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  1. Kind of late, but happy late birthday! Did you do anything fun? Assuming that video isn't a hint to it.
  2. I don't think so, out of the big three it seems like Xbox struggles to keep up with Sony and Nintendo, so I can't see another coming in and matching the others in what they have going on.
  3. Has sony really messed up any game company they have bought though?
  4. Oh the ships look awesome, but the skull looks something cheap you would see in fortnight.
  5. I really haven't looked into myself, but did Nintendo use a very special battery instead of a common everyday one?
  6. Far from it, plus they release over a dozen games on their eshop each week. Seriously, check it out the eshop is over flowing with games right now and they got more coming.
  7. I feel kind of sick, I don't have time to replay the whole thing and much rather would have waited to get this version.
  8. I would think it be a path game, choosing one option leads to another gameplay scene selection you wouldn't have seen the first time.
  9. It be a pretty huge move for them, I hope they can get it and don't get out bid by another game company.
  10. I do believe you can replace the battery, should be plenty of how to guides floating around or a youtube video showing it.
  11. Gasp! I need a soul though 😛 Anyways, Lasagna.
  12. I never understand why they release a console when they have the PC market. Anyways, Nintendo has a big lead with the Switch, but I feel the PS5 will catch up and surpass all.
  13. Very much this, they did nerf one of my favorite characters so I got to move on and adapt to others.
  14. I think the series is pretty big actually, they just took their time with it due to slow source material. Which they don't seem to pull much from the web comic version of the series.
  15. Hot damn, 150 GB install, that is big. Also I know people are going to go wild with MODs for this game and should be great.
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