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  1. Welcome This is the GwG (Games with Gold) Update Thread, a place to keep up to date on the latest offerings from Microsoft 's subscription service. This opening post will be updated regularly to show what is currently available for GwG customers along with details of what dates these games are available. So, here are the currently available on on GwG; Of course this thread is also available to discuss rumours, games you want to see added and how you feel about the current line up as well as a place to discuss how you feel about the service in general. What is Games with Gold? Full details from Microsoft here. XBox Live Gold is a kind of subscription that grants access to online play, exclusive discounts and access to four games per month for both XBox Consoles and Windows PC's selected by the powers that be at Microsoft as part of the package for around $70 (Based on two 6 month subscriptions) per year (it can be cheaper at some outlets through renewal cards). They can also be purchased as shorter terms subscriptions, but these will be a little more expensive per month than the annual cost. Full Price details found here. I'm using US dollars as the example as that's something we call all understand to some extent. Basically, it's way for these companies to subsidize the running costs of their online services and earn additional revenue at the same time. The "free" games and discounts are basically there to sweeten the deal and make it worth buying. GwG gold is also included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and, unlike other equivalent services on consoles, is also available on Windows PC's. The service also includes a licence to play online multiplayer, although some games are exempt from this (For example, Free-to-Play Multiplayer games were exempt from XBLG back in March 2021), but most games you have to be subscribed to these services to play games online. The choice is not yours in what games in included in the package. Sometimes they're superb, sometimes not so much or you may already own them. You only retain the right to keep playing games you acquired through Xbox Live Gold so long you're still subscribed. The benefits of the service? The overall cost of the games offered if you were to buy them is significantly higher than the cost of the subscription. Frequently, one month's offering would cost more to buy from said digital store front than the annual subscription, so there is a lot of value to be found in these services. The discounts also can be very significant and can be applied to not just games, but to DLC's, in-game items, but other digital purchases like movies and digital TV Box sets. Any questions or if this thread needs updating and hasn't been then let me know, but please don't do so until these games are available, not when they're announced as the thread will only be updated when the games actually change. Also please check out the other threads we have for PlayStation Plus and Epic Games Store to stay up to date with those as well. Feel free to keeps using the Video Game Deals to tell the VGR community about other offers you have come across. Updated: May 17nth 2023
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