. But instead, you play as a cop and the intent is to arrest people breaking the law. And on top of all that, it's also procedurally generated. It was made by Fallen Tree Games, who were responsible for American Fugitive, which dropped in 2019, which was also inspired by GTA.
  7. I heard about Have a Nice Death a while back, but never really looked into it until recently. A friend of mine suggested checking it out, mentioned it was a good roguelike game. It's currently on sale for $15 (original - $25) and I was thinking about picking it up and giving it a shot. Has anyone here played it? Is it worth buying? Or should I wait on a better sale? Or would you recommend a better roguelike?
  8. Has anyone heard of this one? It just came out yesterday on Steam, with console releases coming in October of 2024. It's a sword fighting game, similar to Hellish Quart. It's not getting the greatest reviews though, as steam shows it as "Mixed" right now. It looks interesting though, so hopefully it gets better. I heard in the reviews that it may be made by one person too. Does this game interest you at all?
  9. Ubisoft has decided to cancel the upcoming Division Heartland game. I didn't even know that this game was announced back in 2021, but I guess it's been in the works since then. It was also their attempt to make their own free-to-play game in the series. Me thinks a live service game most likely. Ubisoft will instead put their resources into the upcoming XDefiant free-to-play game, and some to Rainbow Six Siege. The good news for Division fans, is that Ubisoft still looks to be working on a Division 3. Read more on this news here: https://mp1st.com/news/the-division-heartland-officially-cancelled
  10. Activision has opened up a new studio in Poland called Elsewhere Entertainment. Their intent is to make narrative driven/ genre defying AAA franchises, and thankfully it won't have anything to do with COD. The studio has talent who were involved in games like The Last of Us, Uncharted, The Witcher, Cyberpunk, Destiny, The Division, and Far Cry. So you got a wide array of talent here. On the plus side, they're also looking to bring in more developers. It's kind of good news with all the recent layoffs and closures going on. Even though Activision Blizzard had layoffs recently, same with Xbox and I believe a few other studios/companies did too. And you can't forget Microsoft outright closing down studios as of late. I hope with this, we see some more studios pop up. Hopefully from Microsoft's side, and hopefully bringing in the many who were laid off this past year. Source: https://www.ign.com/articles/activision-opens-new-studio-tasked-with-creating-narrative-based-aaa-franchise
  11. Source - https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2024/05/14/xbox-360-price-reductions-available-now/ Since we all know the Xbox 360's store is closing down in July, you don't have much time left to pick up the digital games only available on the 360. Xbox is taking the opportunity to do a sale on Xbox 360 games up until the date they close up shop. There are some good deals here. There looks to be 66 games on sale right now, hopefully more to come. Some games are as low as $0.99, with Sniper Ghost Warrior being the cheapest at only $0.69. It sucks that the store is officially closing soon, but it's nice to see them putting up a sale. The link above lists out all the games available for sale. Clicking on them will bring you to their Xbox store.
  12. The new Assassin's Creed Shadows has been revealed. It will be dropping this November. Sadly there was no gameplay to see, it's all cinematic, but the story does sound interesting. This one taking place in Japan and looks to be a two protagonist game. I assume you can take control of both characters. Who here is going to pick it up when it releases? I'm honestly kind of beat from playing AC all these years, haven't even touched a couple of the last ones, but I might change that with this one.
  13. Source - https://www.ign.com/articles/dc-universe-online-is-still-going-13-years-later-and-now-it-has-a-ps5-version? Who here has played DC Universe Online? I think I tried it on the Xbox One years ago, but I don't think I ever put much time into it. I know it was discontinued on the PS3, but still works on the PS4 and other current consoles. But, now there is a PS5 version of the game. Is it worth playing this game after all of these years? I see the developer intends to keep updates coming for the game, at least according to the article above. So that's good news. And isn't it a free to play game these days? I might have to check it out again.
  14. Official trailer for Marvel Rivals below, it's real:
  15. This looks interesting. Open Roads is a new narrative mystery thriller that stars Keri Russell and Kaitlyn Dever. It's about a mother (Russell) and her daughter (Dever) taking a road trip, all the while trying to find the truth about their family. This is one of those games where the choices you make should have an affect on the end game. It was initially planned for a February release, but instead will be dropping tomorrow for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X|S, Switch and PC of course. It looks like it's going to be a short game, but might have some replayability based on the different choices you can make.
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