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  1. This is a interesting topic, I think radio stations aren't going to go away because there's so many businesses that have radios set up that play for hours. Maybe when my generation gets older and the younger generations become adults and have their own businesses, radio stations may cease to exist. I know my local barber shop always has it on a local radio station rather than someone's Spotify playlist.
  2. I used to game much more when I was a kid than I do as an adult. There would be times I would play games literally all day, especially during the summertime or on the weekends. Now as a adult, I play games for maybe two hours at the longest. It's even less time if it's a weeknight since I usually just play a game for around an hour before I have to go to bed.
  3. Did anyone watch the Knuckles series yet? It started streaming last Friday, and I already finished it up last weekend. I was going into the show with high hopes since both of the films were great! However, the 6 episode mini series wasn't what I was expecting at all. It wasn't bad, but it could have been much better. I won't go into great detail since I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't watched the series yet, but all I will say if you're going into this show and expecting it to be based around Knuckles, well you're going to have a bad time. Surprisingly most reviews for the show were positive, with only a few review sites giving it a negative score. There were a few people that appeared in the show that I wasn't expecting to see/hear, and there was a reference to one of my most favorite movies that starred Woody Harrelson. Anyways if you liked the two films, might as well give this show a watch too.
  4. The Ninja Gaiden series has been around since 1988 and has many different sequels that have been released throughout the years. If you've ever played the series, which game did you start with? Also have you ever played the Sega Master System game that was released in 1992 and was completely different from the NES game? I've only played a bit of the original NES game, and man it's difficult! I'm thinking about giving the Master System game a go and seeing if I can eventually beat that game. I'm currently listening to the OST for the SMS version and man there's some catchy tunes!
  5. I remember playing Paperboy on the Super Nintendo at my friend's house. It was the first version I ever played too, and thought it was pretty cool. I never played the later titles though, I have tried out the Genesis version a bit too and thought it was fun.
  6. The first time I tried giving Shining Force a go, I absolutely hated it because I wasn't a fan of tactical RPGs. However, years later I gave it another go and actually really enjoyed it! I eventually finished the game, and started on the sequel but got stuck and never picked it up again. :V I would like to eventually get around to beating the other games in the series.
  7. Unfortunately this morning my cat Gizmo passed away. He lived a long life and was 16 years old, he was a Maine coon mix so he lived longer than expected. It's been odd not having him around the house, and my kitten Mochi can tell that something is up. Anyways what do you like to do whenever you lose a pet? I've been just doing what I normally do, listen to music, posting on forums, and I plan on playing video games later this evening. It still feels weird to me though, and I have moments where I start tearing up.
  8. My favorite genres are platformers and RPGs. I prefer turned based RPGs to hack n slash ones. I don't mind hack and slash, though I can get overwhelmed playing games in the genre since I struggle to come up with the best possible way of defeating bosses. Turned base gives me more time to process the strategy I'm going to use. I'm also more fond of 2D platformers but I like 3D ones as well. Of course I prefer Sonic to any other franchise, so fast paced platformers are more fun than slower ones IMO.
  9. I'm going to be 34 on the 13th and I still watch animated movies. I know people older than me who also enjoy animated movies as well, so I believe animated movies are for everyone. This also goes for animated shows and anime in general too. Of course there are cartoons that are aimed towards adults that kids shouldn't be watching.
  10. I started with the Sega Genesis myself! Though that model pictured didn't come out until 1993, however it's the model I got when I was 8 years old. My cousins had the model 1 and it was the first console I ever played too since they brought it over to my grandparent's house. I actually own four of them currently and a decent clone console too.
  11. While browsing Youtube I noticed a video titled "What if AI made a Sonic The Hedgehog theme song?" so I had to check it out. Surprisingly the song was pretty good, there were a few parts of the song that it was obvious that a AI created it and it was trying it's hardest to rhyme so some of the lyrics don't make sense. There's also a part of the song that reminded me of the voices used in Tomodachi Life which gave me a bit of a chuckle. Anyways have you listened to any AI generated music before? Here's a link to the AI generated Sonic theme song if you're interested in listening to it.
  12. Honesty as a sega kid, I wish things were different and we did get a true successor to the Dreamcast. To be fair though, I wasn't the biggest fan of the Dreamcast when it first came out when I played Sonic Adventure at a Kmart Dreamcast kiosk at the age of 10. (I was stupid and though the game was too different from the Genesis games I was used to playing so I didn't like it at first. That all changed when I got the game on the Gamecube at the age of 15 lol.) It's a shame Sega did too many things that ultimately hurt them in the end.
  13. I get stressed out if there's lots to do at work. Just today I got a bit stressed since I had three coworkers come up right when we only had three minutes left to get tags from me. I was in the middle of getting things closed out, but since they came over at the last minute I had to rush and hurry up to get things done. I kind of snapped at my coworker a bit since he said "well now you've got a bit of a line." Bro, I know lol. I usually don't snap like that but today I was already a bit cranky.
  14. I absolutely love the world of ROM hacking and fan games! I'm part of the Sonic hacking community, I'm a judge in the Sonic Hacking Contest and this will be the third year in a row that I get to be a judge. I'm a tech member on Sonic Retro as well, since I have vast knowledge of how the 8-bit Sonic games work. I also like to play Pokemon rom hacks from time to time too, but I've only dabbled in Pokemon ROM hacking a little bit.
  15. I believed that my dad would get a ticket if I left the overhead light on in the car. :V Turns out you can't get a ticket, it was just a lie he told me. Apparently lots of parents do this though, I've read on Reddit that quite a few people fell for this as a kid too lol.
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