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  1. Hi everyone! How are we doing today?
  2. Looks like the weekend is over and a brand new week is upon us. I hope you all have a great week! 🙂
  3. Hi all, hope you're having a nice weekend. 🙂
  4. Just posting around some forums, going to the movies in a bit.
  5. Happy Saturday peeps! Glad to finally have a day off.
  6. How condescending. Instead of "tagging" you should insert the word harassing. As a staff member on a forum you should be grateful for members wanting to create new discussion threads rather than scolding them for it. I'll come back and join in on the discussion if I want to... or I wont. That's up to me.
  7. Children enjoy video games. How old should a child be before he or she is allowed to play video games?
  8. Do video games help develop skills? What mental or physical skills do they help players to develop?
  9. People play games on computers, phones, consoles and in arcades. On what kind of machine or device to you prefer to play a game?
  10. How much money do you spend on video games? Is it more or less than you spend on other forms of entertainment?
  11. What type of games are good for playing alone? Which are good for playing with other people?
  12. None! I am a big chicken when it comes to those sorts of things.
  13. What day does your week start on? I work monday through friday. When I used to work in retail, I never had weekends off. I finally worked my way up to it after a couple years. They let me have it for about a year then decided to take it away. So I went and found another job.
  14. Have you ever been in an accident? Was it your ever your fault? Describe to us what happened.
  15. Do you know anyone who is self centered? Are you? How do you feel about self centered people?
  16. Do you think its insulting for the man to ask the woman for a DNA test on the child? If you have a child (or children) did you do DNA tests on any of them? Would you?
  17. What are your best ideas for going on a first date with someone? Share your experiences with your first dates with people.
  18. Do you go to High School or College reunions? Tell us how they were like if you've been to any..
  19. Is there an upcoming game you are looking forward to playing? What is it? What do you expect from it?
  20. These days, some gamers make a living from playing video games. Do you think professional gamers are similar to the athletes in other sports? Why or why not?
  21. If you were going bald, would you just let it happen or would you try to get some of those hair restoration products?
  22. When was the last time you lost something? Did you ever find it? What was the most expensive thing you've lost?
  23. Do you or have you ever volunteered your time anywhere? (such as at an animal shelter, senior citizen centers/nursing homes, library, meals on wheels, Hospitals, churches, rotary clubs, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc, etc)
  24. I don't ever stress. I am a chill guy.
  25. Hello everyone! Just popping in before I go do some housework. How we doing today? 🙂
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