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  1. What do you think is the optimal resolution for gaming?

    I think that, although 4K looks really nice, 1440p is the sweet spot at the moment. At 1440p, games still look great without the performance hit that you take when you play in 4K. For competitive gaming, it is also extremely hard to find 4K displays that have extremely low response times and high refresh rates.
  2. I play it sporadically. It's a fun timewaster, but I usually can't play it for long stretches without taking a break from it. It also can be quite frustrating for those who aren't the best with the battle strategies. ^^
  3. Many PC games can be played with VR, though, and PC runs games far better than consoles generally can. Thus, an increase in demand for VR would logically increase the demand for PC hardware, or so I believe. ^^
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