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Twin Peaks

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My spouse has been rewatching Twin Peaks lately. I started watching it with them here and there and it seems like a interesting show but also kind of off the wall too. I've heard it's just David Lynch's style though. Anyways this show originally aired back in April of 1990, and ran for a couple of seasons before it getting canceled. There was a movie that was released after the show got canceled, but it did get a third season 27 years after the first season aired. Lots of people consider the first season to be the best season where Season 2 sort of went downhill, probably causing the cancellation. The whole premise of the show is to figure out who killed Laura Palmer, which you do eventually figure out in season 3. (So fans of the show who watched it when it originally aired had to wait quite a long time for the answer.) Does anyone else here like this show?

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