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  1. It depends. I do like re-releases and sometimes remotes. It depends how they are made. With Blu Rays, they re-release old movies, so why not with games? There are so many games throughout history that many have never played. It makes sense to remaster some of them.
  2. I have the new Sonic. I like the way it performs on my PS5. But what I've noticed about a lot of Sonic games is I get kind of lost and don't know what to do or where to go. Is that typical? At the beginning of the game, I start on this island, then it has me to this timed race over and over. Then I go back to the island. There's a giant robot. Have no idea what I'm supposed to do. The game doesn't really hold my hand. Any advice? For some reason, I've always been the type of gamer that gets confused when I play certain games. This game is harder than Last of Us or Uncharted because there's no clear objective.
  3. Alright, so I'm about halfway done with the game. I do admit that it looks better than the last version. Some of the skies looked pretty beautiful. Yes, it does look a little grainier than the last version, so they could have made it more vibrant. The good thing is I'm really into the game and I haven't beat it in a long time, so I actually forgot about most of the scenes and characters like Bill and Henry. It feels like a new game, but I don't know if it's the graphics or just the fact that I forgot most of it. I still like the graphics for Last of Us 2 better. But my issue is not that they came out with another release, but that they called it a remake. If they would have just called it another remaster and not hyped it up, that would have been more honest. But I guess I'm playing it, so they got me hooked again. I don't think it looks like a remake though.
  4. Releases like this don't deserve this much hype. It just feels like they're only about making money now. I just feel these companies need to be called out. When Xbox One had the Kinect, it got called out and they adjusted. Releases like the Last of Part 1 should just come out under the radar and go for about 40 bucks.
  5. I really enjoyed Last of Us 2. The graphics were great. I beat it twice. I also beat Last of Us Remastered on PS4 and I thought it was a great game. For some reason, I bought into the hype of the Remake. Sony tried really hard to convince us all that the experience would be totally different. I haven't played the whole game yet, but have put in maybe 45 minutes or so. I literally felt like I was playing the same exact game. I wasn't excited at all. I suppose certain parts have better color now. I was just perplexed at why I pre ordered this game and followed the hype. I think the Uncharted collection on PS5 looks better than this. More noticeable improvements. Heck, some PS4 games played on a PS5 will produce a more noticeable graphical improvement. Some people may feel differently, but I can't tell any difference. I'm sure there are some differences if you place them side by side, but it's not blowing me away. This game didn't really need to come out. It's just a business move. We already have a Remaster for the PS4 and you can play it on the PS5, with improved visuals naturally. I remember the employee at Gamestop hyping this up for me. He said they were gonna redo the whole entire game and possibly even change the characters. Nothing changed at all. I'm literally playing the same exact game. I can't believe I got excited for this, thinking I was gonna be playing through a totally different experience. I think there's a lot of criticism for this new release. Sony is doing a lot of silly things right now.
  6. One thing about this console is it is soooo dam big. I have to think, was that really necessary? I can barely fit it in my media shelf.
  7. I finally got a PS5. Gamestop had a Pro Member day and I was first in line and got a bundle. I figured that it will take forever to get the stand alone console. Anyways, I was playing Last of Us 2 on it. The game has frozen 3 times now. I don't know if it's the game or the PS5. It keeps on saying something went wrong with the system software.
  8. I do appreciate all the support here and have held off on getting a PS5. But the fact of the matter is, I don't see any evidence that this console will be available. And I was thinking maybe I could just get one for about 750 on Ebay. I have a new credit card that I don't have to pay interest for the first 2 years. Wouldn't it be easier to just get the console and have it to play with instead of waiting for 2 years? I am thinking that I can play my PS4 games on the PS5. The experience will be better on the PS5 when I play PS4 games, right? I feel like I've held off for a long time enough. Sony has not addressed the shortage problem. Is 750 that much with no interest? People sometimes pay more for an iPhone. If you have any thoughts on this that go against what I might do let me know, but I don't believe in not giving in just because of the scalpers. I don't like scalpers but I have given Sony a fair chance. We are in June of 2022. This console came out Thanksgiving of 2020.
  9. I have now come to the conclusion that PS5 will never be readily available, definitely not in this gen. It's been over a year and a half. If they are not able to have them available now, then there's no reason to think that they will in another couple years. Nothing is going to change. So the only solution, outside of some luck, would be to get it from a scalper. But then again, there's a lack of games. If it isn't available now, then this is how it's going to be.
  10. I understand that there has been a shortage for a long time. It's some kind of semi conductor shortage, due to the pandemic. I don't really understand it though. The pandemic started a while ago, I thought most of us have moved on for the most part. Also, how will Sony make money if they don't have enough PS5's if PS6 comes out before they can produce enough? It's been about a year and a half. So if another year and half goes by and we're in the same situation, we have to start thinking about PS6. So can someone explain to me the chip shortage in simple terms? I really don't understand it. I understand that Covid affected many things. But the worst of the pandemic is over. There may always be a virus, like the flu, but the worst of it is over and I don't see how you can use Covid as an excuse anymore. We play video games inside. Now I might not be aware of how this all works. Maybe it's not the virus itself, but the aftermath of it. I don't get it though. Nobody has explained to me what this all means. There's no more deadly pandemic.
  11. What do you guys think? I can get a PS5 for about 800 on Bay, but if I use a PayPal Credit card, I won't have to pay it all off for 18 months. Would that be more practical than waiting another 2 years or so for the PS5? Because at this rate, by the time PS5 is available it might almost be time for the next generation of consoles. Let's say it's year 4 or 5 and the PS5 is kind of available. It would almost be obsolete.
  12. I almost fell for it. I was looking at dog pictures in a group and this lady said she got promoted at her job and wants to give away these free PS5s. I contacted her and she said it would just be 50 for shipping. I got a little suspicious and she said she had no reason to scam me since she knows how hard it is to make bread. I did some research on FB and saw that other accounts posted the same pics and message. I figured out it was a scam. I almost fell for it because I have wanted a PS5 so bad, for so long. I'm beginning to give up on getting a PS5. I got a Switch and have been collecting for the Switch and PS4. Sony will probably never have PS5 readily available.
  13. I don't understand why Nintendo has always been behind. That wasn't always the case. What changed? N64 had more bits than PS1. I'm not sayin it was better hardware, but they could at least claim they held their own. I think the GameCube had good graphics. Ever since Wii, Nintendo has always been behind. Is there a reason for this? Is it because they cared about about standing out with things like motion control from the Wii? Are they hurting financially?
  14. Now that I have the Switch, I feel like it's a much better experience than the Wii U. The Wii U wasn't even portable, unless we're talking using it in the same room. The Switch is a much better version. The Wii U feels like a very old Apple iPhone now. I wasn't crazy about the Wii either but at least the Wii has incredible emulation capabilities. One thing that I feel about the Switch is that it's not a gimmick. It's the real deal. Switching from tablet to TV is seamless. I can even use the wrist straps if I want. The Wii U gamepad always felt heavy and clunky. I get a much better and more to the point experience with the Switch.
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