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  1. I already know the spoilers and that this game won’t be like the first. But I still would like to play it since the graphics look good. I’m in California. We’re not quite open yet. Not sure when GameStop will be. But maybe I can get it online? Don’t see any way to pre-order. Let me know. And yes I know the game sounds bad but sometimes I’m curious enough to play something bad.
  2. I was able to reset the password, but this is like the 3rd time. At this rate I’ll have to reset it each time I wanna play. Something is weird. As far is the console it now only works if I take it apart. And the disc tray doesn’t open if the console is vertical. As far as backwards compatibility I want every game otherwise that doesn’t work.
  3. I have a 360. And this week I’ve already changed my password twice because when I wanted to play Rage it said I needed a password. But each time I create a password I can’t get in my account and it says I have the wrong password. This is not my first problem with Microsoft. I use Mile IQ A mileage app I pay for and had a similar issue and they took weeks to let me back. I guess I need Xbox live to play Rage and certain games? I’m not even talking about multi player, just single player. This really annoys me because I can never continue the game. Another issue I’m having is that my xbox360 is not even reading many games. Could it be on its last leg and does this have anything to do with not being able to sign into Xbox Live?
  4. Oh wow. Silly me for not realizing that! That does help. Thank you.
  5. That may be true. But do you have any general strategy when you’re in the forest just wandering? I do use YouTube but I’m wondering if you have any general tips When you’re searching for where to go in such a big space.
  6. Oh I’m sorry Skyrim. I was playing Uncharted a lot and must have accidentally typed it.
  7. I was afraid this would happen. I love games but many times I get lost and go around and around. Right now in Uncharted I’m in the woods. Walking around and around endlessly and have no idea where to go. What am I supposed to do? Just keep wandering?
  8. No they are PS3 games. I can try to make it not overheat. I wonder if I buy them on psn if that solves it.
  9. These games are Resident Evil 5, GTA 4, and Resistance. The first level for them work I think but after they stop. Anyone else have this issue?
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