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  1. Well do you love mystery and some puzzle games? I think this games fits you, it called Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, not convince yet? Here is my 11 minutes experience of this game, maybe you will loved it. TOWN MYSTERY
  2. Thanks for all the explanation guys
  3. Well, 8 gb ram is still smooth to play a heavy game in this year? What do you think about it?
  4. Dead Cells Well have you ever play dead cells? Its not just the usual rpg, this game make you addicted and want more everytime you died. https://youtu.be/KrpP67DLTWg
  5. Well, do you know about dead cells?? It's a great game and you can easily addicted to this game!!! Let me show you 11 minute experience about this game! Dead Cells
  6. Well, i have been played stranded deep latest update and it's really cool and fun, tbh the crafting system and improvement in graphics looks great!!! Want to experience the gameplay?? Watch my video Stranded Deep
  7. Hi everyone,so i've been played samsara room for a while in android and it seems fun, so do you guys have any suggestion about puzzle gaming?? Watch my gameolay about samsara room, maybe you will like it Epic samsara gameplay
  8. Hello guys, so in this video my aim is soo bad (terrible?) And i want to ask, if i playing another fps game that similiar to this valorant gameplay, would my aim will improve? Or its just same?? MY FIRST VALORANT GAMEPLAY
  9. Do you all like old game or not?
  10. Hello everyone, my name is redschyte, i make youtube videos about gaming! And my recent video is about Hollow Knight, its simple game but it still very fun to play so check it out (maybe you will download the game later)
  11. Well, iam just search about gaming forum and boom, there you are
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