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  1. Sounds a lot like bubblegum pop to me. The tempo is way too fast on a lot of it. It's not something that would be in my library.
  2. Hold+LMB means to press the left mouse button, and hold it down. Keep it pressed down. Do not lift your finger up off the button. Do not release the button. It's like a gas pedal in your car. To keep your car in motion you press and hold the gas pedal. It's the same thing here. I have to ask, what is your native tongue?
  3. I'm still at a loss. Can someone give some game titles, so maybe I can follow easier and possibly give a response to contribute more than just looking like a dumbass?
  4. I tend to watch DVD's or Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime on my computer when I get bored with YouTube. I have a small 19" TV beside it that my Xbox One, PS3, NES/SNES/N64 are all hooked up to, so I can game and watch pretty much anything. I also have a shitload of music on my comp as well.
  5. To each their own, but you can't deny that Pac Man is a classic.
  6. Another spammer. Is there any way to stop this onslaught of pathetic bullshit?
  7. Dig Dug, Frogger, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pac Man, Mario Bros(not SMB), Joust. So many classic games. Simple to learn, impossible to master. And they are like fine wine. They only get better with time.
  8. I don't shut up. If I get talking about gaming, you almost have to duct tape my mouth shut and lock me in a cave.
  9. Yes, trailers help me decide. There are a lot of games in the Nintendo eShop that on a first glance looked great. But upon viewing the trailer, I completely changed my mind. And there were others that were the exact opposite. So if I can see a trailer of how the game is, that helps a lot in my decision on whether or not I think I would even play it, let alone want to spend the money on it.
  10. Galaga comes to mind for me. It's very simple concept of a space shooter is easy enough for even a toddler to grasp. But truly appreciating a game like it is something only the older generations that grew up with the game can do.
  11. Ethical is entirely interpretive. What falls under ethical to me, I'm certain isn't ethical to anyone else here. The only things I can find unethical, that I can think of off the top of my head, is animal abuse, sexual crimes, or crimes against young children. Such things deserve a sentence of death in my opinion. But pretty much anything else is fair game to do. Anything from slashing an assholes tire, to nuking a country is fine with me.
  12. It's different. It strikes me as a bit of a puzzle solving game. I identify with Max really well. I was bullied the same as her, except it was worse for me. But all in all it's a really good game. I'm not too far in it yet, but so far, I have no complaints.
  13. There will definitely be others who try. Mark Zuckerberg may try to come out with a console. Call it the Fast Back. Elon Musk may come out with a console. Call it the M%g7+Q2(H1ÆO±. Or maybe one of us here may come out with a console. I'd call it the Son Of A Bitch. I'd call it that, because I would only want games on it that were so difficult that every gamer would regularly get pissed and yell out SON OF A BITCH! when playing it. But to get back to the point, many will come. Most will fail, some may succeed. For a time at least. But as for true competition to the Big 3, I highly doubt that will happen. At least not in my lifetime, or that of a lot of the members here.
  14. They're a bit of a bitch to find here. And there's even a battery store here in town that all they sell is batteries. They have a hard time getting the right battery for video game carts in because they're not in any demand anymore. Next to no one plays NES these days, so no one needs them for gaming purposes. As for other uses, it's just not a needed battery here in my area apparently.
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