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  1. I don’t want to know the answer to that. How about he just goes with the eagle? It’s our national symbol. Neither side uses it, so it’s free to use.
  2. I don’t see much resemblance to the GI Joe logo, but I can definitely see the Top Gun logo in it. Hopefully this is just a preliminary or prototype logo. I just wonder what animal he plans on adopting to his party.
  3. I miss snowboarding. But one other thing about winter is that it’s when everything dies. You could call that a metaphor. Maybe a more literal term would be that it’s when everything goes to sleep. But the world looks like everything died. I love it. But I still miss snowboarding.
  4. Have you ever thought about getting a pilot’s license? You seem to be passionate about flight. I know some training programs use simulator games for part of the training. You already have that part covered.
  5. RDR2 SPOILER ALERT SKIP IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED YET The death if Arthur. When he died from TB and Dutch fully betrayed him in every way that was left. Dutch had been a traitor for a while, but what he did on the mountain to Arthur showed that he never cared to begin with. But watching Arthur take his last breath and die made me cry like a baby. I didn’t cry when my grandparents died, but with Arthur I lost a part of myself. The family I’ve never had died with Arthur. Everyone went their own way. Family was over with. I was heartbroken.
  6. Several hundred. Possibly a little over 1000. Factor Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, Game Boy(original and GBA). I also play some PS1, and some PS3 games. But with my old shit, disc systems just don’t hold a candle. Ever since getting FF8 on Switch, I haven’t played it on Playstation since. The only PS1 game that has gotten any attention from me that is a disc is Castlevania SOTN. Considering the size of my library, I could play over 1000 games and still have games left over from each system that weren’t even touched.
  7. I wish I could say I’m surprised. Racism and stupidity are the preferred lessons, whereas intelligence and acceptance are shunned. This is simply a replay of the 20’s from 100 years ago. Killing a nonwhite person, especially blacks, was more or less the national pastime. I’ve seen pictures from back then of smiling white men around a black man hanging from a tree branch, and another if a little girl smiling ear to ear at a black man hanging. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say there is more than one side to the Holocaust. But it must be said that there’s only one side that matters. Talk to any Jew, and you will have found the only side that matters. Everything else is nothing but racist bullshit.
  8. The only game I really play where I can name anything is RDR2, and that's just the horses that I can name. Depending on the horse, I try to name it something that would relate to its breed and coat. I've named a few of them after bulls from the PBRA. I just get different horse names from all different thoughts that go on in this twisted mind of mine.
  9. My first system was a Colecovision, but then the NES hit the market, and I desperately wanted one. After that I was hooked by Nintendo. I was loyal to them up through the N64. I hated the Game Cube and Wii both. I never owned a Virtual Boy, and never even bothered to waste my time on a Wii U. But despite branching out to other systems, I'm still mainly a Nintendo fan.
  10. A quick list right off the top of my head: Zelda OoT Castlevania SOTN FF8 The Legend Of Zelda (first title on NES) Q*Bert Conker's Bad Fur Day Mario 64 1080 Snowboarding Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Layers Of Fear: Legacy Dante's Inferno God Of War (entire series prior to PS4, but especially Chains Of Olympus) RDR2 Tell Me Why Life Is Strange
  11. For the most part I always shot right handed, whether I was hunting or just shooting at a target. So I tend to prefer a right handed trigger as It's more natural to me. Don't get me wrong, I can shoot almost as good left handed as I can right handed. But when I pick up a rifle, I always instinctively put my right hand on the trigger.
  12. The first time I remember seeing Rockstar was DKC, and the graphics were mind blowing. Graphics like that were rare for a SNES game.
  13. I know a guy who's a family friend that runs a shop here in town that specializes in classic cars, motorcycles, and ATV's. They will cut me a good deal since they're friends. His wife is also who I go to to get waxed. So it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I don't expect it to be free or anything like that, but either way, I'll pay what they charge.
  14. Yeah, none of it is a major issue. I just want the AC/heat checked out because when I tried to put the AC on, it just blew hot air. Thus, my window was down the whole way home. But I have gotten too modernized. I've gotten so used to cars having a single key that functions as both a door and ignition key, that I forgot that older GM vehicles had a separate door and ignition key and forgot to ask for the door key when I bought the car. All I have at the moment is the ignition keys. So I'm gonna have to use my slim jim to get the door open in order to drive it to the shop. But the guys there are really good, so I know they could put in new key locks for the doors for me. I'm not sure what that would cost, but I know they can do it. My girl however, is pissed at me though. She wants to take it to work when it's all licensed and good to go, but NOBODY DRIVES MY BABY BUT ME.
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