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  1. Of course there will be a third in the series. When that is, I have no clue, but it's pretty much inevitable. Naughty Dog would be crazy not to capitalize on making a third in the series. They don't have to, but there's money to be made and lots of it. I wouldn't expect them to make a 4th though. If anything I think they will end it with the 3rd, and if they decide to make any future games, it'll be in this world, but will follow a completely different group of people and maybe be in a different setting. I'd be cool with that.
  2. 3D seems like a dying thing, at least when it comes to using 3D glasses, 3D TVs and so on. I know the generation with Xbox 360, and PS3 had some games that were 3D TV enabled, as in they would work in 3D if you had an actual 3D TV. These days though, 3D TVs have kinda died out. It seems that 3D makes a comeback like every 10 years and then disappears again. Do you think 3D TVs and 3D games will make a comeback?
  3. This was a random thought I had recently. What if esports teams exchanged teammates? I could see something like that happening, kind of like how trades work in sports. You could trade a teammate to an opposing team. I imagine it has happened where some people join other teams, but I think a trading system could work among the esports community. What do you guys think? Would you be okay with being traded to another esports team?
  4. Kane99


    Yeah it is, bust mostly in the US. I heard that it was still a popular console in Japan and other countries. Much like how the Sega Saturn was a bomb in the US, it still had a decent presence in Japan and other foreign countries. The US audience I guess just didn't care for it as much as Japan did. It would have been cool to see the Dreamcast succeed, because it could have been something bigger.
  5. I know right? Time flies pretty damn fast, and it sucks. I am 32 and I already feel old. I've been through many console generations, and it's weird to think that the PS2 for example, is 20+ years old. Really puts things into perspective sometimes.
  6. It's been selling more than the PS5 as of late. Though I imagine that's partly because of how tough it is to get a PS5 these days. But yeah, at this point I feel like getting a gaming PC is more practical, especially with these consoles dropping PC ports fairly often now. Just wish gaming PCs were a bit cheaper.
  7. If we're talking about games like Smash Bros or Mario Party, I'd probably say Bowser, Donkey Kong, and maybe Yoshi. But I like to mix it up some to where I'm not playing the same character over and over. I find it boring to play the same character for too long. There's so many characters in Mario franchises though, that it's sometimes hard to pick just one ya know?
  8. Well everything becomes "Retro" at some point. Hell, I'd say the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube are retro consoles at this point. Back then the graphics were fantastic. Graphics back then don't come close to the graphics we have today. But down the road, graphics will continue to get better and better. But, we're going to get to a point where graphics can't get better, or they will stay at a constant pace.
  9. The gaming PC I currently have costed me $400 in total. I of course had my previous boss build it for me, and he gave me a fairly decent deal in return. On top of that, I also got a new monitor last year that costed me an extra $100+, so around $500 in total was spent on this PC. I'm hoping to one day build a newer gaming PC and spend a little more as well, but I ain't going to worry about that until later. My currently PC is good enough.
  10. I suppose Ellie counts. In the Last of Us part 2, you could beat the game without killing a lot of the NPCs around. But I know some people go full force and kill everyone. Which is fine. With Batman Arkham, I don't know if that really counts. Maybe the Joker mission, but that's one small bit from a bigger game. And Batman isn't able to kill in the game. You can beat the crap out of people, but that's it.
  11. Also, I hate that fan games are something companies have sued over. I mean, the majority of fan made games aren't released for money to my knowledge. Yeah I can see some points where they are still using that copyrighted material, but I think it's odd to sue them for money. Like, shut it down and end it there, but suing some game maker for their fan made game is weird to me. I know there's legalities there, but if they're not selling it, I don't agree with suing. I agree with cease and desist's happening, but suing nah.
  12. The whole Abandoned situation was crazy to me. The fact they were able to get publicity for a game that didn't even exist is crazy. But it's clear they were trying to get money somehow. Glad they're getting caught for the things they are doing. Now watch a bunch of fake "Abandoned" games will pop up on steam and other online storefronts. If not already.
  13. Honestly not sure. I've had some close calls in games, where I should have been killed and somehow survived. Like a sliver of health left after a boss battle. Recently, I'd probably say in RDR2. I'm still in the early game and I've died a lot, but there were a few battles I had where it was a really close call.
  14. It seems like every PS5 and Xbox game is dropping on PC as well, so I honestly don't see a point in getting any of the new gen consoles. At least not until the price point drops down a bit. Plus, it's been so hard to find PS5s these days, that I figure I will just stick with my PC. It works good enough for me. One day I will build up a better PC, but for now, I got enough.
  15. Most games I play, I go for the normal modes. I sometimes switch it to easy if normal proves to be too much of a bother. I tend to not like playing difficult games anymore. As long as it's something easy enough, I will be happy. Challenging games are tough for me. Because I don't like to be challenged too much. I prefer to have it easy if possible lol. But I know that's not to be expected with all games. I just have to play the games I find easy enough for me.
  16. I prefer games that are more free to choose. Like Fable for example. You can be good, or be bad. I like to do a mix of that. Currently I'm being awful in RDR2, so I can see how different things are when you're essentially going to the dark side. I normally play as a good guy in most games, but I like to switch it up from time to time and play the bad guy.
  17. True, they were history makers at one point. Just sucks that the people who own the name now, are just using it because of its history and nostalgia. The backwards compatibility was huge at the time. I wish most consoles today embraced that. Now days it's all about re-selling the same games over and over. 😞
  18. It's the grind. No one wants to sit for hours on end, doing small tasks to make a minimal payout. Plus, with RDR2 online, it's a much slower process due to having to ride horses to every waypoint on the map. It's a slow and tedious at times and that's no fun. I want freedom in my online game. Let me get more money for the grind I'm putting in, at least then the payoff would be worth it imo. But, there's another problem with RDR2 online, Rockstar doesn't focus enough time on it, as their time is still on GTA V online, which is they money cow. RDR2 online will likely die out sooner rather than later. 😞
  19. True, graphics aren't always an indication that things are going to be awful. But there are times where graphics can be tough on the eyes. There are a lot of great games out there, with great mechanics, gameplay etc that have really awful graphics. Stuff like Goldeneye comes to mind, because of how the graphics looked. I think with a game like goldeneye, it's better to smooth the graphics out. Kinda like what they did with Perfect Dark on the 360. I think all they did was smooth the graphics out so it wasn't such a pain on the eyes.
  20. I'm only referring to ones that abuse the game rather than add to it. Ones that use wall hacks, and god powers in online multiplayer games. I don't care if you mod, cheat or hack a base single player game, because you're not bothering anyone in the process. But, it also comes down to if these tools are being sold to people, which is another problem. Those companies could be sued for providing such ways to hack games. I'm all for save cheating/hacking of single player games, but when it results in ruining the experience for others, I think it's good to stop it.
  21. Goat Simulator is one I'd say for sure, but I'd rather go back a bit, with games like Boogerman, Beavis and Butthead, Postal series (never played them, but I hear they are good), Duke Nukem Series, that Mr. Mosquito game (I think that's what it was called), Saints Row series, GTA Series (early on) and so on.
  22. I don't know how else we could answer it. To me, gaming is more than just a hobby. It's something that has also connected me with friends, and family. My nephew for example, is in love with gaming, so much so that I think he's going to surpass me on the gaming knowledge one day. He's already crazy for Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and so on. I like getting people into video games. 🙂
  23. Yeah, GTA SA is a dated game. I'm not saying it was so dated that it was unplayable, but I feel like some of the gameplay hasn't aged well. Which is why I think the remaster utilized a lot of the controls GTA V/RDR2 has. The graphics aren't a big deal to me. I'd take SA with the graphics, as long as the game plays good. But, I do have to admit, that staring at this game for too long, did mess with my eyes. So maybe the remaster would be the way to play it. Or maybe one of the HD mods people have made for it.
  24. Yeah that's one concern for me. My 360 HDD is only 500gb I believe, and it's pretty much full up with games. I'm considering going through the list of games I have, and deleting the ones that are still available, and keeping the ones that have been delisted and or taken off the storefront. I know with Xbox you can recover downloads of games no longer on the marketplace, but I don't want to risk it.
  25. I mean hell, YouTube didn't have a clip option until recently. Twitch has had one for years, while YouTube seems to just be starting on it. Hell I took a clip from a video weeks ago, and YouTube outright deleted it on me. You don't usually see that happen on Twitch. They've been losing an audience for a long time now. Creators are having to adapt to the changes, or get out, and a lot of my favorite YouTubers don't make the content they used to because of all the changes. I think YouTube is a dying place sadly. It's not popular when it comes to game streaming, and I don't think it'll ever catch up to Twitch.
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