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  1. How do you feel about the default audio balancing in most games you have played? Either I have really outdated speakers, am really bad at hearing dialogue, or I think default balancing is really bad. I am not sure which is the case.
  2. What real life cities do you want to be featured as open world settings in video games? Why those particular cities? What features would make them compelling to explore?
  3. Is there a game that mot people swear is pretty easy, but which you personally find to be hard?
  4. The Last of Us: Part 1 remake is retailing at $70, with no discount for owners of previous versions of the game. How do you feel about this sort of thing? Even a nominal discount in situations like this would be nice, I think, to say thank-you to fans who have already long supported games.
  5. What are your favorite trailers for games that are coming out later this year?
  6. At first, I could not stand the loudness of my gaming laptop fan. But now I realize every time it “randomly” gets loud when I am not gaming, it is because stuff is updating. Now I actually appreciate knowing this, so I won’t overtax my system when updates are hogging resources.
  7. Has anyone ever experienced such a bad crash/error/problem that your console ended up bricked?
  8. Can it be white noise? If so, white noise and/or other unobtrusive ambiance that blocks the ringing in my ears. I'm not even sure what silence is. I always just hear the ringing.
  9. Sometimes I notice games release not long after their release dates are finally announced. I always find this weird. Why does this happen in development?
  10. I was initially on the fence about the announcement of a TLOU “remake,” but now that I’ve seen the trailer and realize the game is essentially intact, but with graphics/etc. rebuilt, I am excited. I would love to see something like this with some older open world games like Skyrim or Oblivion. What games would you like to see receive similar “remakes”?
  11. Does anyone else here have dissociative mental health issues? If so, does gaming help you? I realized the other day that I start dissociating almost immediately whenever I try to do something I want. Imagining doing something often feels more real than doing it. But since game worlds are sort of in-between, I can interact with them without dissociating, so they feel real and easy to connect with. Anyone else observe this?
  12. Cold showers. When I'm working, I can't do that obviously, so I have a spray bottle to mist myself with. I also freeze damp towels and put them over my neck.
  13. I don't think that's the issue so much as that certain demographics of actors may have been deliberately overlooked for parts in the past in favour of casting actors who may have been more acceptable to the normative culture. I think it's more about just not doing that anymore. Plus, I do think LGBTQAI+ actors sometimes may like taking parts that help them share their stories with the world and reach out to others in the community who may be looking for inspiration or visibility. I certainly don't complain about the talented Jennifer Hale being cast as Krem in DAI--so far as I know, a cis woman playing a trans man. But I was thrilled to see Ian Alexander cast as Lev in TLOU II.
  14. Do you ever find yourself getting bored with violence in video games? In general, I would say I don’t, because I find violent video games a lot of fun. Shooters are among my favorite video game formats, and I don’t see that ever changing. But when I played A Plague Tale: Innocence, I realized how refreshing it was to play in a largely non-violent way, just because it provided a different perspective (i.e. seeing the world through the eyes of two largely vulnerable children) and different gameplay. What are your thoughts?
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