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  1. I've been getting to the point where I'm really just so tired of hearing about many remakes of old horror games being developed. Especially with Capcom's handling of their remakes of Resident Evil 2 onwards with the story aspects undergoing changes, and whatnot, this indicates that I'm more sick of it than ever. And I mean, I played the original PS1 era games countless times in my younger years. I'd rather get new games in their respective series, or even something completely new and surprising, provided those games are trying to honour the franchise they are connected to. I don't mind. Perhaps these remakes (or the more appropriate term, reimaginings) help to bring the series to a modern audience, sure. If anything, gamers today may not like to play classic horror games due to the fixed camera angles, low resolution graphics and tank controls, preferring the over-the-shoulder way of things in full HD, or first person even. So it is beneficial to them. But decades long fans like myself know that the remakes have a lot of unnecessary changes, repeated cutscenes and boss battles, and whatever else. But after paying £500 for a PS5, I feel I would rather see the potential for more brilliant games like a Days Gone 2, The Last of Us Part III, or whatever. But instead, we're getting remakes of RE games being churned out in the wrong order, Silent Hill 2, Alone in the Dark, and others. While these games may admittedly be quite successful and play well, they are not *new* ideas, as such. Unless something gets changed, we already know James Sunderland hated Mary, and he ended her life out of pity for her. How can they put this across in a different way so that it feels unique? To tell you the truth, I don't even find the RE universe in general to be all that scary any longer, especially after RE8 with the tall vampire lady nonsense, or the ugly, living doll-like person hiding in the sitting room, and the other weirdness that plagued the game. It was just incredibly dumb. So I reckon I'd rather play other horror games, because all the RE games feature returning heroes who are veterans, so you always just get cheesy lines now and too much guns to blast up stuff, and repetitive ideas means you get little in the way of a new experience. Because essentially, every game is just about a virus spreading, but with a new letter at the start. Like the new K-Virus, or something. This is why the games just aren't creepy enough any more for my personal taste. Everything is getting recycled. Although the mutant baby thing you have chasing Ethan Winters in RE8 was kind of clever, the game did have a werewolves shooting section with Chris Redfield, which felt random and just added in for a bit of your bog standard, typical fan service. Besides remaking games, Capcom has long had a history of trying to rip things off from other games in general. This is definitely the case with RE8 having mannequins, that act like the nurses in the Silent Hill games. I also got a lot of P.T. vibes from exploring that house as well. But if you tell anybody that on GameFAQs, they imply you're stupid for pointing that out. But take it from me: RE has lost the edge it once had. I've grown so fed up of moaning about it on forums, that I've basically gone and found other games to enjoy that have better graphics and are way more scary, tense, and interesting. I'm gonna be all the better for it. Look at Stray Souls, for example. That's an upcoming indie game that looks like it has way better combat mechanics than any of the recent RE sequels. And of course, there's the remake of Dead Space and Alan Wake 2. Yet another big budget game that looks to be taken the survival horror sub-category seriously again...
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