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  1. If I have the mood to play a game (I am doing it not as much, since I went on my "adult jorney" and left my parents' home), I would be binging it for the entire day for sure. When I played a whole lot, I could binge for daaaays (with the sleep breaks)

  2. 18 hours ago, ARx182 said:

    Indeed. So far, it is amazing - well and truly worth the hype. The cinematics, the gameplay, everything is a masterpiece. Rockstar may have outdone GTA V in the form of RDR2. Wish I had played this sooner!


    Well, I think the fans would be happy to get on your place and enjoy it for the first time again! 😄 Glad you are having fun! I am looking forward to play it myself when I'll get a chance! 

  3. Fight Club — 6/10 
    Little tradition of rewatching this film once in a year and overthinking about plot and characters.

    Good to me, I've read book after watching film. Sadly a lot of scenes in film are changed, but it's still good!

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