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Digimon World Series

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One of my most favorite PS1 games is Digimon World 3! I remember my best friend got a copy of the game, shortly after he did I got one too and got another one of my friends hooked. (She was actually my childhood crush lol.) Anyways Digimon World first made it's debut on the PS1, but there were a few other titles in the series that were released on other consoles. The first four games are different types of RPGs, the first one is a rogue like where you have to make sure to feed your Digimon, just like the virtual pets the series was originally based on. The second game is a dungeon crawler with turned based battles, the third game is just your run of the mill turned base RPG, and the fourth one is a hack and slash. Did anyone else enjoy these games? I find myself going back and playing DW3 the most, I would like to finish the second game someday. (And try to get through the first one as well.)

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