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  1. I think my phone does. My mobile service is actually down today. It's so cold and there is ice everywhere. Then I slipped near my accommodation when I went out to head to the hospital, to use their WiFi about an hour ago. 🤳 Snow is fine. But ice is dangerous. 🧊 🤤
  2. Well, WWE and all that is for entertainment. Speaking of which, Survivor Series: WarGames was airing late last night. I was surprised to see both face teams won the cage matches with the heel factions, as I was thinking they would have provided balance in that regard. However, both of the bouts were awesome. 🤼‍♂️ 🤼‍♀️ Then right at the end, CM Punk finally made his return to the company. The crowd went absolutely crazy when his music hit. 😊
  3. I think I saw the second one once. My sister watched the original a lot, so I seen it numerous times. John Travolta had a solo hit once that is not affiliated with any movie. It got to position 10 on Billboard.
  4. An hour ago, I had an egg and cress sandwich from the Co-op. Now it's time for more iced coffee. 😉
  5. Oh darn. 😞 I had it once too. It was like my lungs were being crushed together.
  6. For some reason, I have a hunch that social services aren't gonna provide me with any support. I called them a month ago. But it didn't sound like they were exactly jumping at the chance to take me on. They are morons anyway.
  7. Well, I recall they had a showcase a little over a year ago, where they announced three games to be outsourced, had a series of vague trailers, and talked about each one briefly, plus a new movie and online interactive series. They are still awaiting release, with the exception of Ascension, the interactive show which started a few weeks ago. That's already available to join, but it is universally hated. I think their next goal is to make games with their own team, so their projects will probably be very far off.
  8. I really liked the old games as being early horror titles in gaming history, but I did not like the fact you had to use a keyboard's arrow keys to play them. There was also a problem with the CD-ROM trilogy pack; The first game had no sound, but it definitely had a soundtrack, as I know you can listen to the tracks in a CD player. Basically, to make Carnby run, you press the up key and the escape key after going into the menu. Then you have to really hit the keys hard to make him run in the direction you want him to. I just wish the first and third game plus the 1993 spin off mini teaser game, had all received ports to the PS1, as only 2 did. Playing them with a controller is really the only fun way to do so. I think overall, recent horror games have helped to make me have hope for the genre again, after playing a lot of less than stellar games like RE8, which previously soured my interest in covering the topic...
  9. This seems like very exciting news. Konami could very well begin work with in-house made Silent Hill games, plus other types of games, as the name for their new group of hired devs sounds like they are meant to succeed Team Silent, who of course worked on the first four (and best) entries in the franchise up to 2004 before disbanding. Basically, they broke up before Konami leased the IP to mostly third parties from other regions outside of Japan before the series became dormant around 2015. So it seems these other projects Konami announced a year ago are just to kind of test the waters. Yet of course, few people have displayed any gratitude that Konami revived the series to begin with, citing the commotion with Hideo Kojima, the awful HD collection, or their pachinko obsession. But I have kind of accepted that any new games are probably going to be inferior to the old ones. But then I evidently feel like this with RE and Capcom as well, with Capcom making things oh so confusing. Anyway, here is the Push Square article that has further details on this news. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2023/11/konami-is-creating-a-new-silent-hill-production-team
  10. They are milk and white chocolates, sort of put inside a sugar shell in reverse. So one has a white shell with milk chocolate, the other is brown with white chocolate.
  11. The worst ever? Mmm. I'd have to think about that. Lately, I played Stray Souls, and in terms of recent PS5 horror games, the combat is sluggish, and you only use a pistol. But in general, I did enjoy the story and locations, for it was all very Silent Hill-y looking.
  12. I think Capcom kind of redeemed themselves this year, with the RE4 remake being so good, being provided with DLC that was like a full length game, and the good animated film. If RE9 comes out in a few years and it ends up being as corny as 8 is though, I will be about done with the franchise. The multiple plot threads are becoming too much. Like, who's the Family? Who is the Connections? Who runs the new Umbrella? Each time a new game comes out, Capcom just seems to introduce something new in terms of viruses or mould, and it becomes really confusing.
  13. I wondered if the forum was going to stay offline, but good to see it's not.
  14. I miss Vice Versas. They are similar to Galaxy Minstrels. Revels are my favourite. 😜
  15. It reached number-one over the weekend. People sucked you know what in hell for it, no doubt. Which is why so many movies are overrated, and I knew it would claim the top spot, because these people like the popularity of the originals too much not to, and I think box office placings are mostly predetermined so they are bound to be successful if they aren't competing or duking it out with anything else that's popular (in the same week). But this recycling of old franchises ain't helping to bring in new ideas. 🤔
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