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  1. As long as the game receive all the attention from the devs, that it deserve, I am okay to wait
  2. If I have the mood to play a game (I am doing it not as much, since I went on my "adult jorney" and left my parents' home), I would be binging it for the entire day for sure. When I played a whole lot, I could binge for daaaays (with the sleep breaks)
  3. I love bows (not crossbows tho), swords, but if I had to choose a gun, it would be a shotgun for sure
  4. Well, I think the fans would be happy to get on your place and enjoy it for the first time again! 😄 Glad you are having fun! I am looking forward to play it myself when I'll get a chance!
  5. PC! You can find it on Steam 😄
  6. Doom, The witcher 3, Transistor (one of my favorites), Cuphead, just the ones that popped in my mind. I just love games ost!
  7. The Crown Of Leaves! That's an amazing game, and I am gonna advertise it to everybody. Such a nice skilled art and different story. It's a point and click adventure game
  8. Fight Club — 6/10 Little tradition of rewatching this film once in a year and overthinking about plot and characters. Good to me, I've read book after watching film. Sadly a lot of scenes in film are changed, but it's still good!
  9. No matter what I’m doing, listening to this music just makes everything more epic and exciting!!
  10. "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" on PC and AFK Arena on mobile.
  11. Hello there! Glad I finally decided to sign up here. I like gaming RPGs (but I'm more weeb than a gamer, tbh), drawing and reading huge discussions for hundreds and hundreds responces. So here I am!
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