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  1. Ps5, Xbox and PC so you'll be good to go. I've been an Armored Core player since the original game on PS1 and I'm looking forward to this game. Starfield might just make me stop playing Skyrim especially when the mods start coming out for it. Trust me, This and Armored Core 6 will take up majority of my gaming time - that is if they deliver as expected.
  2. Yeah - considering I haven't been practicing that much, I'm doing a lot better than I thought. Haven't played Mortal Kombat 11 in a few months but it's still fairly active online. Bro trust me, you did the right thing...if they're stupid enough to freeze to death and not find shelter, they'd be a burden. 🤣
  3. I've been contemplating getting a Guinea Pig but I want to start travelling a lot more and they tend to need lots of attention and are usually really attached to their owners.
  4. Been playing some Street Fighter 6 in the past few weeks. Honda is my main character right now (first time a Sumo Wrestler has ever been my favorite fighter to pick). I'm currently in Platinum in ranked matches with 40 wins to 2 losses. The longest being a 25 match winning streak.
  5. I'm not going to lie - this is hilarious! An eye patch and a beret? He sure looks like some Bond Villain...They'd probably call him Professor Acorn or something like that. Holding the world hostage for acorns.
  6. It was a really underrated PS1 game - I remember borrowing it from my neighbor and beating it. I liked the story a lot.
  7. 1) Starfield was pretty good in my opinion - It almost seems like 6 games in one. Lots of Customization for ships, characters and outposts on different planets - if executed properly, it'll be game of the year easily. Release Date is September 6, 2023. 2) Armored Core 6's gameplay video was amazing in terms of the movement, graphical detail and also some of the systems in-game with the ability to call for a supply drop to repair you mech with a kit and restock ammo. Release Date is August 25,2023 Honestly, I'm looking forward to playing both games. What games were your favorite from Summer Game Fest so far?
  8. Sit through listening to Rise's navigation lines - 250 at that? Nope, I'd never put myself through that.
  9. Grand Theft Auto as a turn-based RPG would definitely suck or even worse, as a point and click game. Now imagine Sonic as a 3d open world game - now that would definitely su- to be honest, Sonic Frontiers actually is a decent game as in its above average and does have a lot of things to do in-game.
  10. Grand Theft Auto Max Payne and Resident Evil are my picks - I'm surprised Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill didn't make this list. I used to play Conker's on the N64 but I didn't play it all that much.
  11. If live-service games are a genre then that's a definite yes. I have also grown the dislike most modern looter shooter games and games with battle passes. Most modern sports games are also a hard pass for me just because of how buggy and generic they are (Fifa/Madden/Nba 2k etc. I'm looking at you).
  12. Same - I like the series a lot but not really a hardcore fan either and it's more to do with Ubisoft slowly destroying the series with every sequel.
  13. It's a nice touch though. Going over the video again, the modding community is going to have a field day with Starfield. Hell, I myself have some mod ideas so I hope they make the creation tools available relatively quickly so I can mod some ground vehicles into the game.
  14. This game could potentially have a longer lifespan than Skyrim if Bethesda delivers on almost everything promised at launch. On another note, I can't believe they brought back the annoying adoring fan from Oblivion into Starfield. I like some of the gameplay mechanics such as having to prioritize ship resources on powering the weapons or powering the thrusters. Reminds me of Star Trek - I know I'm going to be a mix of space bounty hunter and gatherer. The only thing I that slightly disappointed me is that there was no form of mechs in-game but I know modders will add that just like in Fallout 4. The other thing is that I'd want to command a fleet of ships so that I could plan whole raids but maybe they'll include it via mods as well.
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