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  1. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. I was hoping we would get some update about Townfall and f because they were announced over a year and a half ago. It feels like ages now since that first showcase took place, as that was way back in October of 2022. But then nothing happened besides the new movie being shown, and SH2 getting a not so well received new trailer and combat footage. So we get Summer Game Fest on the 7th. I see Annapurna Interactive is there, and I was thinking that maybe we'll get some news on Townfall, as there was a hint on X last December, I believe. Only they showed off another game. I was left feeling sad. I noticed the Silent Hill Community forum is currently offline again. It was gone for over 3 months the last time this happened, which I think was last year or the year before. 😑
  2. What an absolute bore, to tell you the truth. Hopefully Gamescom will be nothing like this snoozefest was.
  3. There hasn't been any games to waste money on. I've had to focus on my horror films instead, since I have nothing new to keep me occupied. 😆
  4. I posted on JoyFreak about gaming recently, even though I don't visit the forum very often these days. But it looks like Shagger was right. Bots are everywhere, but the guy running it doesn't remove the crap. It's even hard to tell if users on there are real.
  5. Silent Hill the original along with the series as a whole, may have been commercially underwhelming in terms of sales patterns, but they have always been scarier games than the Resident Evil titles. Even those that were somewhat scary back in the day were nothing compared to what Konami pulled off in the Team Silent era in terms of being so frightful. RE just ain't scary any longer, as the villains are generally stupid or rather tarty looking. You know? Ones like Lady D, or they have you playing as boulder knocker Chris, or knife deflecting Leon. The heroes are generally quite overpowered these days. Jill even flips around like a ninja. They are just way too tough, so the games end up being too action oriented, which I do not welcome in horror games. It comes across as ridiculous when a horde of zombies suddenly enter a room, right, and they swiftly kill them all, doing these dumb stunts and stuff with their guns. Am I watching a John Wick movie or playing a horror game? Really, now. I can hardly tell anymore. But really, though. The knife parrying is so dumb. A chainsaw could easily have gotten through that cheap ass dagger. What mushrooms did Capcom find out there in Japan to start smoking outside their HQ? Seriously. I get that RE is cheesy at times. But that's some anime stupidity right there.
  6. All of the new RE games are pitch black. Ahem. 😆 Silent Hill, obviously.
  7. So RE9 was apparently revealed, along with HD remasters of 0, 5, and CV. Jill could be in RE9, too. I understand Leon is very popular, but I am calling it here. The game will likely be another shooter, devoid of anything terrifying. This is normally the case when Leon is involved in any capacity.
  8. Well, I happened to hear another rumour from "Dusk Golem" - this time stating that RE0 and CV are next in line for remakes and not RE1 as previously suggested. To be honest, I cannot be bothered to whine about it. I'm naturally not excited, giving how Capcom is just churning out cash grabs now, that are cheesy, missing certain enemy types, and look dull and soulless. So very sad. Don't feel so sure? Just check out the 2020 RE3 remake. It's a travesty. Anyway, RE9 is supposedly far off. Dusk is now indicating 2025 or 26, but he seems to be feeling apologetic for any confusion he may have caused.
  9. I watched this 80's slasher film called Just Before Dawn. These movies kept George Kennedy employed, at the very least. 😄
  10. The Strangers: Chapter 1 (6/10)
  11. I think CV is underrated, but Capcom likes to act all pinchbeck and make out it's a spin off. I know it never had a number in the name other than that 'X' in the ports, but it has well and truly always served as the genuine sequel to RE2. It was also arguably the last genuinely atmospheric RE game. I mean, RE4 is very action heavy, but even 4 can be creepy at times. But 5 and all that were lame. The thing that irritates me with RE as a whole is that they had the city nuked in the ending to RE3 and now Capcom is milking the series to its doom. It is a city that's long gone, so any current storylines need not revolve around it so much. But a lot of their awful RE spin offs and so on keep providing the same plot aspects to basically reveal how Raccoon City was overwhelmed by the zombies, and whatnot. Rehashing what we know already, which is more or less not needed this far into the future, since Wikipedia covers everything anyway. Some 20 odd years later, and it just makes me wanna yawn my head off with disgust. Then you have the fans who never bashed the RE4 remake for having cut content. It's also pretty woke and not nearly as good as the 2005 version. Yet it's somehow okay for them to call RE3 trash, just because the original RE3 was never as well received as RE2 was in the 90s. When didn't the remakes of RE2 and 4 undergo lots of changes just like 3 did? Just stupid nitpicking from people online such as the users on GameFAQs, who clearly began their RE experience with 4 and not the PS1 era games. They hate the viewpoint and the tank controls, yet RE4 actually still has tank controls, as does RE5. It was RE6 that began allowing gamers to move 'n shoot at things for a change. It felt much better, too. No longer did you feel like a muscle dummy with bad aiming. Yet 6 was panned, and pretty badly at that.
  12. This is gonna be crap. I just know it. https://www.thegamer.com/resident-evil-1-remake-in-development-rumour-capcom/ I'm not trying to be a hater, but Capcom remade a lot of games in recent years, but omitted a lot of what was in the originals. So I don't see the point. But I have long believed they're just money hungry and lacking the passion to do RE games with meaningful storylines.
  13. I watched the remake of Poltergeist. 👻 When the girl says the iconic line "They're here," it just sounded totally soulless. 😒
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