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  1. Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition I was out and about, and Bedrock Edition is too much of a drain on my phone's battery. I also didn't bring my Bluetooth controller with me. I've got a world where I'm trying to get everything I want to do done without dying, and the world is on Hard difficulty. So, self-enforced Hardcore Mode, since that version of the game (or any other version outside of Java Edition, far as I know) doesn't have actual Hardcore Mode.
  2. Fred Rogers. If ever there was a "perfect" person, it was him. No one really is, but I find he came the closest of anyone I've ever seen or met. He's been dead since 2003, but he'll always have a very special place in my heart.
  3. I agree. Minecraft wasn't a mainstream game at the time of its release, however, when Notch was working on it. It was an indie project (one that, admittedly, went viral) before it became what it is today. Love it or hate it, it was born of creativity in an industry that, at the time, just wasn't even slightly interested in what it had to offer until after it broke convention and succeeded. Or rather, what I should say is that Notch was able to express said creativity despite the industry he tried to work for consistently telling him "no"; after all, Minecraft itself didn't come until later down that road.
  4. Team Sonic Racing Really enjoying this one. Kinda takes me back to my hours of playing Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. I checked it out from a local library, so I don't properly own it, but if I did, I'd probably play it quite often!
  5. And that's fine! Hell, I agree it counts as creative! But it's not the only thing that counts, certainly not in the context of this question. 😉
  6. I did it yesterday, and now I did it today.
  7. Fair, but that wasn't the question that was asked. It didn't have to be about the stories the people told with their work. 😉 I'd say Notch is a perfectly valid answer.
  8. The Martian by Andy Weir. 🙂
  9. BattleTech Finally got the MAD-3R Marauder in the campaign. Only now, the game's throwing slightly heavier 'Mechs at me. The mission where I deployed the Marauder in my lance had a damn HBK-4P Hunchback among the opposing force. Hunchbacks are notoriously tough among medium 'Mechs, able to hold their own against assault 'Mechs in a straight fight.
  10. Fascinating! I mean, I knew the horse didn't exist in reality, but I assumed it did for the sake of the riddle. Huh!
  11. Hard to say. With autosaving being standard practice these past several years, I can hardly say I ever lost much progress. There are, of course, older games that lack that feature that I grew up playing, but I don't remember losing much progress on any of them either.
  12. Markus Persson, also known as "Notch", the guy who made Minecraft. I read a biography on the guy the other day. He's led a very interesting life, it seems. It kind of made me appreciate Minecraft more, knowing what went into it even though it hasn't been his project in many years now.
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