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  1. The Blackangel

    2 Truths & A Lie

    Nope. Number 2 was my lie. Yours is hard. 3 sounds like it would be completely made up, basically because virtually everyone has been there at least once. I've taken a bullet myself, but that's not really the most common thing. I'm not a wino but I can hit the hard stuff pretty hard. A 5th of whiskey isn't hard for me to down solo. But I'm going to guess your lie is number 3. 1) The one video game I have hated more than any other is Tetris 2) The one video game I love more than any other is Street Fighter 2010. 3) The one video game that bores me the most is Mario Paint.
  2. The Blackangel


    I log on in the morning, spend about an hour, maybe a bit more, and see it usually about 5 times.
  3. The Blackangel

    Father Dresses Son As Hitler For Halloween

    And too many damn conservatives supporting those "very fine people".
  4. The Blackangel


    Many times every day. It's repeatedly popping up and driving me nuts.
  5. The Blackangel

    Flat Earthers

    Dah, dat is espland cuz he wawkin in a thircl arond, an da linz is lys. Translation: "That's explained because he's walking around in a circle, and the lines are lies". Translation of meaning: "Us flat earthers are too stupid to have a valid argument so we pull whatever we can out of our ass and try to make up proof later".
  6. The Blackangel

    Most disappointing sequel?

    Some of the Zelda games on GameBoy were a serious let down. Oracle Of Ages was nothing but a pain in the ass.
  7. The Blackangel


    Aahh, coke. Raw sewage at its finest.
  8. The Blackangel

    Gaming in prisions

    All these changes to prison is making it seem more like a resort than a reform institution. They're there to be punished, not babied. But still the justice system in this country is a joke. It's severely broken, and needs more repair than we could ever afford. The best way would be to just scrap the whole damn thing and start from scratch.
  9. The Blackangel

    Do you ever get bored of Gaming

    After a while I definitely get bored. It ends up seeming more like a chore than entertainment sometimes. There's times I play a game for the sole reason of keeping my hands busy. But either way I'm gonna play til I'm dead.
  10. The Blackangel

    Old consoles

    Older systems from the 80's and before are selling for almost as much as they did when they were new in gaming stores. I buy a lot off CL. You can find some good deals there if you're patient. As far as what's better, the actual system is the only way to go. I hate all this modded and "classic" shit. They're not real games or real systems. They're an insult. They make me want to puke. I just flat out absolutely can't stand them.
  11. The Blackangel

    What's your favourite horror movies?

    I've seen it, and have it around here somewhere. It was a little goofy to me. But The Devils Rejects was really good. Zombie's best though were hands down his Halloween remakes. Awesome movies all around. I have 31 around here somewhere too, but haven't really had the chance to sit down and watch it, because at the moment, I don't know where it is.
  12. The Blackangel


    I loved it as a kid, and still watch on occasion, but it's using stupid stories that are just not all that entertaining. They're killing off core characters, and it's just old and moldy.
  13. The Blackangel

    Favorite Stand Up Comedians

    To me the godfather of stand up will always be Robin Williams. He was the king. But since his passing I would have to say my favorites are Felipe Esparza, Gabriel Iglesias, Ron White, and Jeff Dunham. In that order.
  14. The Blackangel

    La Llorona

    I'm looking to compile as many stories of encounters with La Llorona as I can. Actual encounters with her. Not movies or TV shows. So, I'm asking has anyone here seen or heard her? Do you know someone who has? If so get in touch with me.
  15. The Blackangel

    Country Music

    When I was a kid I was a country fan. Early Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Colin Raye, Alabama, Lone Star, etc. Now I can't stand it. Too many bad memories from that time, and also it just grinds my nerves. I'm a metal and rap fan now.