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  1. The Netflix exclusives are definitely worth it to me.
  2. Yeah - the scorpion king is a pretty entertaining movie from start to finish.
  3. Adventure games tend to take a lot out of me because of the amount of time it takes to move from one objective to another, all the while having to explore vast areas and fighting enemies, of course it'll take a toll on you.
  4. Besides buying a new hardware, and new controller functions - not much I'd say...
  5. Continuous upgrades to their software engines increase their graphical quality and also the upgrade to the power of the devices that allow you to play said games. For instance, Unreal Engine 5 has some ray-tracing element in it (at least what they showed in one of the demos) so the graphical improvements are very noticeable.
  6. I always liked the summons system in Aura Kingdom and that summon grows stronger alongside you until they become a complete beast taking on hordes of enemies and you can even get combo attacks with them.
  7. One or two at most and I barely remember anything about them. Also, they happened over a decade ago so I can't remember what they asked me either.
  8. Kingdom Come Deliverance also falls into this category as you play the game mainly in FP view.
  9. I love in-depth character customization options including cheekbones and jawlines among other things including how the armor you're wearing fits on you character's body.
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