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  1. I got lucky and found mine on Craigslist. The price was great considering that it came with 3 games as well. There's a lot of them being sold on CL, but you're going to have to weed through a lot of bullshit posts to find the one legit one. I contacted someone about a PS5 before I got the one that I have now, and they straight up told me that they were a scalper. I told them to piss off and blocked them. I'll do without before I buy ANYTHING from a damn scalper.
  2. I had to sign up for a new email address several years ago. The one that I originally had got to a point that so much junk mail was flooding into it, that I had no idea what was legitimate email, and what wasn't. The junk folder caught a lot of it, but not all. I finally said to hell with it, and signed up a new email address. I haven't had an issue since. And that old email address has gone the way of the dodo. Someone could probably sign it up as a new address if they wanted. I have no idea though. Even though that was a major hassle, I still prefer hotmail. Like I said, gmail is just too damn confusing to me. I've been on hotmail for more than 20 years now, and it's just what I'm used to. Which I guess is why it works for me so well.
  3. You're fine. I would have laughed too if I wasn't the one making the post.
  4. Back off. He was offering an opinion, and just because he's not a mod or admin doesn't mean his advice and opinions aren't valid. If you don't like constructive criticism, especially when the screw up was entirely your fault, then it stands to reason that you need to look at why you are getting this kind of feedback. And if you can't take it at all, then you're probably not going to enjoy your time here at the potential this place has. Because everyone here has the right to an opinion. And as far as I'm concerned, everyone has the right to offer constructive criticisms. We have had to derail threads because of the shit you're pulling more times than should ever be necessary. I would bet that not only is the staff sick of this shit, but literally every other member of the forum here. So for fucks sake, READ THE GOD DAMN POST BEFORE YOU REPLY.
  5. Humans don't actually have a bigger brain capacity. A primate brain does not denote intelligence. The largest brain of any animal belongs to the sperm whale. Yet I don't see them running fortune 500 companies or delivering pizzas. Humans hold themselves above the rest of the animal kingdom, due to their overinflated ego and pure narcissism.
  6. This has nothing to do with the conversation. The conversation is about playing online or in story mode. It is not about making money to pay your bills. You are still continuing to not read posts prior to making a reply. If you had read what @Dannyjax said, there would be no issue. This has gotten more than old, and I for one have had it. Your careless posting is obviously nothing more than an attempt to have more posts than anyone and to rack up points. If you would take 2 minutes to READ THE DAMN THREAD this problem would not be an issue. I will be speaking to the rest of the staff about this, and we will see if further actions are needed.
  7. That's bullshit. Especially to those of us who have no family other than their pets. If they're just an animal, then so are you. We're nothing more the bipedal primates. We're just mammals. We're all part of the genus "Homo". We're not Homo Erectus. We're not Homo Habilus. We're Homo Sapien. You're nothing but an animal. I'm nothing but an animal. @DC is nothing but an animal. This entire forum is full of beings that are nothing but animals. The only difference is: not a god damn thing. You may think you're superior to other animals, but in truth you're not. Homo Sapien is one of the lowest life forms. We have greater technology, but due to our own corruption, we're not much better than whatever is on the bottom. So don't ever say that they're "just an animal". That makes you come of as calling them disposable. "Oh it's dead? I guess I'll just get another one, and toss this one in a dumpster on the way." That is how animal abusers think.
  8. Been there. I don't know how many controllers our bulldog has destroyed. She also destroyed my Switch, as well as @Rain Dew's Switch.
  9. It seems to me that everyone these days is using gmail. I personally still use hotmail for almost all my email needs. Sure our gaming channel had to have a gmail address with it, so we signed up for one. But I find gmail confusing as hell, and hotmail is a lot simpler to me. Also, I have used hotmail ever since it was first implemented by Microsoft back in the 90's. But I'm curious what people think on these two email servers.
  10. From what I understand, this is one of the things that made the recently flopped GTA Trilogy so bad. The remaster is just sickening from what I gather from everyone here who tried it. Again, correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not a GTA gamer, so I honestly don't know.
  11. I save frequently anyway, but I also save for small achievements. That way I don't have to worry about losing them if I die.
  12. Thanks for that. Considering that they're two of the biggest titles out right now, I just assumed. Well I actually kinda expected Skyrim to have an online option, but just wasn't sure at all with Witcher 3. Neither of the games ever truly got their hooks into me, despite multiple tries. But I do plan on playing them again and try getting further into the story. RDR2 didn't get its hooks into me in the first chapter either, and everyone knows now ho much I love the game.
  13. That's why I've always tended to keep a couple extras ready to go. But I still like variations on colors.
  14. I would be interested to see the God Of War show, but that's only to see if they got anything right. Typically with the ancient Gods, people make up their own stories about Them, and ignore the facts.
  15. Unless your phone dispenses tampons and Midol, I'm not seeing how that helps.😉
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