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  1. I've seen many vids online of parents destroying their children's consoles because of bad behavior. That sort of thing has never happened to me. I haven't had so much of a console taken away from me either. But, has anyone here had a parent that took their consoles away or even destroyed them if you didn't behave? I want to hear your stories and why your parents did it.
  2. Here are the top 10 video games, that are impossible to 100% after you get to the credits. What are some games you remember wanting to finish 100%, but once you beat it, it stopped you from playing again?
  3. According to a report from MP1st, Respawn Entertainment, creators of Apex Legends, stole the design of another games character. The game in question is Bulletville, a multiplayer shooter. Apex Legends released a new character called "Fuse" which is close in style as Bulletville's Hunter character. You can view the image below. Does it look like they took inspiration? Is it too similar? \ Bulletfille's character is on the left, and was in production before Fuse. In fact, the article points out that they did a play test with EA at some point, so they likely saw the character and took
  4. This game is going to be something else. Capcom released a live stream yesterday showcasing the new Resident Evil 8: Village. It's an hour long stream with a demo of the game, and the trailer. Check it out below and let us know what you think. As well, I hear the demo for the game is out now on the PS5, so get at it while it's available for download. 🙂
  5. Well well well, looks like Xbox Live is going up in price. Not quite sure why, but I suspect it could be in relation to Game Pass. Though they don't really say that's why. Anyway, according to Xbox themselves, 1 month of XBL will be increasing by $1, 3 months by an extra $5 and 6 months would put you back $60, which is what it was for 12 months in the past. Anyway, what do you think of this? I have been mostly getting game pass, and since that isn't changing in price. And the good news, is that you can use all of your months and convert it to Game Pass Ultimate instead. And I think that'
  6. I used to report people all the time back in the 360 days. I even had a clan where I would snitch on people who hacked and cheated. I would even report people who said horribly offensive things and had offensive names. I would never report anyone because they were a noob or bad at the game though. If you did, you could get banned for filing false reports. I only reported people I know where hacking and cheating (mostly Call of Duty, as it was easy to see lol) and who were extremely offensive. (racism, homophobia, etc) But yeah, these days I don't play much online games. If I do, it's with
  7. Yeah, not many people play Pinball these days. I think the only places that still might have them, are hotels, theaters, bars, and other places. With this thing, they are adding a bunch of pinball games in there. 🙂 I kind of want to get one of these for my dad, as he used to play pinball a lot as a kid and teen.
  8. Does Max Payne count? He always has this inner turmoil he goes over. He is also the narrator of his own story, so it's essentially him speaking about himself.
  9. I agree, the demo isn't the big issue here. But, it's going to be used against them because they've already been known to lie about the product. And you know this how? They didn't need much time to see the problems last gen had though. And lets face it, the PC version isn't free of the same errors either. I've seen a lot of the same exact bugs in the PC version that I've seen in the last gen version. They knew this game wasn't finished, and they willingly shipped it out because they wanted that holiday money. As well, the whole "they did it because of death threats" is bs. This
  10. There's actually been a few Punisher games. I remember one being released for the NES, and the most famous one came out for the PS2/Xbox back in like 04 or 05. That's the one with the cult following, as it allowed you to do some pretty gruesome kills. That was 16 years or so ago, the last game I see we got, was in 2009, and it looks to just be a pinball game. So we're for sure due for another Punisher game.
  11. So if you don't know, Hitman 3 came out yesterday and it comes with literally every game before it included. They did the same thing with the 2nd game, and I'm glad they did it with the 3rd, as it adds so much more to those missions in previous releases. I would love to see more games doing this for their yearly releases. Just imagine if Call of Duty did something like this, they could essentially have every map, gun, mode, etc, all in one game, each year. Of course it kind of makes those past releases pointless, but I think they would be forgotten anyway, and this way the games will be there
  12. What are some games that were removed from marketplaces and are no longer purchasable? I am reminded of the Scott Pilgrim game that just re-released. Originally that game came out for the 360, ps3 and pc I believe, and each one was removed from their marketplaces. This made me wonder, what are some of the games that you wish were still available for purchase digitally? There seems to be so many games out there that get released digitally, and then disappear from the marketplace. What are some of the games you wish were available for sale again? Scott Pilgrim is back, what other game remo
  13. So this is a bit of sad news, pro gamer ZooMaa had to retire from the pro gaming scene due to a thumb and wrist injury that returned. He felt that he couldn't go on and compete at the highest level due to the pain. Read this article and thought he'd be out of gaming for life, but I think he's only stopping in terms of pro playing. I think he still intends to game, just has to heal up more before he can take on the task of being a pro gamer again. The game he was a pro at was Call of Duty. No idea if and when he would be returning, maybe this injury could heal up and he could be back in n
  14. I had no idea Control was coming out for the Switch, and low and behold, I see a review about it online. Thing is, the game isn't being run on Switch hardware, it's being streamed. Remedy entertainment decided to go the route of having the game be streamed in order to play on the Switch, and I guess it's not as bad as I first envisioned. At least if the review is correct. And I guess some other games are mostly run through the cloud, those being the new Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil 7. So this could also mean more resource heavy games, can run better on switch, of course you still n
  15. Das a lot of players. According to MP1st there are rumors going around, stating that the new Battlefield 6 will allow up to 128 players, and include battle royale. On top of that, it will be releasing for last gen consoles as well, but with downgraded graphics and 64 players max. If the rumors are right of course. Read the article above if you want to get more of an idea. I figure they would add Battle Royal to the mix. The genre has been added to just about everything these days as its own game mode. Wonder if they can get 128 players in the battle royale mode, that'd rock.
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