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  1. THANK YOU!!!! Never tell people anything unless you enjoy getting used and abused. And who knows how long they plan to remain on your good side before they betray you? But if I was being forced to pick one person, it would be @Rain Dew for obvious reasons. We have been together for 20 years come October.
  2. I understand that all too well. I was with a girl in high school who I was madly in love with, and the feeling was mutual for her as well. Or so I thought, until I caught her cheating on me with a boy. I was so devastated that I simply wanted to die. That was 25 years ago. There’s always going to be a part of me that loves her, but despite that, I absolutely hate her for what she did to me. Never Forgive Never Forget —the tattoos on my wrists.
  3. I know you said this was for the men here, but despite being a lesbian, I think guys tend to look most attractive when they’re a bit scruffy. Like they haven’t shaved in a week or two.
  4. He recorded some of the most amazing songs ever. And his signature spin along with the move he basically created (which was the moonwalk) can never be challenged.
  5. I’m a child of the 80’s and still love that music to this day. I call it a scientific fact that music attained perfection in 1986. I know that’s exaggeration, but it expresses an opinion. The bile that came out in the 90’s can hardly be called music, as it flat out is NOT music. It’s nothing more than vomit with a guitar. I couldn’t stand it then, and I can’t stand it now. The 90’s is in no way “classic rock” and it never will be. To be worthy of the label “classic” there has to be at least one redeeming quality. Nineties “music” has no redeemable qualities, as it has no quality to begin with. For that entire decade there is not one single song that wasn’t a puked up carbon copy of every other performer. Not a single band or soli act had anything original or unique. Britney was Beyonce was Tatu was Kittie was Aguilera was Avril N*Sync was Backstreet was 98° was LFO was Sugar Ray was Staind And so on. Again this is one woman’s opinion. It’s not meant to persuade anyone, it’s just my own personal opinion. It’s one of the main reasons why I absolutely hate mainstream music, with only a handful of exceptions. I can count them on one hand. Not counting 80’s rock, I listen exclusively to underground music.
  6. I absolutely agree. Have faith in some sort of deity if you want, and interpret it how you want. But as soon as you start going for labels, is when shit hits the fan. The Abrahamic religions typically don’t like each other. Then you have other religions like Buddhism and Hindu, plus the left hand path like those of us who are Satanic. Labels cause problems. Pure and simple.
  7. Not to mention all the weight that would be gained from a life of eating nothing but sweets all your life.
  8. Bullshit. Religion is never needed for politics. Quite the contrary. Religion being mixed in with politics is why people were burned at the stake. I don't know the exact number, but in Salem a lot of people (women mostly) were hung for heresy. Mixing religion and politics leads to nothing else being tolerated, because that one religion becomes the law of the land. Religion should always stay the hell out of politics and vice versa. Otherwise, it's going to cause nothing but war. It's especially dangerous when the idiots causing the violence don't even understand or know anything about the religion they claim. And, at some point, some asshole is going to get all butt-hurt and turn that war chemical, biological, and nuclear. Take one and forego the other. Keep them separate and private.
  9. Because they know I would knock them in the head and steal their ticket.
  10. During an election year, I get spam texts from politicians on both sides of the aisle. When I get one, I immediately reply with STOP, which is usually the reply to be unsubscribed from their lists. But it never makes a dent. The rest of the time, I get phone calls that are pure bullshit. Like here in the last couple years I've been getting calls from people claiming to be Medicare. When I ask them to tell me what my first name is, they go silent for a few seconds then hang up on me. And my first name is a very common name. That one though, I laugh about as they're that stupid they can't even take the time to find anything out about the person they're wanting to scam. But a popcorn worthy response is only doable if you're living with someone who has dementia. Put them on the phone with the scammer. Twenty minutes into the call they'll be thinking they're talking to their long lost uncle Bob. The scammer will actually be saying "Look I got shit to do" and try getting off the phone.
  11. Zombie Road out in St Louis. I've been up and down that road hundreds of times, both at night and day, and there's not a goddamn thing there that is even remotely spooky. Let alone haunted or dangerous. The only dangerous thing is getting caught by the cops after dark. If you want a physical lullaby, Zombie Road is for you.
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