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  1. It's being reported that Naughty Dog's next game is in the works, but they made no mention of what the game could be. It could be the third in the series for The Last of Us, or it could be a whole new IP. The good news though, is that they are also hard at work on the multiplayer mode that has been making fans wait since 2020. The MP mode was supposed to drop with the second game, but never came out. Druckman himself said that they will have more to share later in the year. Do you think they will ever release the MP mode? Or will they end up coming out with a third game before that? Read more about it below: https://mp1st.com/news/naughty-dog-next-game-already-decided-on-by-studio-last-of-us-multiplayer-game-info-coming-later-this-year
  2. That's kinda what I do, have my games set aside based on console type, but I've gotten lazy over the years where I don't bother to put them in alphabetical order. Ok, so system > genre > then Alphabetical? And damn, that's a lot of games, haha. I wouldn't want to deal with alphabetizing all of those, but the way you have your set up, it might not be so bad.
  3. There was no way to use the console online. He may be able to re-format it and all that, but the console itself would still be banned, which means it can't be used online even after formatting. The guy requested they unban the console after they found out he wasn't the one to do it, but they still kept the ban active. Oh for sure, you can never be too safe when it comes to buying used consoles, especially if they can be banned and rendered unusable. That's why whenever I buy a used console in person, I ask to test it first. Just to be on the safe side.
  4. I looked through the other options they have in terms of console selection, and they still rent out games from Xbox, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and even have GBA & Gamecube listed. GBA and Gamecube dont' have anything under them, so no idea why they still have them up. They still have a fair deal of PS3, and 360 games. But for the price point, I don't think it's worth renting any of these older games haha. But, kinda cool they have older games you can rent still.
  5. They kind of already did something similar with Shaolin Monks I believe it was. In that game I believe you could play co-op. It was essentially a beat 'em up where you played as either Liu Kang and or Kung Lao. Supposedly the story takes place during MKII. I remember hearing about it and from the looks of it, is kind of similar to the sub-zero game, but this time it's actually good. I watched a playthrough of it years ago and I think it's also more open, as you can walk in all directions instead of left and right. But I may be wrong, it's been a long time. As for future games like that, I'm all for it. More single player/co-op beat 'em ups would be nice.
  6. Did the updates stop or was it because they weren't marketing the game enough? Because when it first came out, I felt like even then they weren't putting much effort into marketing it, and I think that too could have been a reason it failed. And, if they updated the game to fix the gripes people had, it might've even done better.
  7. What are your feelings on modders who mod retro consoles and games? Like those who use real parts. Like recycling the shell and carts to make ROM hacks, or to mod the console to play on newer hardware (HDMI modded in). How do you feel when someone donates what was once a Super Mario Bros 3 to be used as a ROM hack? I could maybe understand an old sports game, but NES sports games are popular and some are regarded as classics in their own right. Essentially the question is, how do you feel when someone mods a retro game, and possibly ruins its original retail value and worth?
  8. When it comes to your gaming collection, how do you usually store it, or shall I say show it off? For me I tend to just put my games on a shelf, for their own consoles. So PS2 in their own section, Xbox in its own, etc. I used to alphabetize my collections, but I got a bit lazy, so I would usually just store my favorites to one side and the rest I have below that kinda. What about you though? Do you like to store it alphabetically? Or maybe by its franchise? So Call of Duty games will get its own section, Madden gets its own section, etc. Or you could go based off of the genre of game, so shooters, fighters, etc get their own respective sections.
  9. I subscribed to Gamefly back in the mid 2010s or so, and liked what it offered. But ever since, I never bothered with the service again. I think now, with services like GamePass and what PSN Plus offers, it's going to eventually kill off GameFly and other rental services. It's still crazy to me that rental services like this still exist. Much like Netflix (who I hear still sends out DVDs). Anyway, does anyone here use Gamefly to play their games? Their prices for subscriptions don't look too bad, and I could see myself affording it. But with Gamepass I don't see a point, at least for me. But would anyone here still consider GameFly and other rental services?
  10. You gotta be careful with any sites that sell keys/codes etc, including CDKeys. I don't know Joltfun, so I can't judge on that. But I believe some people have gotten away with selling used/fake keys on CDkeys before. Much like G2A and other sites. Especially if they allow people to sell codes themselves. CDkeys and Joltfun may be more reliable, but there are still risks. Yeah I believe some said you could gift them to people, but I think there were some that couldn't. I forget as I haven't gotten a humble bundle in a while. I think it's more to do with people selling the codes second hand, like they recognize you didn't redeem the game on your account and get you that way. I may be wrong on that though, but that's how I see it. I don't see why it'd be a problem to gift any codes you get. Even to resell them, they should be yours to do with as you please.
  11. If I use a laptop, I'm usually using it plugged into the outlet. I will sometimes use my laptop unplugged, but it's rare. I mean, I sit in the same spot with it anyway, and I don't take it out of the house ever, so I don't see a point in unplugging it unless I am on the go. As for screen brightness, I tend to turn that down low, for one, when I do unplug it, it saves on battery life, and two, it's better on the eyes. I also use the night light mode where it turns your screen a yellow tint to help with the blue lights.
  12. Right? Like damn, let the devs work. I get having a deadline, but maybe if there are problems reaching said deadline, and it's been a problem for a bit, maybe extend the deadline a bit later next time. But that's what these big studio heads do. They push and prod their developers in making the games as fast as they can to meet a street date. But, I think these studios are taking notice to the amount of failures that have come out, and are hopefully going to wait until a game is "ready" before actually shipping it. If another Cyberpunk 2077 happens, it's going to end that game. I think the actual developers need to be the leaders going forward. No more of these rich CEOs running the whole show.
  13. Ah that makes sense. I wish I knew all of that stuff myself, to be able to code my own game would be so cool. But I don't have the patience to learn it. Back on Windows XP, I can see it being vastly different. And that's fair. Game development has changed a lot, some for the better and some not, but I think we're going into a good direction where more people can code games with the many tools available to them now. Have you considered messing with modern tools/programs to make a game? Like Unity for example? I hear they make these engines easy to work on, so more people can potentially make their own games.
  14. I have never played the Fatal Frame series, though I have watched playthroughs of some of the games. It's one of those games I am not good with. Some horror I can handle, but this type of horror is not my thing. Looks like the game is getting an updated re-release on pretty much all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. It's a remake of the original game that came out on the Nintendo Wii back in 2008. Is anyone playing this? It dropped on the 9th.
  15. Has anyone here played the demo for the games opening? It's essentially the same opening we know, but amped up. I saw a playthrough of the demo, and damn was it intense, much more intense than when I played the VR version on the meta quest 2 recently. I can only imagine how much tougher this will be in VR. I can't wait to play it. :D
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