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  1. Despite being on the surface web, that looks like some of the stuff I commonly see on the dark web.
  2. I'm so glad they made this video. This is one of the best videos about us that I personally have ever seen.
  3. RDR2 definitely. The members in camp, and every NPC to be fair acts like any human being of the time. And like a lot of them today. The game is so immersive, and the characters so life like in every way, that you forget you're playing a game after a while.
  4. Not even when you hear an argument off camera and then see someone fly all the way across town level with the rooftops? Or when a character in your camp starts playing air banjo and actually produces music?
  5. I would like to see Rockstar remake RDR1 with updated graphics so it's at least as easy on the eyes and looks just like RDR2. Also release it for the PS4, as that would be both convenient, and allow me to use the most comfortable controller in gaming history.
  6. There's a part in RDR2 that I won't get into as it's a MAJOR spoiler, but it was heart wrenching. And the fact that that's coming from me, it should really tell you something.
  7. I grew up in the 80's and still remember Atari 2600 being the cutting edge of home technology. I remember microwaves and VCR's being something that only the lucky and the rich could afford to buy. I remember cassettes being played on a Walkman. I remember the video game crash of the early 80's. And I remember the explosion of the mid 80's when the NES hit the western market and saved the entire video game industry. Everyone wanted one. I had a Colecovision and didn't appreciate it at the time. How foolish I was. But the NES brought video games to a new height, that no one ever would have thought possible if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes. We went from 2 bit graphics, straight into 8 bit graphics. We also went straight into some of the absolute best games ever released. It's part of the reason I'm a classic gamer, but won't go anywhere near any of the flashback bullshit or emulators, as I feel like a traitor and literally sick to my stomach at the though of using either. I'm not coming down on anyone who prefers either. To each their own. 4) The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own. But I personally can't use either. I use the original systems designed by said company (Nintendo, Atari, Sega, etc.) and the original cartridges. Sure performing brain surgery on a 35 year old NES can get tedious every time you want to play a game, but it's worth it to me.
  8. I use a TV as a monitor anyway, so this wouldn't be a problem for me.
  9. I'll put on a rubber glove, take the $100, put it in a ziplock bag, throw away the glove, go home, lay the bill out in the sun weighted down on the edges so it doesn't fly away when it's dried, put on another rubber glove and take it to the bank to break it into $20's.
  10. A valid point, as more then 2/3 of the earth is covered by water, and the oceans are so vast and wide that the chances of being found out alone are a hairs breath away from absolute zero. Whereas on land, it's typically a trait of people to tell someone where they're going, and when they think they will be back. In the event of a mountain climber, they usually lay out the path they want to take, and leave it with someone. Unless they're climbing Everest, they are usually found and brought down. With Everest though, they just leave the bodies up there. It's too dangerous for those alive up there to try to bring the bodies down. It's why a lot of mountain climbers refer to Everest as "The Tomb".
  11. You are given a choice between two rewards. The first reward is to be twice as intelligent as you are right now - you will be able to read twice as fast and remember twice as much, the size of your vocabulary will double, and you'll be able to solve intellectual problems with twice your current aptitude. The second reward is that you will never again feel sick (even when you are) and you can always be whatever weight you want, regardless of what you eat or how little you exercise - you can simply imagine the body you would like to have and that is the weight you will magically become. Which reward to you choose?
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