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  1. Star Fox on SNES. It was initially a bitch for me to get through. I kept thinking that the final boss had to be a major badass and that there would be some kind of big end sequence. None. The boss was a pussy, and the ending left a hell of a lot to be desired. If SOMETHING had happened, great. But there was nothing but a congratulations.
  2. 1) Pizza 2) Salt & Vinegar 3) Plain 4) Jalapeño 5) Memphis BBQ
  3. Got my first points reward.
  4. Biscuit with sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, and a couple slices of cheese. I got started eating it because of McDonalds.
  5. I can’t have a lot of sugar, but if I could I would have a closet full. What I really love anymore is fruit. Fresh is best, but I love canned peaches and canned pineapple.
  6. 1) anything gummy 2) twizzlers 3) snickers 4) Milky Way midnight 5) chocolate covered cherries Honorable mention: pecan clusters
  7. Barbecue is my favorite too. The best bbq chips on earth imo are Guys bbq. OMG they are so awesome. Second for me would be plain potato chips. But tortilla chips and a bowl of salsa can’t be ignored.
  8. Staying in bed. I caught something last night and spent the entire night awake puking my guts up. Also it topped out at 110 with 92% humidity, so that kind of conditions would literally kill me. I can’t even check the mail in conditions like that.
  9. 1) Popeyes 2) Sonic 3) Burger King 4) Hardees (curly fries) 5) Long John Silvers
  10. I picked up WildCATS on SNES a few weeks ago. I’ve always loved the comic book series, and until I came across it, didn’t ever even realize that a video game had been made. For some reason the idea never entered my mind. For those unfamiliar with WildCATS, it’s slightly similar to X-Men, but in WC they’re aliens instead of mutants. Well, most of them are aliens. During their time on earth, they took in a human or two.
  11. I’ll admit I picked up FF13, and immediately thought it was god awful. But there’s games like that, which ended up becoming some of the most loved games in a series or in general. Hell, I was lost with FF8 when I first started playing it because I didn’t have a damn clue what the hell I was supposed to do. Look where that one is for me now.
  12. I hate Xbox so I’m gonna pass too.
  13. Back when I was able to walk, it was ALWAYS music. I’ve never really been much entertained by podcasts. I’ve thought it might be fun to do a podcast, but listening to them bores me.
  14. Yes I remember those games well. Those were the best fighting games. I just wish I could remember a title or two.
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