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  1. lol - I was about to ask the same question. Why do they even need a digital console?... Isn't that the equivalent of an underpowered budget gaming PC?
  2. I agree - a very good single-player story with very interesting and memorable characters and missions. GTA online, on the other hand, I'm not sure if I'm to call it Saints Row the GTA online edition with all kinds of hoverbikes and flying cars...In the early days pre-DLC it was amazingly fun and even the beginning DLCs weren't so bad but then they just went crazy with orbital cannon strikes and the whole works.
  3. I went to a rural area with my mother to visit some family and the internet and cellphone reception there sucked... I mean my mother could have warned me that I'd basically be without internet for 5 days since I hardly ever go there. I felt like how Dj Khaled felt when he couldn't go on Snapchat because he was lost at sea 😂. What's up with everyone?
  4. They'll allow you some kind of DRM access should Steam go out of business - I vaguely remembered somebody from Steam had stated something along those lines.
  5. As Ross and Jim along with others have said, spread the word!
  6. Red Dead Online is an absolute disaster (for take-two, not us the players because this would be GTA online the Wild West Edition) and they don't have plans to release any single-player DLC. The one saving grace is that RDR2 has an amazing single-player story along with great gameplay (much better than 98% of the games released in the past few years and is the reason I got it in the first place).
  7. A power cut in the middle of my gaming session is not cool although I do have a UPS(well had because it was damaged when my apartment was flooded). Not only can you not game anymore but I am forced to use my cell-phone or tablet as entertainment.
  8. In the game, I heard them mention that he was part-human so she may have been a regular human although that human side could have also come from Virgil.
  9. Heroic options are so boring -_-. Join the Darkside 😈 - slaughter the NPCs - all of them! Even your followers (I'm not going to lie, I have used my followers as test dummies for some of my spells, resurrect them and then rinse and repeat). Needless to say, my followers aren't very trusting of me...
  10. I'll pick a recently released game - Days Gone. The game is good, not mindblowing good but is a bit above average - it has quite a bit of bugs especially in close-quarter combat.
  11. My pick would be the Mega Man Battle Network series as I was a fan of the Megaman anime that came out on Kids WB at the time where Megaman was a robot in a virtual world. His other half, Lan would control Megaman and give him different abilities via battle chips. It was a very unique system that ended up in many other Megaman games long after the Battle Network series was completed.
  12. Exactly my point - the Touchpad on my laptop is sensitive and activates all kind of stuff when trying to game so I use my wireless mouse instead.
  13. If I had the opportunity and resources to create a game, I would make an open-world game with lots of war and chaos where the player must be vigilant at all times. I'd create a progression system so instead of just going up levels, your character gradually gains primary and secondary stats from battle - Wait a minute! that sounds like my Modded Skyrim game😂.
  14. Most times it is because of game-breaking bugs why I leave certain quests incomplete. Other reasons are the overall effect of a particular quest on the outcome of my playthrough - for instance, we have a side mission that takes up a lot of time but the rewards and quest completion are negligible, I won't complete it because it has no real relevance on my progress in-game.
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