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The World of Forgotten Doom Clones

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Doom is one of the most famous FPS games and was widely copied back in the day. There were many Doom clone games. I remember there being a Christmas themed Doom style game as well. But I imagine there was tons of obscure clones of the game. I know some people made their own versions of Doom too. Wasn't it like one of the the most pirated games ever? I just remember hearing about the game becoming shareware due to it, as pretty much every device ended up having a version of the game. 

Anyway, Austin Eruption made a video dedicated to the lot of video games that tried to copy Doom, or at the very least replicate what it did best. Did you play any of the games mentioned in the video? Wolfenstein is one that comes to mind, and I also played Disrupter on PS1 back in the day. But I didn't play many Doom style games growing up. 


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