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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've been thinking. I need some more friends who play this game. Conquering the stars alone can be, well, lonely, even for a machine intelligence such as myself. @UleTheVee owns the game. This I know for a fact. However, he has never played to my knowledge, and even if he has, he's always been a bit skittish when it comes to playing these types of games with me. I wanna know who else plays, though. Maybe we could arrange a thing. I have almost all the DLC; the only ones I'm missing are Leviathans, Distant Stars, and MegaCorp. I tend to play mod-free, but if we can all agree on ma
  2. Hello! I'm horror_man, project leader of an upcoming horror game called "Devil's Punishment". We're a small indie team of about 12 people that's creating this game, and we've been working on it for a couple of months. The development of the game has reached a state which can be shown to the public, and we've decided to share our game with you all! What is Devil's Punishment? Devil's Punishment is an upcoming sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book scene, where a group of
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