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  1. Come on you apes, you wanna live forever? PUBG Mobile (Maybe Consoles/PC) x Starship Troopers? This crossover event include Mobile Infantry Troopers Uniform (both males & females), weapons from films like Morita Assault Rifle,Morita III Assault Rifle,Vektor CP1 and Morita XXX Sniper Rifle. Arachnids Invasions (It like zombie hordes mode but with bugs!). In Arachnids Invasions 40 players drop from DR-4 Viking dropship (replace plane) must survive waves of 100 bugs after 100 bugs under 15-20 Minutes each wave get more aggression . Players must found weapons and safe places like houses or bas
  2. BioShock+Dead Space+ Metro 2033+Half-Life+Left 4 Dead/Operation Raccoon City+Half-Life+The Last of Us=Third Person Shooter Cooperative Science Fiction Survival Horror with shooter looter system like similar mechanics to The Division and environmental puzzles and have RE6/Uncharted Style multiplayer! Story Game set in an alternate history (which Eisenhower's didn't suspend U.S. nuclear testing and soviet union won the cold war) not too distant post-apocalyptic war. After the nuclear pandemic exchange known as " Armageddon Day " left devastated three quarter of world. Half of humanity
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