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  1. killamch89

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    I hope this will teach be a lesson to most other YouTubers to think carefully about who they promote because it only takes one bad incident to completely ruin your reputation.
  2. killamch89

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    So they are indirectly promoting fraud as well which is a very serious offense. In the eyes of the law, they are co-conspirators in this fraudulent operation - Have any of them been arrested?
  3. killamch89

    Fry up

    It's something that most of us blacks don't understand because our parents always emphasized cooking the meat thoroughly. Hell, they'll even bring up the fact that is how cavemen cooked their meat. I mean, I saw this video where a guy throws vinegar on a piece of meat and worms start crawling out from out of the meat.
  4. killamch89

    Martial Arts

    Touche...I can't disagree with what you said.
  5. killamch89

    Bizarre encounters

    A very bizarre twist indeed.
  6. killamch89


    Yeah, like Microsoft Office and basic email programs.
  7. killamch89

    Martial Arts

    Yes, we need to see the perfectly co-ordinated technique of the drunken fist. I am not that skilled at it because...well, I no long drink alcohol so...yeah, there is no getting drunk for me.
  8. killamch89


    Does sound like you had just one glass there @Lee 😂
  9. killamch89

    Pepsi or Coke?

    No. Mountain Dew = Life
  10. killamch89

    Hello there everyone!

    You have a valid point there lol.
  11. killamch89

    I'm Lee.

    Welcome, Lee to VGR! Just a quick question...ummm..is Lee short for Jet Lee, Spike Lee or Lee dungarees? 🤣
  12. killamch89

    Your favourite YouTubers

    Funny enough, I love funny videos as well and I use Youtube to look up all kinds of things. It is like the visual version of Google.
  13. killamch89

    Community Chat #1

    I'm way ahead of you guys! *orders pizza*
  14. killamch89

    The Mystery Brand Scam

    It is a criminal offense to promote gambling to minors so they should have some kind of charge. They need to be more responsible with how they use their platform and what you are promoting.
  15. killamch89

    Hello there everyone!

    Welcome to VGR! We do not judge or discriminate against any kind of gamer...unless you're name is Jared Fogle or R.Kelly in which case we reserve the right to call/inform the authorities. Have fun!