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  1. As recently announced by him, he would be retiring from in-ring competition after 2025 WrestleMania. What are your views on it? Would you like to see more of him in the ring after WM 2025 or you think it is a good time for him to retire?
  2. Do you think AI would take our jobs away or would it create more jobs for everyone? Are you someone who is against AI? Or someone in support of it? If you talk about the army, would you like an army with all AI robots and no humans?
  3. What do you think about the music videos of Cardi B? What do you feel about her showing so much skin in her music videos? Is it really necessary to get views on the videos? Could there be other ways to shoot a video to get more views for the type of music she makes?
  4. Which are your favorite movies of The Rock/Dwayne Johnson? Did you watch one recently? What movie was it?
  5. I've been an open-minded person all my life and I must say it has helped me a lot in all kinds of situations in life as I am someone who is open to taking suggestions from everyone but finally do what I feel is the right thing to. Sometimes it might be one of their suggestions, sometimes it might be completely different from what everyone suggested.
  6. Knowledge is definitely power since it allows you to go beyond the limits that others can't. But sometimes it might not be enough since you might need some power to get through few things. So, as said in Game of Thrones, sometimes "Power is Power!"
  7. For me, the go-to comfort clothing items have to be a pair of jeans, half sleeve/full sleeve t-shirt, sneakers and maybe a light jacket if its cold outside.
  8. I am a very clean person as I like to have everything around me clean, tidy and organized all the time. I don't like when things are misplaced.
  9. I think money really makes us happy because it allows us to get the things that we need, want or desire to have for us or our loved ones. For people have enough money to live their dream life, it could not bring happiness since a lot of money comes with lots of stress.
  10. Being someone with a sweet tooth, I love all kinds of dessert so it's kind of difficult for me to choose one. But still if I have to choose only one, I would say it's an Indian sweet called Gulab Jamun. Its amazing!
  11. Just a couple of weeks back, I was having fever so I started taking this medicine called Paracetamol 650. It is meant to get rid of fever but even thought I was taking it, the fever was returning after a couple of hours. That medicine was not working for me at all. I went to the doctor and got to know that I was suffering from Dengue (initial stage). He gave me some strong antibiotics and other medicines for the different symptoms I was having which finally helped me recover from it.
  12. What do you think the world would be like if there were no boundaries between countries & continents and all of them were physically attached to each other? Would you like it that way or you like it more the way it is now?
  13. Are you someone who has a habit of listening to music while taking a bath or a shower? If yes, then what kind of music do you usually listen to during that time?
  14. Are you someone who watches movies and TV shows from not only your place but from different corners of the world? If yes then which are your favorites? What all do you watch? Did you used to watch it earlier but you don't do it anymore? If so, what's the reason?
  15. Imagine yourself as someone who desperately wants to start their own start-up company. Do you have any innovative tech idea that you think can be a huge success in this age where AI has just been launched and is getting used all over the world already?
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