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  1. killamch89

    What email service do you use?

    I also use Protonmail which is very secure and is one of my long-time favorites.
  2. killamch89


    Skittles, bbq Lays, Doritos, Donuts and some pizza - I know I am quite gluttonous
  3. killamch89

    Raffle 1 - Win $10

    14 17 18 21
  4. killamch89

    Community Chat #1

    Doing pretty good now that I have finally managed to dry my apartment out lol. How's everyone else doing?
  5. killamch89

    If you were good enough to game for a living, would you?

    Three hours at most and I do usually take a break every 30 mins if I can.
  6. killamch89

    Bad Sport Lobby

    Funny enough, I have never ended up there but I have a feeling if the devs were truly paying attention to me in-game I'd end up in the bad sport lobby permanently lol
  7. Actually, to make something rivaling RE's quality, you'd need millions of dollars.
  8. killamch89


    I haven't used Teamspeak in ages. Was my favorite service to use back in the day especially when playing MMORPG with my guilds.
  9. killamch89

    Community Chat #1

    Yep! Had to use it on my powerbanks also. It's been a little over a week but I'm still cleaning out my apartment - I wasn't aware that I had so much stuff at home. I just hated the fact that I wasn't home when it happened.
  10. killamch89

    If you were good enough to game for a living, would you?

    It's got more to do with my attention span - I literally cannot sit still for more than a few hours or else I start to get restless.
  11. killamch89

    Is BioWare going to survive?

    Bioware is just a name currently as the original team responsible for the amazing Mass Effect and Dragon Age games have been either relocated or have moved on so it's just a shell of a company on life support.
  12. killamch89

    The Outer Worlds

    I am also excited although my gaming laptop might not be able to run it since my gaming desktop's motherboard got fried last month 😞
  13. killamch89


    When a game gains the reputation of a console destroyer(first I've heard of anything like this in my life), I am not going to touch it. It was a great concept but the execution is even poorer than Fallout 76 and that says a lot. I cannot understand why developers don't take the time to actually work on their game and fix all the game-breaking bugs BEFORE launch instead of this day one patch nonsense.
  14. killamch89

    What's everyone's favourite horror games?

    I played it at a friend's house a couple of months back and I've been too scared to try it again lol.
  15. killamch89

    If you were good enough to game for a living, would you?

    That's a hard one to answer to be honest. On one hand, I do love gaming a lot but sitting around doing one thing for extended periods of time per day is not my style - Well, not anymore.