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  1. Keep it civil and mature people. The purpose of this discussion is to focus on hate. If you have a prejudice, this is the place to talk about it. You can go into specifics on the "why", or opt out of that. It is also to discuss your feelings about bigotry in general. Now, do I have anything I'm prejudice against? Yes. There is a demographic that I absolutely hate. Not because I don't like them for no reason. It's because I have received hate and abuse from them from every angle. Literally every encounter I have had with these people has been abusive towards me. So now, I can't stand them. In my eyes, that constitutes a valid prejudice that has an understandable reason. Not a reason that people would necessarily like, but one they could understand. As a lesbian, I have received hate all around from multiple demographics. Truth be told, it has come from almost all demographics. I don't tolerate it, but if I was prejudice against them all, it would cover the entire population except the LGBTQ+ community Now at this forum, we refuse to allow any kind of bigotry or prejudice. Mine is nothing I will bring to VGR under any circumstance. It is left at the door. I couldn't do my job as a mod if I let it dictate my actions here. I couldn't be decent at posting as a member, mod or not. Thus, I do not bring it here. Bringing it here would constitute an abuse of "power", if you will. Webster's Dictionary defines bigotry as: obstinate or intolerant devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices : the state of mind of a bigot. In my eyes bigotry is hating someone due to ignorance about them, often willful ignorance. Typically from misinformation or being taught the hate from the moment you were born. The group that I believe receives the most are Jews. The Jewish people seem to get it more than even the black community. And we all have an idea how much the black community gets. The only way to actually know of those two communities is to be black or Jewish. I am neither, so I can't say I know how much they receive. Prejudice is often born of abuse. Being mistreated by an entire demographic often causes becoming prejudice. That can at least be understood, if not condoned. I feel this topic is something that has not been fully discussed. Abusive words such as racial slurs need to be left out of this conversation, unless you are presenting CIVIL & MATURE discussion related to such word. Even then, it would be best to leave these words out. Saying something in context like "N word" would be preferable. We all know what that means. If you can't think of something that would be obvious what word you're referring to, only then can the full word be used. I ask as a fellow member that we all try to censor the word, exploring all alternatives. This post is not made as a moderator, but as a member here at VGR. However, I do ask @Shagger to join in with me and keep this discussion heavily moderated, so as to prevent someone coming in and making posts that are meant to be bigoted and abusive towards a demographic, or promoting bigotry in general.
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