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  1. The first one was Playstation 2. Never got the first one.
  2. Metro Exodus preview - game details

    Platform: PC, PS4, XONE
    Genre: action
    Release date: February 15, 2019
    Developer: 4A Games
    Publisher: Deep Silver

    Travel from Moscow
    The presence of two fairly detailed trailers allows us to create some assumptions about what the game developers prepared for us. So, many enthusiasts have already noted that on the character map, which he opens in the first trailer, the echoes of Volgograd are visible - a very similar, but modified terrain.

    The same trailer shows some details of the terrain that are similar to real objects in Nizhny Novgorod, so Artem’s journey to the east from Moscow through Nizhny Novgorod looks quite realistic. At the same time, the movement of the Aurora locomotive, on which the main character will travel, can go both towards Volgograd and along the Trans-Siberian Railway. There are plenty of options to think about the developers.
    Game features and gameplay
    It is expected that the key innovations will not be too much. Basically, the game will retain the atmosphere of the previous parts and will try to expand the storyline more widely, along with additional features.

    Among those - a more open game world. It is likely that the whole game will be connected by chains from stations and locations, each of which will open up freedom of action for the player, and after performing certain tasks, the main character will be able to go to the next station of his route.

    Traveling outside the narrow, rusty and cramped subway will be nice, but fans of that very underground atmosphere should not be upset. Trailer shots show that within Metro Exodus, gamers will have to descend into these narrow labyrinths more than once. At least, at the beginning of the game process before the reunion of Artem and Anna. While the format of the implementation of travel and battles with the same "Hansa" on trains, is unknown, but the presence of such an "action" would help the game move to a new level and move a little further in dynamics.

    Speaking of dynamics. The developers have promised a more detailed study of AI, which will also contribute to the improvement of the game experience. Local "mixes" with different monsters will become more interesting and not so predictable. A whole arsenal of firearms and other tricky devices like a crossbow will help to cope with them. The possibility of improving weapons is a definite plus that will be needed for players on a long journey through Russia.

  3. MainAlice


    One of the most decent rappers, how could you not listen to him) The favorite songs are "I'm not afraid", "Rap God" and "The Real Slim Shady"
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