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  1. No Man's Sky Decided to give it a try, since apparently it's a good game now. 😂 Because I'm a glutton for punishment and I adore roguelikes, I chose to go directly to permadeath mode. I got killed twice in the first 10 minutes by the hazardous environment. Third time was the charm, though, and I'm finally throwing together a shelter and some other things that should help keep me alive. Early game is Hell, apparently. Especially if you're like me and you don't know what you're doing. Normally I'd play on a lower difficulty first and get acquainted with how the game plays, but the roguelike option was just too much for me to pass up. I had to do that first, or I'd never forgive myself. 😂
  2. Got my Disintegration beta code. Thank you!
  3. Thanks, @StaceyPowers! I second @StaceyPowers and @Crazycrab
  4. Stellaris Decided to play one last galaxy before it's time for Federations to release... which, honestly, likely won't be for another couple of months yet. Anyway, I've decided to give playing a regular hive mind a try. Last time I played a hive mind, it was a Devouring Swarm, the most powerful type of hive, and necessarily so as it is a genocidal variant that does not have any diplomatic options at all. However, I seem to have gotten the worst neighbors in history, as both my neighboring empires are Fanatical Purifiers. This is gonna be an eventful playthrough... 😂
  5. Used to have a few dogs and a couple of cats when I was really young. All dead today except maybe one dog; for all I know, he's dead too now. Bit of a long story.
  6. Team Sonic Racing (Xbox One) Was just knocking out some Grand Prix races in the single player mode. Last I checked, the online mode is a ghost town... It's honestly quite saddening, because I think it'd be great fun to race online in teams. The game's not even a whole year old yet, how did it die so fast...?
  7. BattleTech Salvaged some really powerful 'Mechs in the campaign, and I've nearly maxed out my most elite MechWarriors. Gonna be rotating them out for newer pilots as I do so. One of the 'Mechs I salvaged was a Thunderbolt TDR-5S. The thing reminds me of the Clans' Summoner OmniMech to a degree, which probably won't be seen in the game until the timeline advances to around 3050, when Operation REVIVAL happens. Anyway, the Thunderbolt's stock loadout has a grievous design flaw; ammo in the center torso. For those who don't know, ammo explosions can happen if critical hits occur in an area where ammo is stored on a 'Mech. If this happens, the place the ammo was stored in is destroyed immediately. That's why you never, ever put ammo in the center torso area, as an ammo explosion there will kill the 'Mech immediately. So yeah, I moved that really quick, put it in one of the side torsos. I don't yet know if I'm gonna have a real opportunity to field this thing safely, but it's there in reserve for when I need it. 😄
  8. No plans for this weekend beyond probably playing BattleTech. Honestly, Easter.
  9. I do have this attitude now and then, yeah. I don't touch most of the games I have on my Xbox because I'm usually too busy playing Stellaris or some other strategy game on my computer. I do have days where I play something else by my own will – the other day I finally got around to playing DOOM (2016) for the first time – but otherwise the only time I end up playing something else outside of my norm is when I literally can't play the games I normally play anymore, at least in the manner I want to.
  10. Mega Man 11 I beat it. I think the Wily Machine and Wily Capsule fights of this one were the easiest I’ve fought since Mega Man 10, which I beat forever ago as all three playable characters and haven’t played since.
  11. Looks for intelligence. I think. Probably. Intelligence to me seems to have more practical applications.
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