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  1. I grew up in a family that literally tried to kill me. My sperm donor beat the living shit out of me literally every day of my life until I was 18 when he finally died. I didn’t have to dodge boards anymore. I didn’t have to sleep with a loaded rifle anymore. I was finally free. I just hoped I didn’t have any permanent marks left over from this, but I unfortunately do.
  2. Well if the father beat the shit out of his youngest literally every day until his death when the child was 18, but never touched a hair on the childs siblings, I could relate to it. If the mother looked the youngest in the eye and told them that she wished she had aborted them, I could relate to it. If uncle of the youngest one tried to kill them when they were two years old, I could relate to it. If they youngest child slept with a loaded rifle from the age of 12 one, then I could relate to it. The real world isn't as pretty as you think it is.
  3. Being engrossed in a game doesn't block fists IRL.
  4. It would have to be specifically catered to people with disabilities. But even then my claustrophobia wouldn't let me play it.
  5. I got some $40ish games for like $1.49 on the Nintendo eShop when they went on sale several times. With physical, I couldn't tell you. I assume you're talking release date new, not new to me. If it was new to me, I got the first 3 AC games for less than a dollar.
  6. Some side scrollers are incredibly easy. Then and now. But for genre's to try, for me it would be more mystery games. Not necessarily horror, but mystery in general.
  7. FF8 would be my go-to. I know the game inside and out, so I can just get on it, and keep gaming while I deal with whatever issue.
  8. I've wondered just about every time I've played Castlevania SOTN, exactly whose job it is to go around the castle and light all those damn candles and lamps.
  9. Riding out with Lenny in RDR2 when we were going to clear out Shady Belle. During the conversation on the ride, Lenny mentions that people might call Arthur a "nigger lover". Initially it didn't really bother me. But when I thought about it, this was just 30 years after the Civil War ended. While he may not have been a slave, he still wasn't free. He had to watch his back at all times and sleep with both eyes open. Him being black, in that time period, was more dangerous than it is now. And it's not a safe time for blacks. Just look at what happened to George Floyd. But back then, Lenny couldn
  10. They haven't helped me from the trauma I went through in the Marines. They haven't made a damn bit of difference. So I'll tell you right now that that study is severely flawed, or purely bullshit. Besides, they only publish the results they want from studies like that anyway. They don't publish the numbers of soldiers that violent games either didn't help or made their PTSD worse. Those are the numbers you're looking for.
  11. You can be killed for wearing the wrong color in the wrong part of town, or being the wrong color in the wrong part of town. I've experienced them. It's why there's a bullet scar in my leg. Every race/color/ethnicity has to watch their backs carefully due to racism. Here in the states, it's mostly blacks followed by Hispanics that have to watch their backs the closest. Those of us that are white, but bottom class don't have it any better with the exception of being white. I could rob a convenience store, but if there was a black guy seen nearby, he would be picked up before I would be looked a
  12. If you don't harm the rats at any point I'm interested. If you're forced to harm them, then I want nothing to do with the game.
  13. I'm a glutton for punishment. And a masochist.
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