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  1. StaceyPowers

    Ask DC

    If you can only listen to one album for the rest of your life, which will it be?
  2. Think fast. A zombie has just barged into the room you are in. What will you do?
  3. Probably the hotel where I used to work. I loved it. Odd things happened there, and I couldn't say it felt like a menacing environment to me personally, but there were things there I could not explain, so at times it was a bit scary. Buy a new one. Unless you mean, what would I do if there were no computers? Probably starve 😞
  4. I’ve noticed that @skyfire and I both love the city of Rapture far more than I expect we were “intended” to. I think most people love its atmosphere and aesthetic. But we felt emotionally attached to it. In my case, I wasn’t attached to Andrew Ryan’s philosophy/politics in any way. But as a feat of engineering, it was spectacular, and though I didn’t like its particular vision, I liked that it had vision. Watching it flood always feels like such a terrible waste. Was Rapture a terrible place? Yes, but did it have to be? A place is what people make of it. It was the people of Rapture (and not all of them) that I ultimately disliked, not Rapture itself. Rapture could have been beautiful. Did anyone else feel more attached to characters, places or concepts in a game than you suspect the writers/developers intended?
  5. Anyone ever have a weird glitch in Skyrim where random characters suddenly get stuck sort of walking in place like they’re on a treadmill for eternity? Including dead characters? @kingpotato @killamch89 @DylanC
  6. I tend to game a lot more on my PS3 than my computer since the setup and controller seem much more ergonomic to me for the console and I have pain issues. Not sure who among you are PC gamers, but does anyone have advice, particularly for more ergonomic mouse use? Using the mouse hurts my shoulder/neck. @DylanC @Alyxx Tagging both of you as I am pretty sure you both game on computers regularly.
  7. In Skyrim last night, I realized I was “going through the motions” rather mindlessly on a quest, and that the experience was becoming repetitious. So, I randomly looked at a tree stump and thought, “playthroughs don’t have to be repetitious; I can stroll over and examine this tree stump right now.” So I did, and was quite startled when I saw ants moving all over it. I never noticed ants crawling on stumps on any previous playthroughs, and I’ve been playing this game monthly for years. It was a cool moment. What are some small details like these which you have spotted only after a long time in a game environment? @kingpotato @killamch89 @skyfire @The Blackangel @Alyxx @DylanC
  8. Just started my third playthrough of Skyrim. The first one, I leveled very badly all over the map before I found a style I like (one handed weapon + conjuration). The second one, I optimized for one handed/conjuration. This time, I thought I’d challenge myself. I never had an easy time with destruction magic, but I have just gotten through Bleak Falls Barrow without any weapon use, and am going to see if I can go no weapons the entire game. So far, it is difficult, and I am dying a lot, but it’s also been interesting. It’s forced me to do more stealth and plan out some of my attacks instead of just rushing in. What are some games where you have deliberately tried a very different combat style to your usual on a playthrough? How did it go? @kingpotato @killamch89 @Alyxx @DylanC @The Blackangel @skyfire
  9. Considering that Rapture "survives" the ending of the first game long enough for the second to take place, I always have held out hope that it never gets 100% destroyed, and maybe someone fixes it. Like you, I do find its sad state a crushing waste of an amazing feat of engineering/vision.
  10. A great and highly specific example! :)
  11. Yes! I am glad you agree. That sounds really awesome. I've always been interested, but haven't played it. You raise a good point. In Skyrim, you essentially have been given a shortcut to influence rather than having to build it yourself. Of course, I think it frequently works that way IRL too. But that’s exactly the point. Since most of us weren’t handed money and fame on a platter by chance, we want to relate to a story which helps us believe we are capable of climbing in influence through our own hard work or cleverness.
  12. @kingpotato @The Blackangel It's interesting that both of you mention that fighting games don't seem to have a "draw" for you, and yet are apparently something of a staple for you anyway. I guess in that same area, I'd mention that I never had a big draw to the post-apocalypse genre, yet I seem to spend a looot of gaming hours there (i.e. Fallout, TLOU). As an open world RPG though, Fallout is clearly well within my comfort zone. TLOU isn't though; I don't really excel at stealth games, and that one pushes me.
  13. Yeah, I think I'd think of 2D side scrolling more as a POV thing than a genre. Q*Bert! Good memories.
  14. I do kinda recall cringing at the volume of her voice after thinking about it, but it's not like it scarred my psyche or anything, lol. There are also quite a few other annoyingly loud voices in Skyrim. I mean, the Night Mother, for example.
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