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  1. To me, that sounds more like what love is than a feeling, anyway.
  2. Yes! I actually like this smell. For mine, I'd list that diesel smell at gas stations. Smells like road trips, and thus a sense of freedom and adventure.
  3. Same here. Constantly missing being young as well.
  4. Yes, it's worth it. I'd say it took me a while to really be impacted by it, because for a long time in the beginning/middle, I had no idea where it was going. But it gave me some things to think about regarding our unconscious motivators and how they can limit our choices, to the point where I'd say it helped me face some stuff last year in my personal life I was avoiding for a really long time. I apologize that I don't recall which games you've played off the top of my head, but if you haven't yet, TLOU and BioShock series are amazing story-wise.
  5. The pandemic has made for a strange situation with E3 the past couple of years—plus, E3 was already changing before that. All of that in mind, what do you think E3 is going to be like next year? How do you think it will evolve over the years that follow? And what do you want to see happen?
  6. There are some games that were featured at E3 this year that are already available for pre-order. Have you pre-ordered any of them, or are you planning to?
  7. What were the strangest games you saw showcased at this year’s E3? I think the weirdest one I’ve seen so far is “Happy Game.”
  8. What games showcased at E3 2021 had the most interesting visual design?
  9. Is anyone else annoyed that Starfield is a PC/Xbox exclusive (and think this bodes badly for PlayStation gamers for other forthcoming Bethesda games)?
  10. The trailer for FAR: Changing Tides caught my eye. I didn’t play FAR: Lone Sails, but the visual design and the concept of that game seem really appealing, so now I am interested in both of them. Has anyone played the first one?
  11. The balance of this year’s E3 was shifted more toward indie games and less toward AAA games than usual. All in all, I think this is a nice change. How do you feel about it?
  12. Were there games you were hoping would make an appearance at this year’s E3 that didn’t show up? I was hoping to find out something about the next BioShock game. And it would have been nice to see ES 6. Although, I’m not encouraged by Starfield being exclusive to Xbox/PC, and feel it is increasingly likely ES 6 won’t even make it to PS5.
  13. There was an insane number of indie games at the INDIE Live Expo this year, and also a pretty strong focus on them during E3. So, I’m sure I have missed quite a few exciting announcements. What are some of the indie game trailers/reveals that have you most excited?
  14. Do you like what we’ve seen so far for Battlefield 2042?
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