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  1. have you guys tried out any of the new games and what are your thoughts on them?
  2. Hey Matt welcome bro hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Don't you guys think VGR should get an app if they don't already? Or is this something that's is already in the pipeline
  4. whoa that's long bro must've been epic I'm coming into my 12th year
  5. Very much so you get to be a space ninja and who doesn't like space ninjas
  6. Is there anyone here who plays warframe? if so I'm looking for persons to play with it's fun and looks awesome I know for those who play you can find me #RandallDeDan on ps4 I don't really play but I do want people to play with
  7. it points more and more to Sony making the PS5 backwards compatible because as you said because we do enjoy our classics and without some of those classics the versions of today would be nowhere and let's say worth nothing in terms of not just content but the genuine admiration of the franchise
  8. Thanks a lot Aimee and yeah I will I do have a question how do I delete another account, I accidentally signed in my google account in an attempt to sync it with this one and now I have two which I do not want
  9. Yeah I will more than likely be seen here and there
  10. It's going okay haven't been on much due to circumstances beyond my control which sucks
  11. This site was introduced to me via Facebook and I'm here to say hello and lovely to meet you all Psn# RandallDeDan add me and when I play we can
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