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  1. StaceyPowers

    Worst experience with microtransactions?

    That is really awful. My worst experience was playing an MMO which was freemium. Unfortunately, the things you could purchase in-game actually lent a real advantage, so similarly, unless you had loads of cash to spend on the MMO, you were left way behind. So real-life class differences determined power stratification in the game world.
  2. StaceyPowers

    Best FPS Game of All Time?

    What do you consider to be the greatest FPS game ever made? Why does it get your vote?
  3. What is the worst experience you ever have had gaming with microtransactions?
  4. I was curious if anyone here has ever made a big jump from Xbox to PS or vice versa, or from console to PC or vice versa. If so, how did it go? What made you switch? Are you happier now, or do you want to go back to what you used to use?
  5. When you play an MMO, do you interact a lot with other players (i.e. actually chatting, roleplaying, etc.), or do you pretty much mind your own business?
  6. StaceyPowers

    Who here has virtual reality?

    Anyone here have PS VR, Oculus Rift, etc? How often do you use it? What are your favorite and least favorite games in VR?
  7. What level of challenge do you want when you play a video game? How do you decide on the difficulty setting you’ll use? I know some people prefer their games to be virtually effortless, and others who want them to be as punishing as possible. For me, I like there to be just enough of a challenge that it pushes me to find ways to innovate my strategies or improve my aim, but not so much that it is just relentlessly hard.
  8. StaceyPowers

    Ask Stacey

    Compassionate, pragmatic rule-breaker. Home Improvement. Typed this sentence.
  9. StaceyPowers

    Roleplay aspect of single player RPGs

    I do that too :)
  10. StaceyPowers

    Gaming conventions

    Has anyone here attended any big gaming conventions? What was it like?
  11. Do you get into the “roleplay” aspect of single player RPGs like Skyrim, Dragon Age, etc? I see so many people on forums with elaborate character concepts, and they often make vastly different choices on their playthroughs based on how their characters would think and react. I think that is really cool, but for my part, I always find the only choices I can make in games are the ones I would actually make myself. Anything else makes me lose immersion.
  12. StaceyPowers

    Ask Killa

    I'd like to visit Costa Rica.
  13. StaceyPowers

    Tips for Avoiding Fallout Sticking/Breaking?

    lol. I know there are more factors than just the exploding corpses, but perhaps not taking that perk next time will be enough ... Never again, lol.
  14. StaceyPowers

    Tips for Avoiding Fallout Sticking/Breaking?

    Watch it be with PS4 only. I could so see that happening to me.
  15. We’ve all encountered quests we’ve really hated, but in my experience, these fall into two categories. 1-Quests we hate for personal reasons (which might not matter to the average gamer). 2-Quests which are flat-out badly designed. Of course, design is a somewhat subjective issue in and of itself. So what do you think makes for a poorly designed quest? And what are some examples that stick out to you?