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  1. I feel the COVID-19 pandemic had a mixed impact on the gaming industry. While some sectors, like mobile gaming and digital sales, have thrived, others, like physical retail and live events, have suffered. Major stakeholders had to adapt to new trends, increased player engagement, and evolving market dynamics.
  2. It's getting better and better with every passing year. Some of the most innovative features in the latest generation of video game consoles include faster load times, ray tracing technology for realistic graphics, haptic feedback in controllers for more immersive gameplay, adaptive triggers for enhanced control, and backward compatibility with previous console generations.
  3. Some games I know that have a cult following include "Undertale," "Earthbound," "Doki Doki Literature Club!," "Minecraft," "Dark Souls," and "The Binding of Isaac." These games have passionate and dedicated fanbases that continue to support and engage with them long after their release.
  4. I love playing mission based games with good plot. I like all the GTA games, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005, Assassin's Creed, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, etc. I like to play MOBA games too.
  5. The last game I played was Mobile Legends Bang Bang on my smartphone. It is a MOBA game just like DOTA/League of Legends. I was on a break for few months but now I'm back.
  6. Esports is indeed a growing industry, and the demand for human players will likely continue as people enjoy watching skilled competitors. While AI may take over some jobs, the entertainment value of human competition suggests that esports careers could remain viable in the future.
  7. Long-term health consequences of professional esports include physical ailments like musculoskeletal disorders, eye strain, and sedentary lifestyle-related conditions. Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression can also arise due to the competitive and high-pressure nature of the profession. Proper self-care and wellness practices are crucial for esports professionals. They surely take care of themselves for the short term but still they fail on the long run.
  8. Esports events typically allow players to bring their own controllers, but there are regulations in place to prevent unfair advantages. Some tournaments may provide standardized equipment for all players to ensure consistency. It varies depending on the specific event and game being played.
  9. Some esports players may be underpaid compared to traditional athletes, but the industry is growing rapidly and salaries are increasing. There are esports players who earn a lot!
  10. True. Cloud gaming may not be ideal for esports due to potential issues with latency, inconsistent internet connections, and the need for high-performance hardware. These factors can impact the competitiveness and fairness of online gaming, making it less suitable for professional esports competitions.
  11. There are alternative methods for cleaning dust from your PC. You can use a soft, anti-static brush or a vacuum with a brush attachment. Make sure to ground yourself to avoid static electricity.
  12. Debashis

    Gaming on Mac

    Gaming on Mac can be a bit limited compared to Windows, but there are still many games available on the Mac platform as far as I know. I've never played games on MacBook but that's what I've heard about it from my friends. Windows is the best OS when it comes to gaming.
  13. I first started playing PC games when I was in 1st Grade. I remember playing Roadrash and NFS 2 while sitting on my dad's lap. I've been a hardcore PC gamer ever since then.
  14. When my PC dies, I usually find alternative ways to stay productive or entertained. I might watch movies/series, or play games on my mobile. If I need to work, I'll use my smartphone or find a temporary computer to get things done.
  15. An i9 processor may be overkill for gaming if you're not doing heavy multitasking or content creation. An i7 should be sufficient for most games. Whether you need an i9 or not depends on your specific needs and budget. The i5 may not be phased out completely for PC gaming, but it might become less common as more demanding games are released.
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