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  1. It's just one of those things. Most probably have moved on to GTA V or GTA IV RP servers. I mean, it's what always happens eventually.
  2. And the fact that Konami won't be making it makes it a decent game already. I wish Konami would've gone the way of THQ instead of THQ going out of business. It's always the crappiest companies that always survive.
  3. Well, when we have reached a point where someone gets famous for putting gorilla glue on their bodies and you have idiots admitting to having done the same and defending them, we start to realize that we're really overestimating the intelligence of some humans.
  4. So is baseball out of it too - oh wait, baseball bats are a weapon too! Oh I know, let's try Tenni - what do we even play then?
  5. They're also more realistic in their approach because they know that Xbox and Sony game pass streaming services will have more fanfare so they're being a bit more relaxed in their approach. I always knew the Google Stadia was going to be a massive flop and we all knew Google could never deliver most of what they promised. As a matter of fact, they hardly delivered anything of note.
  6. Nintendo? You have a point there. Xbox? most definitely not - they don't even have any exclusives and the Xbox experience is basically a budget PC experience. There's really no point in getting an Xbox if you already have a PC.
  7. Both for me mate. I'm just waiting for a PS5 to actually be available lol. Seriously though, I want to get some God Of War into my system and I also can't wait for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank game to come out in the near future.
  8. I'd like one personally but I just don't have the space for it. I've seen others create their own though so I may just attempt it because I have lots of time during quarantine.
  9. The mishandling of the Stadia is worse than anyone ever imagined. Check out these 2 new reports of Google's mishandling of Stadia.
  10. I highly doubt it - they probably won't make as much money either. The PSP was great but Sony's support of the platform was so appalling to say the least.
  11. The controller design hasn't changed that much since the original PlayStation. Yeah, I mean it looks more curvy and is a bit sleeker but Sony has never strayed far from the original design. You could say the same for the XBox controllers, there's very little difference between the original and the series X.
  12. I've never been able to find the special edition of any console for a reasonable price. I'm definitely not pay $2000 dollars for an outdated console either.
  13. Not at all - Mine was as stock as it can be but it did last me for a while until I decided to upgrade.
  14. Based on what I've heard so far, the news isn't too encouraging. Have you tried plugging it into the controller directly?
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