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  1. I'm going to get my a 5000 series gaming laptop because the ones from Eluktronics are going to come with 1440p 144h refresh rate come next year so I'm excited! Also, more laptop companies are going to start pairing the more powerful mobile GPUs with the Ryzen laptop CPUs.
  2. Yeah, I've learned my lesson and bought an Noctua NH-D15 over the weekend. I can't wait to pair it with a Ryzen 5000 series CPU but I'm not going to overclock anything this time around.
  3. I haven't played that one yet so I didn't know...
  4. When Alduin attacked I was like "Are you serious? Aren't dragons supposed to be more intimidating?". It's when I got to Whiterun and started doing the missions there that I really start to get into the game.
  5. Champions Online - One of if not the best character creation engine I've ever seen in a video game. No other game even comes close to the level of customization a character can have. You also can build your own moveset so your superhero can truly be unique. I no longer play the game but I'd probably hope back in someday.
  6. Planetside 2 - What can I say about that's not there to be said? It has the largest scale battles you'll ever experience in an MMO (it holds the Guinness record for a 1000+ people playing on a single server). The first and only game to ever do it. This is the first game where I don't have an issue being slaughtered because it's so much fun! This game requires teamwork to co-ordinate attacks and capture and defend various points on the map. Every player does have a roll though - some fly the aircraft and transport troops, some provide covering fire etc. My only gripe is the continuous increase
  7. I haven't really watched it as yet to be honest. As a long-time Assassin's Creed player myself, I agree that most of the video game movies absolutely suck (one of the reasons why I'm hesitant to watch it). The best advice I can give you is to check it out yourself because you can't trust most mainstream review sites nowadays because they absolutely hated Dave Chappelle's Netflix special but most ordinary people loved it.
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