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  1. The only time cutscenes bug me is if I'm replaying the game for my hundredth time and already know exactly what it says. But whether I've played it or not, I've hated that god damn owl in every Zelda game it's showed up in.
  2. I would have to say the Zelda series. That's pretty much self explanatory.
  3. A couple generalized moments. Like beating a game for the first time that you've been struggling to beat for a long time. Also replaying a favorite game that you were sure you knew everything about, only to discover something that advances your character that you never knew about.
  4. I'd say for me story is top. If the storyline is boring I probably won't play it for very long and definitely not more than once. The games Steve and his friends play in American Dad come to mind. Everyone here knows I'm a fan of medieval style games, but there are also others that I play that aren't exactly medieval. DMC, Dante's Inferno, FF, and a few others. It's story, characters, gameplay in that order for me.
  5. That or an old rug. But either way the kid isn't right upstairs. ************************ A young girl was locked in a coalshed. She was crying. Through her tears, she noticed an old lamp sitting among the pieces of coal. She picked it up and began rubbing off the coal dust. Suddenly a genie appeared and said, "I will grant you one wish. Choose wisely, for one wish is all I can grant." "Please make my parents disappear!" cried the girl. "I really hate them!" "Your wish is my command," said the genie. "Go to sleep tonight. Before you wake up in the morning, your wish will be granted." The next morning, the girl woke up and went downstairs. She found her mother and father sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast. The girl immediately regretted making the wish. She ran out to the coalshed and began rubbing the lamp. The genie appeared and asked, "Are you happy now?" "Please let me take back the wish I made yesterday", begged the girl. "I am sorry," said the genie. "Once a wish has been granted, it cannot be taken back." The young girl began crying bitterly.
  6. The Devils Restaurant 5/10 for goofiness.
  7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space 15/10
  8. Yes. Once when I was a kid I decided I wanted to run the entire way through Zelda: A Link To The Past without stopping to save and without dying. I was able to do it no problem, but at that age it took a few hours. Afterwards, I was so burnt out, I didn't touch any of my systems for close to a year. The idea of gaming just made me sick. I actually sold a lot of my games. But eventually, I started gaming again. It took a long ass time for me to really get back into it like I previously had been, but it did eventually happen.
  9. A lot of people see gamers as immature children that are completely incapable of dealing with real life. There's loads of urban legends, and I think a couple true stories, about parents neglecting their children to the point of the child dying because they were too obsessed with gaming. Those kind of people are the only ones the masses focus on and that's what gives us all a bad image. They completely ignore the things that gaming does that improve peoples lives. Things like decision making, coordination, therapeutic elements, and relaxation just to name a few. It's a lot like pitbulls. I have been lucky enough to have been around pits my entire life. And I can tell you that they are the sweetest dogs you could ever have the luck to encounter in your life. But they are also popular with dog fighters due to their brute strength. That's all people focus on. And that's why so many places have outlawed pits. The only reason a pit would ever be mean is if it's abused. I know that for a 100% fact. That's why I volunteer with a local pitbull rescue organization that takes in any pit from anywhere in the country to rehabilitate them, and find them good families. And believe me, we do some SERIOUS background checks on the families.
  10. What boss, out of all the games you have ever played, sets you off into a blind seething rage the worst? The kind where after fighting it and finally fucking beating the god damn thing, you literally need alcohol, drugs, anxiety medication, or some other form of sedative? The kind where you are throwing the controller in anger and the kind where you have considered, or like me literally, taken a baseball bat or pistol to the console and destroyed it? For me it's the fucking Moldorm in Zelda: A Link To The Past. For me it's more than enraging. Getting knocked back to the previous floor, or floors, then having to start the god damn fight all over again with the bastard back at full health has set me off to no end. I've seen several so called "strategies" online, none of which actually work. I've never had a problem with any other bosses in any other games that I have played to this extent. I've beaten it a million times over the years, but every time I start a new game, and have to fight it, I end up so pissed off that I just want to kill something. Anything. Doesn't matter what. So what boss does this to you?
  11. The same game I've talked about many times here. Blaster Master. If I couldn't play it ever again, I would simply go nuts. I probably wouldn't be able to bring myself to get on my NES ever again.
  12. I never knew it had been ported to the Wii. Maybe I'll have to dig out my Wii and pick the game up. I'm not a fan of the Wii control system, but I'd be willing to give the game a shot.
  13. Of those 5, I would probably have to choose A Boy And His Blob. Redo the jellybeans. I get that different flavors make the blob do different things, but it gets to be both a pain in the ass and somewhat boring after a while. Maybe seeing it more 3D would be a good move.
  14. There's too many to count. Blaster Master Legacy Of The Wizard A Boy And His Blob Astynax Clash At Demonhead There's tons more, but those are just a quick few off the top of my head.
  15. I hated 2 controllers. The NES Advantage, and the god damn Power Glove. The point of the advantage was to try to give games that "arcade feel", yet it failed miserably. The Power Glove, I'm still unclear what the point of it was. Other than a failed attempt at Punch Out. What drunken 12th century gynecologist came up with this shit?
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