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  1. Are there any classic games you can think of which you actually think would not be as powerful if they were made today, either for reasons relating to technological changes or cultural factors?
  2. I am now very close to being finished with my first playthrough of Bioshock 1. I played Infinite first, and haven’t played Bioshock 2 yet. I’ve heard multiple people who played 1 and 2 first and later played Infinite say that to them, Infinite wasn’t really a “Bioshock” game, despite featuring plasmids (as vigors) and familiar sounds/experiences. I’m confused as to why they say this. I know the game is in a different setting, but to me, the parallels and ties between the games go much deeper than gameplay. Both make commentaries on political systems taken to extremes, and both examine issues of free will and free choice. So what is the complaint about?
  3. Oooh, that is pretty awesome. @LadyDay Check this out, free Morrowind for PC.
  4. StaceyPowers

    Ask Dylan

    If you could have one minor/non-lifechanging superpower (i.e. always being able to pick a ripe avocado in the supermarket), what would it be, and why?
  5. I am nominating @xXInfectedXx, @LadyDay, @The Blackangel, @DylanC and @kingpotato. All have provided great contributions in terms of discussion and community spirit.
  6. StaceyPowers

    The Forsworn in Skyrim: Opinions?

    @LadyDay Wondering if you would like to chime in on this topic :) I know a lot of people hate the Forsworn, but they're like my main interest in Skyrim, so I wanted to know what you make of them.
  7. StaceyPowers

    Do you use walkthroughs?

    I avoid checking them unless I am extremely stuck and have no clue how to progress. I do sometimes also consult them if I'm leaving an area/level that i can't return to in order to make sure I didn't miss anything cool.
  8. StaceyPowers

    VR Headset

    @DylanC Underwater shark cage sounds amazing!
  9. StaceyPowers

    Wireless Mouse

    Currently I have a logitech wireless mouse which was $25, and a wired $10 mouse as a spare. As @The Blackangel says, they have a tendency to die quickly. Mine usually seem to kick the bucket within 1-2 years.
  10. StaceyPowers

    Some of your best games - 2019

    As you all know, I'm stuck on my old system, and thus haven't played anything that realized in 2019. But I'm okay with it, as I save money on games and get to catch up on everything that has interested me for years.
  11. StaceyPowers

    Cheating guides

    I'm on the same page with you. I usually like to try and find my own way through a game as best I can, but now and again, there's something that's massively detracting from my enjoyment of the game. Usually I either am looking in the wrong place (i.e. can't find those stupid animals or chains to pull in Skyrim), or I don't understand the parameters of the puzzle in order to solve it. When that happens, I will check YouTube.
  12. StaceyPowers

    Favorite Skyrim Followers?

    I see what you did there =D
  13. @Sn9 I can't believed I missed this. From one gamer with ASD to another, awesome review :) Multitasking in games gets my heart racing too, lol. I expect it is a bigger challenge for us than for some of our NT counterparts, so the pressure is higher when we have to juggle tasks or do a lot in menus rapidly. For me, TLOU fell into this category. I died a lot simply from pushing the wrong button =D Gaming has helped with some of my empathy deficits as well. I've learned some things about socializing from playing Dragon Age games. So many times I thought a dialogue option would do one thing, and it would do the total opposite.
  14. StaceyPowers

    What would you be looking for in a future Bioshock game?

    I've heard a lot of people say the second game is weaker. I'm soon to finish my first playthrough on Bioshock 1, so I'll be playing 2 soon. I'm still looking forward to it, regardless. It's hard to say no to more time in Rapture.
  15. StaceyPowers

    What if Video Games went extinct?

    What do you mean by more interactive?