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  1. I have now come to the conclusion that PS5 will never be readily available, definitely not in this gen. It's been over a year and a half. If they are not able to have them available now, then there's no reason to think that they will in another couple years. Nothing is going to change. So the only solution, outside of some luck, would be to get it from a scalper. But then again, there's a lack of games. If it isn't available now, then this is how it's going to be.
  2. I understand that there has been a shortage for a long time. It's some kind of semi conductor shortage, due to the pandemic. I don't really understand it though. The pandemic started a while ago, I thought most of us have moved on for the most part. Also, how will Sony make money if they don't have enough PS5's if PS6 comes out before they can produce enough? It's been about a year and a half. So if another year and half goes by and we're in the same situation, we have to start thinking about PS6. So can someone explain to me the chip shortage in simple terms? I really don't understand it. I understand that Covid affected many things. But the worst of the pandemic is over. There may always be a virus, like the flu, but the worst of it is over and I don't see how you can use Covid as an excuse anymore. We play video games inside. Now I might not be aware of how this all works. Maybe it's not the virus itself, but the aftermath of it. I don't get it though. Nobody has explained to me what this all means. There's no more deadly pandemic.
  3. What do you guys think? I can get a PS5 for about 800 on Bay, but if I use a PayPal Credit card, I won't have to pay it all off for 18 months. Would that be more practical than waiting another 2 years or so for the PS5? Because at this rate, by the time PS5 is available it might almost be time for the next generation of consoles. Let's say it's year 4 or 5 and the PS5 is kind of available. It would almost be obsolete.
  4. I almost fell for it. I was looking at dog pictures in a group and this lady said she got promoted at her job and wants to give away these free PS5s. I contacted her and she said it would just be 50 for shipping. I got a little suspicious and she said she had no reason to scam me since she knows how hard it is to make bread. I did some research on FB and saw that other accounts posted the same pics and message. I figured out it was a scam. I almost fell for it because I have wanted a PS5 so bad, for so long. I'm beginning to give up on getting a PS5. I got a Switch and have been collecting for the Switch and PS4. Sony will probably never have PS5 readily available.
  5. I don't understand why Nintendo has always been behind. That wasn't always the case. What changed? N64 had more bits than PS1. I'm not sayin it was better hardware, but they could at least claim they held their own. I think the GameCube had good graphics. Ever since Wii, Nintendo has always been behind. Is there a reason for this? Is it because they cared about about standing out with things like motion control from the Wii? Are they hurting financially?
  6. Now that I have the Switch, I feel like it's a much better experience than the Wii U. The Wii U wasn't even portable, unless we're talking using it in the same room. The Switch is a much better version. The Wii U feels like a very old Apple iPhone now. I wasn't crazy about the Wii either but at least the Wii has incredible emulation capabilities. One thing that I feel about the Switch is that it's not a gimmick. It's the real deal. Switching from tablet to TV is seamless. I can even use the wrist straps if I want. The Wii U gamepad always felt heavy and clunky. I get a much better and more to the point experience with the Switch.
  7. Well I ended up getting the Switch OLED and I must say I am impressed. It looks much better than I thought. For some reason I wasn't impressed when I tried it at Gamestop. But I have Darksiders Genesis and Ori. Both look good on the handheld and on the tv. I also got the Genesis and N64 expansion pack. I ordered the Psyikio Schmup Collectors Edition and am looking forward to the shooters. I'm happy that I got it. I can't get the PS5 for a while, so I'm having plenty of fun with this.
  8. Do you think they will be out at Gamestop?
  9. Yea. I just watched a video from Metal Jesus and I'm really surprised at how many games the Switch does have, that look interesting to me. Now I really want one. But do you think that they will out of Gamestop pretty soon if something else comes along? Where I'm at, Gamestop doesn't offer 3DS or Wii U anymore. Only PS4/5, Xbox Series X/One and the Switch.
  10. I'm getting very impatient. I read an article that said PS5 might not be readily available by next Christmas either. Which makes you wonder how Sony plans to make money if everyone can't get their hands on one. Anyways, I went to Gamestop today to explain my frustration. I'm a Pro Power Up member and they said they'll send me an email when they have an event. Do you think that it's easy to get one at these events? They had one recently on Christmas but I had other things to worry about. They mentioned maybe Presidents Day, but to just keep checking my email promotions. But if I can't get a PS5 in the next couple months, maybe I need to shell out a few hundred more dollars. This has become a joke. I thought that Sony partnered with a company to help make more units. Btw, the employee said they had XBOX Series X available, just not PS5. It's funny when I asks them about it, it's like they think I've come to the wrong place. I'm just trying to get a console that came out more than a year ago. Is that so crazy? Anyways, if you think it's acceptable to just spend the extra money, give me some tips so I don't make a mistake. I don't want to spend it, but I don't want to play this game anymore where I have to wait for a 3rd Christmas to maybe get one. If it comes down to that, I might as well just spend a few hundred more bucks, but hopefully not more.
  11. I don't know. I've always been kinda split with the Nintendo Switch. I was stoked when it was first coming out. I remember being hyped about the new system. It definitely looks better than the Wii U and I was disappointed in the Wii U. The only problem is I have yet to find many exclusives on the Switch that I want. Some of the main ones are already on the Wii U, such as Mario Kart or Smash. I just don't see a lot of additions. I noticed that the Switch does have some shmups such as Cotton and several others. However, those titles are already on the PlayStation 4.. And PS4 has better quality. The one benefit to having the Switch is you can play these games on a handheld. But I don't know if that feature can justify me spending a few hundred bucks. I want to like the Switch but I tried it at GameStop and honestly wasn't all that impressed. So I'm split.. What do I not like about the Switch? 1. Graphics are not superior, compared to modern standards on a 4kTV. 2. Lack of exclusive games that I really want What makes me consider a Switch? 1. Being able to play shmups on a handheld 2. I want a PS5 but hard to get one 3. It looks nicer than the Wii U, which isn't saying much
  12. I never understood this. I'm not super technical. Back in the day all you needed was to buy an extra memory card and you could save whatever you wanted. Now my PS3 and 4 are all maxed out. Do I need to buy terabytes? I don't know how it works and how to insert it. My friend suggested maybe PSNow or PSPlus would allow me to have more storage. Then I have another friend who said it's a complicated process and I would need to leave the PS4 with him for 2 weeks and he could do it. I questioned him and he wouldn't accept any other options and said only the experts could change storage and I'd need him. So I'm confused. I really wish I could store more games on my PS4. I've had to delete many just to play GTA 5. It's crazy.
  13. I wonder about this too. I wanted to play the deep ocean game and get a VR headset. But will it work for the PS5?
  14. The question is will PS5 ever be widely available? It's a valid question. Last year the Gamestop employees said that people should just wait until about March. Well, here we are in December at the turn of the New Year. This is a joke. At this rate, we don't know if there will be PS5s available a year from now either. What's gonna change between now and then? It's not crazy to think that by the time PS5 is available, PS6 will be about ready to come out. How crazy is that? Well, it's been more than a year and I can't get a PS5 any easier than I could last year. That's never happened. At this point, do you recommend paying the scalper price? If push comes to shove and the only people that will ever get to have a PS5 are the ones willing to pay scalpers price, then should you go for it? How is Sony gonna make money with the PS5 and the games if most people don't buy it? What's their solution?
  15. Ebay and Amazon should ban them from overselling!
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