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  1. idk, I don't see that happening nearly as much as one would think. Yeah there are bad developers and studios who ban users for dumb reasons. But I think the majority of the time they won't make a fuss unless people are actively trying to ruin the game or something.
  2. Kane99


    Hmm, I thought this game was already out, or maybe I'm thinking of another game with a similar title? idk, either way, this game looks quite promising, so I might have to check it out.
  3. I wish I had a boxed NES. The Nostalgia trip I'd go through seeing an unopened box would be cool. Same with any of the retro consoles that weren't nearly as popular. Idk I think it'd be cool to open a box from that far ago. But I never would due to the idea of it being tarnished by opening it.
  4. Yeah, these days it's tough to make cartoons like this. It's crazy that they were even able to make the game in this style to begin with. But the show looks more like it's digital rather than practical.
  5. Oh yeah, most retro stuff is a lot easier to take care of and fix. A lot of the new products releasing tend to be a bit cheap in quality and build. I wish I knew how to repair a lot of the older stuff. I have repaired an NES, by just installing a new 72 pin connector. Tried it for another NES I had, but the contacts on the board were corroded somehow and I had no clue what to do next.
  6. I can't stand my voice in general. So the idea to change it can be quite fun. People say I sound like my mom, so there's that lol.
  7. I think that's one I was thinking about. Remember when this game was promoted on tv and in magazines.
  8. How was the one punch man game? I've been a fan of the show, but have been thinking of buying the game to see how it is compared to the show. Is it any good?
  9. Two Point Hospital, and Fortnite as of late. Haven't been playing much else though. Had issues with the file for two point hospital, and had to uninstall, so that was fun.
  10. I heard recently that the dude who played Joel in the Last of Us has an NFT made of him I guess. I heard he got a ton of backlash for it. Sadly though, this feels like it's going to be a trend going forward. Expect to see more celebs, YouTubers, and other content creators in the gaming world getting into the NFT game. They'll jump in and get to the point of it running dry.
  11. They need to change a lot. With Yukes and company gone from the production team, I feel like 2K has to change a ton. I just wonder what 2K will make happen.
  12. What studios would you guys like to have work on a Harry Potter game? Anyone but EA of course lol. I wouldn't mind most studios taking it on, but I do worry about the quality once it drops.
  13. Yeah the powerglove was a waste. I purchased one from a thrift store, but it was just the glove, so I had a device that was pretty much useless. Instead I used it to play cops and robbers as a kid lol. I heard somewhere that there was rumors of a Power Glove 2 coming soon, but I think that was some kinda of april fools joke or something.
  14. I don't know about that. I'd argue that poor and rich buy DLC and content in game. I'm poor and I buy content from time to time. I imagine the rich pay even more, considering they can afford it.
  15. I can't think of anything to be honest. I figure that there was a slew of games with horrible problems, and broken code. I don't know of any games where the design caused issues. Maybe sometimes when a game puts an obstacle that looks like you can get through. Just looks lazy imo.
  16. I hope this one turns out to be a vast improvement. WWE 2K20 was a joke of a game tha that was a continued rehash of the same game since like 2011 or so. Similar to same animations, commentary and more. I hope they made something good here, because presentation is part of what I want. And past WWE games haven't done that. Not in a long time. Hopefully this one turns out to be much different and is actually fun again.
  17. And gamepass gets more expanded. Honestly this is a huge move for Microsoft. A scary one for gamers and the gaming industry as a whole. Some of the biggest franchises possibly not releasing on PlayStation. And some past exclusives dropping to MS now. It's crazy. I didn't see it coming either. I don't think anyone did. But, it does feel like a big monopoly is brewing here and I don't like it. What studios do you think they'll try to go for next?
  18. I think some games allow you to turn the tips right off. I think that's a good option if you don't want to see any tips. I like having the tips, because it helps. But if it can help with load times to turn tips off, I'd do it for some games.
  19. Some chairs are made better, some are just awful. Last chair I used was an office chair I got from a thrift store. I think it was just too stiff and due to sitting for long hours, it would start to bother me. But once I got my andaseat one, it hasn't bugged me much. I still get some pain, but it's more to do with how I was sitting and how long.
  20. Yeah, not for $1 million, $2, $3, $4, or $5 million. Sure living poor sucks, but in the long run, I'm happy. I don't need millions of dollars to tell me that. I can afford enough, and what I need. So i don't see any reason to really go for $1 million if it means I couldn't then spend that on games in return. Wouldn't work for me.
  21. Naruto has had a few games if I'm not mistaken. Yeah I never really thought of it like that. I guess most have already established at least one game. It's still crazy to me that DBZ has had a game on pretty much every console.
  22. I am tempted to just buy a used PS3 from someone, or offer some cash for my sisters PS3. I think they still have it somewhere, or they may have sold it. I don't remember. But yeah, I'm sure PS3s are selling for pretty cheap these days with the PS5 now out.
  23. Is it Cyberpunk 2077? I heard that game had an issue where if you saved too much, it would not allow you to save after a certain point. Is that it?
  24. I hope it does. NFTs in my opinion feel like it's too much for the gaming community. As in I don't see a purpose for it. It may make the studios money, but will the gamers benefit from it in any way? Like it feels like more cash grab than it is to support gamers.
  25. Right now, I'd say I'm mostly gaming on PC, so I kinda made that my main go to at the moment. Honestly I don't really play much on my Xbox One anymore. And I suspect it'll just be used to watch netflix and stream other stuff.
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