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  1. I was given 15% discount on the pro controller that I had purchased last month from Amazon, although it would have been more if I had waited for Black Friday's deals.
  2. It's one of the most thrilling and scary horror video games that I have played in a long time now.
  3. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 has been an online game that I have been playing for a while now over the past month and it's quite interesting.
  4. I don't really think buyers makes mistakes with choosing what they ordered because they are going to check it over and over again before paying. It's during packing that it gets mixed up most likely.
  5. There are some games that are meant to be played with people because it's more fun playing that way than playing all by yourself alone.
  6. I'm more of a good listener when it comes to music than being a player. It's a big work for me trying to sing or play musical instruments.
  7. Yeah, the characters are a bit odd and too well designed. I believe it's simply something to do with the software used in making the game. A remake can actually make it more intriguing.
  8. The one common thing that I was actually able to discern about gamers who are completionist is that nothing is off limits to them when it comes to the route they are willing to take in order to complete a game.
  9. My game play time in day is between 2 to 4 hours, so I expect my controller to serve the time and not force me to charge when I'm still playing.
  10. I have been considering drifting back to playing Halo: Combat Evolved. Who's with me on this one?
  11. Yes of course, it was the best gaming decision that I had made since 2021 and it's one that I really feel absolutely satisfied with.
  12. Yeah, it was why I was so quickly to switch to playing the game. Although, I didn't play from FF1 to FF 4.
  13. Yeah, most gamers are already worn out with playing games using the wired console controller being tied to the system all the time.
  14. Gamers actually have a choice not to play their games but they don't have one voice to enforce it on all gamers which makes their influence on what games that EA makes for them be at the mercy of the company's discretion.
  15. Gameplay on Nintendo Switch is always far more better than playing on mobile phones devices all the time.
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