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  1. My network teacher always started off class watching a short clip, good times.
  2. A true shame they won't be on sale forever, bigger shame they didn't take time to remaster super mario 64 or at least make it the DS port version.
  3. Give them another year or two, add more features and maybe offer even better deals. Steam will fall to second before long.
  4. Fair? Not really, but when giants battle, pointless things happen.
  5. I did break some of the SNES games back in the day, taking them in and out, in and out did wear it down.
  6. I'm looking forward to it, they did awesome with the batman games and I'm looking forward how they handle a bigger size of characters.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it won't come out till about near half way of the PS5's lifecycle.
  8. that is pretty good, because I'm sure most PS5 games will come in around that 40 gb mark if not more.
  9. I'm... not sure? I haven't really seen many come out really.
  10. Wasn't it Witcher? 😛 But good clip, I like to see more.
  11. Pretty sure no game out there comes close to what Myst had going on.
  12. The first one my family got was the NES, the first one I was given was the N64 and the first one I ever bought myself was the PS3.
  13. The game is well worth it, it's a real fun and hack and slash game though the story can be hard to follow.
  14. I'm hoping they will fix a lot of things that were done wrong or went unanswered in the manga.
  15. Rejoice for the final arc shall get its long over due anime! https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-03-20/bleach-manga-thousand-year-blood-war-arc-gets-anime/.157678 Kubo's follow up one shot manga Burn the Witch is also getting an anime which is set in the same Bleach world.
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