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  1. The hunting rifle is by miles my preferred weapon in Fallout NV, but on my second and third playthroughs, both the guns and the ammo seem like they were unusually hard to come by, despite me not having this issue the first time around. Does anyone know what factors influence the frequency with which the ammo shows up in stores in containers and enemies drop this particular weapon?
  2. Does anyone else here find that they tend to go on endlessly about gaming when talking to other people (not just here on the forum)? I have a hard time putting a lid on it, even when I know no one else is interested, but this could just be an autistic thing.
  3. Do video game trailers play into your decisions to purchase games or not? I’ve come to realize that I’ve never even seen the trailers for the vast majority of video games I have played.
  4. Are there any games you have played that you liked far more on a replay years after their release, either because they aged particularly well, or because something about your own gaming preferences changed?
  5. When a game forces you to make a decision which is unethical or simply something you wouldn’t normally ever do to proceed, how do you feel about it? I don’t mind if it is in a game where I am playing a character who is a well-defined person (i.e. Walker in Spec Ops: The Line), but it can annoy me in an open world game with a “blank slate” character, like in Fallout NV Lonesome Road DLC last night when I had to shoot off a missile to progress, even though I didn’t want to or see any justifiable reason to do so.
  6. Games where the events you experience aren't necessarily the truth, because the character you are playing isn't seeing the world clearly, i.e. cause of a mental issue.
  7. I've always been curious about Life is Strange. How is it so far?
  8. While I like games with high player agency because they are a reassuring antidote to a life where I feel I have little control, I also like low player agency games because they feel more lifelike, believable and emotionally involving to me. What are your feelings about games which minimize the choices you have or your control over outcomes?
  9. Having just finished Spec Ops: The Line, I found the use of the unreliable narrator as part of the story very compelling and well-done. What are some other games which feature unreliable narrators?
  10. I love story-driven shooters like the BioShock series and Spec Ops: The Line. Can anyone give me further recommendations in this category?
  11. I have discovered I have an affinity for games with low player agency (inability to make choices/change outcomes), some examples being BioShock Infinite and Spec Ops: The Line. Can anyone recommend me strong narrative games that fall into this category of low agency?
  12. Are there any games you love that you discovered through VGR, and if so, who recommended them to you? I just finished Spec Ops: The Line, which was recommended to me by several members here, most notably @Katri Marcell, who I miss seeing around here. Everyone was spot-on with this recommendation!
  13. Just finished Spec Ops: The Line. I loved it. SPOILERS BELOW **************************************** So, what really happened in this game? I think the most straightforward theory is that they died in the crash at the start, and everything after that is Walker's dying hallucinations recounting the events leading up to the crash + his imaginings afterwards or a purgatorial trip to the afterlife. I also am trying to figure out if he already had PTSD when he arrived in Dubai, from whatever passed before on his previous tour with Konrad. Curious what choice people made at the end. I had him kill himself the first time, but that was because I thought it'd wake him up, and that shooting Konrad's reflection would just bury his mind. Didn't work the way I thought, and I didn't want him to just get oblivion, so I went back and shot Konrad's reflection and sent him "home." I hope he gets a chance at redemption/healing. Incidentally, I liked the overall lack of player agency in this game. It felt more "real" to me than games where the world revolves around my choices and they usually work out. Also, what a soundtrack! Been playing it on loop since I finished.
  14. I could imagine a true believer monster killing themselves to annihilate what they perceived of as a blight (insane to us sane folks, but surely heroic in the mind of some biogted arse). And yeah, it's even weirder when you think about it that if you played a good guy, you probably have Charon or Fawkes with you, and both are immune, so why the heck wouldn't you have them do it? It's like sending them to the spa. If Charon walked in there with a headache, he probably walked out feeling great, lol.
  15. Wow ... amazing I can play through almost the entirety of RDR and only just be learning this.
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