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  1. the problem is not, that you bought a game. the problem is that they float on micro-sales. and people saying crap like Halo INFINITE's campaign isn't the shittload it is. ~ if you didn't buy micro-sales, they'd have to THEN FINISH THE GAME to get this budget back (spend money to make money). SKYRIM was crapola (it had what?: 4 strikes? the same as oblivion? OH AND 2 SPELL HANDS! otherwise is was again less than Oblivion, which was less than Morrowind, which was less than Daggerfell (have you seen daggerfell: it has a notoriously large map).) . and u don't feel more immersed in the game than you did playing Morrowind, which utterly lacked vocals. that's just how invested you are in the experience as a general whole. Spyro the Dragon 1-3 is still a flawless game that you get right into as if HD graphics are for kikes. I should just do a big spiel on how HD graphics are incompatible with hardware, CPU's and INTERNET. but that can wait. HD is not compatible with Videogames: it's a fact.
  2. NOOOOOOOO. edit timed out... $500 MILLION. / $500 000 000.00 ** NOT $500 Thousands ** the Halo INFINITE BUDGET. and it ... yeah. i can literally do a 4 hour documentary with a hastened vocal dub, to surmise it's failure. without breaths, for NOTHING but to separate comments from points. ( high pitched ranting for 4 hours without stop: that's how brutally undertaken the project was. ) ~ just remembered... CRAP: 000
  3. alright, so you cannot Compare 343industries' Campaigns for Halo 4,5 and Wars2 to INFINITE as if that's making a point. that's not a point/argument (definition of argument: the fundamental reason of a position/disposition; not, "to be indisposed".) Halo 4's campaign was brutally undertaken by a new studio that had no money left and had to launch. They invested large sums in their cinematics, that was heading the HALO FRANCHISE in the right direction, but lapsed in basic in-game dynamics. That was the Setting Sun for HALO. Its final march: the lieu of it's grandeur. {+ and they had "spantastic" (spandex*) multiplayer } Halo 5 then followed with a complete SCRAPPING of everything Good about Halo 4, and tried to workshop the game up from scrap. now remember the difference between halo 5 and 4 was the COMPUTING PREREQUISITE. Halo 4 had 300% less power to operate with. and it was better than Halo 5 in all Coding Aspects and Mechanics, and Content Diversity. People Bought into Halo 5 in spite of it being utter and complete Trash, and so that set a precedence: THE GAME DOESN"T NEED IMPROVEMENT; ITS A HOT CAKE. and then your multiplayer maps weren't all available in SOCIAL, they weren't even all available in RANKED, and there was no MAP PACK. - in INFINITE YOU DON"T EVEN HAVE A RANK. and it cost them $500 000 to make that game, and it's worse than Halo 5 if you get into the minutia and quality. - ~~~ HALO INFIINITE LAUNCHED WITHOUT: - amphibian Warthogs, Mongoose, nor Scorpions. no Boats at all.... but w/e here. - no duel wielding. NOT EVEN HALO 5 ARSENALS - no hornet. - the brutes weren't 343 INDUSTRIES OWN BRUTE RE-ENVISION AND NOW PEOPLE BUYING INTO IT ARE PERPETUATING THE ISSUE. BUT THE AI IS WORSE THAN HALO 4 STILL ~~~ you are comparing something that was designed for 800% less Computing Power than the XBOX X SERIES. and it's still CRITICALLY worse, in ever manner except the 600 gigabytes of terrain VOLUME*, which in itself is 100% worse thoroughly. and not because of the scale, but because of the craftsmanship and design and code.
  4. just imagine how Good Halo Infinite could have been if no one bought Battlepasses. they haven't even finished the menus. Your campaign completion, which is 1 of 2 unique parts of your 5 point PROFILE, doesn't even register. the Campaign doesn't even have choreographed conflicts, they re-orientating boss lunges, Impailers and mobs. Battlepasses and little Fashion Show armour paint, without teriary or secondary colours, has resulted in 343 industries completely dismissing any aspect of amending or completing their game, and push forwards with trivial tasks. thats like how World of Warcraft, consecutively made the game less interesting, because people kept paying into it. fawning is a form of degenerate fandom.
  5. Videogames today don't meet the standards and expectations of 1999. the gross misconception that overcompensating redundant details for overall affluence is complimentary, has affected the quality of the entire industry. sure there are a few prizes and not all aspects of the industry's products are faulty, but HYPE and Erroneous fawning have lead to a predicament. People who have no experience with how we got to where we are, seem to think that by FAWNING they are cultivating productivity, but are sponsoring it's stagnation. and it is stagnant.
  6. The idea is pretty simple_ I have a bunch of ideas I want to just put out there Pertaining to Controller Interfaces, In-game Mechanics, Pros and Cons throughout generations in certain titles, Fan Fictions, Preference Overall Game Experience Direction or Vision and the easiest way to do it, is to Expound. I hope some people are interested in Being Self Aware&Conscious Enough too feed the fire, and keep this article alive, at least long enough for us - myself and others - to summarise my own purposes for this collaboration. I think you'll find out rather quick I have no real interest in your ideas themselves, but am a strong enthusiast of you own success. Couldn't imagine being the only developer or community member in the world of Entertainment. ~ strictly speaking, I intend to go on in Volumes about Harry Potter, Halo, Racing Games, History, Programming, Console Wars, Generational Development Barriers, Ethics... I will proceed rather indifferent to your comments, in the context of saying what I have to say as apposed to responses. I hope you follow this structure, to say whatever you want aside form making contributions to a discussion. that said, I'm going to let this stew for a few minutes before I make a splash. Aloha
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