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  1. It is one of the most distinctive-looking caves in the whole game. Almost all the Skyrim caves look fairly alike to me. This one is more like a little outdoor dungeon that is simply accessed through a cave. It has this almost idyllic sanctuary-like ambiance to it, which is fitting as one of the last Blades took refuge there. I wish I could have a house there. I saw someone modded that, but PS3 doesn't allow mods.
  2. @killamch89 I found my mystery cave at last! It is Bloated Man's Grotto:
  3. With PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles still really hard to get, has anyone here had any luck in obtaining one? If so, what unit did you get, and where/how/when did you buy it?
  4. I really liked the character origin stories that gave Dragon Age: Origins its name. A lot of people praised it for being innovative, so it kind of surprises me we haven’t really seen it show up in many other games (or any? Not sure). Does anyone else find this surprising?
  5. Have you ever put dozens of hours into a game only to quit it? What made you quit?
  6. Considering Obsidian has changed over the years since Fallout New Vegas, do you think the current studio would make as good a Fallout game today?
  7. Do you have a strong preference for games from Japan or from the western world? Why or why not?
  8. Today I learned there was originally going to be a Gore Verbinski BioShock move in 2011. I actually am kind of relieved there wasn’t; he doesn’t seem like the right fit to me. Do you think it would have been good?
  9. Every time graphics improve with a generation, they always seem amazing to me, and then a generation later I spot all their flaws. What flaws can you spot now with current gen graphics that will make them look dated years from now?
  10. Have you played any games that you felt were worth paying for, but not necessarily full price?
  11. So, in Oblivion, if you try to do the Sanguine quest after you befriend Mazoga, the guards go berserk and kill her. I figured out a simple workaround is just to have her follow, then tell her to wait way outside the city, come back, finish the Sanguine quest, and go fetch her. I didn’t see this solution posted anywhere, so I thought I’d share in case anyone else ever runs into this problem.
  12. In the UK, there is apparently a bill that might ban scalping consoles. This seems entirely reasonable to me. Thoughts?
  13. What are some boss fights that there was a lot of anticipation and build-up for, but then the fights were relatively easy?
  14. Are there discoveries you’ve made in any games that totally changed how you saw the game world? Like, after playing through the Soul Cairn in Skyrim, I can never see that entire universe the same way. It has such darkness underneath it.
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