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  1. I got my Amazon gift card 🙂
  2. All I can say is finally! Now I want God Of War to follow the same route and I'll really be a happy gamer.
  3. Hey! I'm not that old...don't mind the receding hairline, that's just from using steroids...
  4. Pretty tired but doing fine otherwise.
  5. My personal pick would be superwoman.
  6. I don't get it either and I still can't pinpoint the logic behind it....
  7. It's absolute garbage and I am glad it is failing because if this was to catch on in the gaming community, it would have really serious long-term consequences for us gamers.
  8. No surprise there. It is the only thing keeping their greedy company afloat. If lootboxes were banned out of existence tomorrow morning, EA and others would immediately file bankruptcy.
  9. Why couldn't this have happened after I have bought my underground bunker? 🤣
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