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  1. The closest I've come to this is doing Shotokan as a kid - I was pretty good at too but I just got bored of it after a while.
  2. Damn - the only thing I've done close to that was Cliff diving. I once wanted to try skydiving but that urge seems to have disappeared with age.
  3. I'm not going to lie - I used to play Cricket as a kid but I absolutely hated it because we were playing for the whole day. I was a very good spin bowler as a kid.
  4. The Constant Gardener - 7/10
  5. Yeah, it's been okay so far - How has your week been?
  6. It's not that - I just haven't had the time to create some of those posts lately. The idea will come to me but I can't get on VGR at the time and by the time I get around to it, I forget nowadays. Maybe I should start writing them down. I must be senile or something - I know I qualify for senior citizen discounts and I can now tell kids that back in my days and call them young whippersnappers.
  7. Which stages do you play? Also, who usually wins those games?
  8. I've never owned one personally. As of now, I don't really have a good enough reason to get one either - the $50 isn't that big of a deal to me but I don't really need it.
  9. With the success of the Switch, they probably won't be going to regular handhelds anytime soon if ever again. They hybrid console that is the Switch has carved out a niche for Nintendo and they'll only get more successful with subsequent releases of Switch successors.
  10. Might as well get the Oled model now - I mean that's what I did and I don't regret it. Nintendo will probably release an upgrade but that's 2-3 years away minimum and it won't be a "Switch Pro", it'll be a total upgrade.
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