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  1. Mine is Michael Jackson and it's easy to see why. His dancing skills along with his amazing voice made him a legendary performer.
  2. Disclosure (1994) - 8/10
  3. This is one of the craziest boss fights in the series where everyone regardless of which side they were on, came together to try and take down Utsuro who was immortal.
  4. Helldivers 2 with the squad and we had a new teammate today. I've never seen someone get downed by the simplest enemies that easy - every second one of us had to revive this guy.
  5. I'll learn to adapt and eventually, I'll overcome that difficulty spike. Dark Souls games and Elden Ring has this and it's something you have to learn in order to progress in those games.
  6. Personally, I'll take a break from it and do something else and come back to it a bit later with a fresh outlook and I find that helps me to overcome most obstacles in a particular game.
  7. I'm the stubborn type so I'll try over and over until I get pass it. Even if it takes me years to do it but I just don't like using cheats in a game unless It's for testing something.
  8. Same here - I just hope that they make some DLC content for the single player mode instead of concentrating exclusively on the online portion of the game. The base game had amazing potential for DLCs.
  9. Same thing I was thinking. Although, maybe a new kind of energy source is found that is renewable by solar and lunar energy thus powering our devices everywhere we go.
  10. Yup - Microsoft has been acquiring studios non-stop for the last five years and then came to the realization that they can't really maintain them all so they started to cull the workforce.
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