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  1. @The Blackangel @Family sedan @ShaggerThank you all for the reply. Game suggestions would be amazing. If you have not already seen my nes/snes collection video then have a look and see what you can suggest. I also have a n64 with the everdrive and other consoles aswell. again many thanks and feedback would be appreciated
  2. Hey everyone! I started a youtube channel where i play a bunch of old Retro games. Im not reviewing them i am just giving my personal opinions and first impressions. I would love for more people to watch my content and sunscribe. I am nervous to share my stuff on my social media be in of negative feedback so i am asking a few personal friends if they know anyone who like retro gaming or you like retro gaming yourself then check out my channel. I would really appreciate the support Thank you https://www.youtube.com/user/jackmilo69er
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