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  1. Well I figured it was going to happen sooner or later. Microsoft plan to start charging $70 for their new exclusives that are dropping on the Xbox Series X/S consoles. It's said to be starting with the release of such games as Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Starfield in 2023. Kinda figured more companies would jump on the $70 price bandwagon, and Microsoft is the next to join. https://www.ign.com/articles/microsoft-raising-prices-new-first-party-games-xbox-series-70-2023-redfall-starfield
  2. There are some games where I know I will have to restart. I recently did this with the Guardians of the Galaxy game, and got maybe a few hours into the game and then quit. I enjoyed what I played, but I just wasn't that into it after a while. But, if I ever decide to jump back in, I'm going to have to replay it.
  3. Yeah I was a bit worried about it as well when it was first announced, mainly because of how spotty of a track record game to movie/show adaptations are. But having HBO behind it, and the money too, has to help make this the best it can be. Also the cgi that I've seen so far, looks really good, which I'm surprised by, but I have a feeling they're using the same special effects team that was behind the Game of Thrones and some of their other shows. I have faith they'll do it justice.
  4. I guess Epic Games and 505 Games are teasing something. They released a video with actor Michael Madsen with a QR code in it. Scanning the QR code will bring you to this site: https://www.visitrockaycity.com/ Which is a countdown to the Game Awards. So my guess is 505 games is revealing a new IP at the show. I think some people said it could be a Kojima game, since 505 games published Death Stranding on PC, and Michael Madsen is a somewhat known actor, and I could see Kojima working with someone like Madsen. But that's probably not the case. We'll see though. I wonder if we're going to get an open world game from 505 games. It doesn't say who the developer is, whether it's 505 games just publishing, or whatever.
  5. That is a tough one, because there are so many games I like that are on so many different consoles. But if I had to pick just one, I would probably go with the NES, as it's the one I have most nostalgia for and the one I started with. As well, Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite video game of all time, so I could probably re-play just that quite a bit. But, if PC was an option, I would choose a modern one and say emulation to get it all. :D But I don't think that would count towards this. So NES for me.
  6. New trailer just dropped 2 hours ago, and it shows some more of the show. Honestly I'm sold on it. I'll be checking it out when it hits HBO next month. Also, props to them for using the games music near the end. I don't remember if they used the music in another trailer yet or not. Who's going to check it out day one?
  7. Though I think many people are confusing this for an official game, this looks to be a fan made level of what it might look like to have a new game based on "The Thing". It's a downloadable demo you can play, just titled The Thing Playable Teaser (probably to capitalize on the Silent Hills PT demo). I didn't download it to play myself, but from the videos I saw it looked interesting. The developer probably made it to show what he was capable of doing. Find out more here: https://indiegamefans.com/cult-horror-film-the-thing-is-finally-getting-an-indie-game-adaptation/ And you can download it from here if you'd like to try it yourself: https://stefano-cagnani-3.itch.io/the-thing
  8. It's sad. They're billion dollar companies that are complaining about making even more money. Hell Microsoft even offered a 10 year licensing deal to Sony to make sure cod stays on playstation. So I don't know why they are fussing. I mean, if they honor deals to put Bethesda games too, Sony will be fine. I don't think Xbox is going to keep those franchises exclusives, because they also stand to make even more money by keeping it multiplatform. Think about how much money cod makes a year, they'd be cutting out likely half of that profit if they made it exclusive to PC and Xbox. I hope they figure it out. As long as we get the games we've been waiting for, I think things will be fine.
  9. Don't you miss those days where they'd toss in a demo disc? I loved it. I had a subscription to PSM, which was a third party playstation mag. Sadly those did not come with demo discs like the actual PlayStation magazine did. I usually got gaming mags from my local grocery store. They used to sell older mags in bundles for a cheaper price, and I would buy those up. They did the same for comics, but a couple of the comics they literally remove the cover. So you'd get like 3 comics and one or two of them don't have the cover and back. But I built a small comic collection back then that way.
  10. Yeah I second the silent hill 2 remake. I especially want to see more about the other silent hill projects they got going. Also I'd like more of an idea about Kojimas Xbox game along with whatever he has up his sleeve next. I would love to see a new metal gear, but I would hope Kojima is somewhat involved in that. Otherwise I don't want to play it.
  11. I can see that haha. I think the big reason why I rarely see them when I search secondhand stores/thrift stores, etc, is that usually they toss magazines away after a certain time I imagine. I never see old mags, just fairly newer ones still kinda in date. I hate the idea of having to look at ebay for bundles and sets. I'd rather find them for much cheaper in the wild as they say. When I did have the magazines, I took horrible care of them. Often cut them up for projects or put pages of popular game ads on my wall. I'll still keep an eye out for them whenever I go to any secondhand shop.
  12. PS1 games originally released in the US in those black long cases. I have a few games in those cases. But soon after they started to go with just plain jewel cases. I prefer the jewel cases honestly because they were easier to store. But damn did those jewel cases damage the manuals. How many games did you get where the jewel case ripped trying to get it out? But which did you prefer? The original black case that's more like a fat DVD case? Or the smaller/thinner jewel cases?
  13. I wish I took care of my video game magazines growing up. I had a decent collection of magazines from egm, psn, and others I'm likely forgetting. But these days my nostalgia has been in overdrive and I've been keeping an eye out for retro gaming mags. Haven't found much of anything at thrift stores or really anywhere else. Are retro gaming mags hard to come by? I'm sure I could find a bunch on eBay, but I don't want to do that lol. I also wouldn't mind collecting Nintendo power. As I didn't own those growing up.
  14. What did you guys think of the games that they made for the doodle? They play a lot like games I would have played on old flash sites back in the day. The first one they have on there was fun. Also, one of the games has a sprite for Jerry Lawson, which I thought was nice. Oh, and did anyone edit the games? Each one allows you to freely edit it and share as your own game. I wonder if anyone did that and are trying to say they made it.
  15. Have you ever used the setting? It does smooth the textures somewhat, in turn enhancing some games, albeit it doesn't make much of a difference for most. I've done it before and there is a small noticeable difference. It's not like a big jump, but it's there. And I'd say in some regards it is a small improvement.
  16. The PS2 has a texture smoothing feature for PS1 games, it's just kinda confusing to find it. It doesn't improve much, but tries to add smooth lines to the PS1 games you play. You can literally turn on a setting to do it. https://stationgeek.blogspot.com/2010/08/how-to-turn-texture-smoothing-on-for.html I also remember hearing about the option in an old gaming mag when I was a kid.
  17. It's probably going to be multiplatform and released digitally on most marketplaces. I don't think Sega owns the license for it anymore either, so it's all Disney from here on out. Which means they could put this game on every platform if they want, which is probably what they will do to make as much money from it as possible.
  18. Yeah it could turn out that way, but that might not be a bad thing. But the whole Arkham formula has kinda gotten stale over the years. Having the same controls for most of the games was nice, but also made it less replayable for me. I remember Shadow of Mordor and Mad Max having similar fighting mechanics. I think many games kinda copied it from what I remember. Kinda wish the new gotham knights did, as I hear they strayed from that. Not sure what you mean, but Ubisoft is facing legal actions from people who accused past workers of abuse. I don't know how those cases are going, but it's probably the big thing Ubisoft and team have to deal with these days.
  19. Kane99


    Honestly, smaller tvs tend to look better when it comes to gaming, especially if you have a smaller 4K tv, like 32 inches or so I'd say. It would probably look better on that than say a big tv. But, it also depends how far away you're sitting from the tv. If it's a small tv and you sit close, it should look fine. But if you have a big tv in a smaller space, it probably would look more blown up and not as good looking. It's cool to game on a big screen, but I don't think it's a requirement.
  20. There is said to be some workarounds that'll help solve some of the performance issues. And I read somewhere that there are some settings you have to change to get it to work, and developers haven't made it known yet, so that's another problem. This article seems to address how to fix some of the performance problems until a patch drops: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/12/02/the-callisto-protocol-pc-performance-fix-for-lag-dlss-alternative/
  21. Oh most likely. I know I've seen ads from the military in gaming magazines, and as sponsors for many gaming events over. It happens a lot. And now, they're just finding alternatives to reach teens, because they know where they're heading in droves. I'm sure there are a decent share of gamers who want to be in the military, so it just helps those guys/gals get interested sooner.
  22. To be fair, it's also on the PS1, so you're not going to get a great 3D experience that way. And the reason is may look a tad bit better on the PS2, is because the PS2 spruces the graphics up a bit, more clean, but doesn't change much at all. It was also one of the first true 3D horror games. Aside from that, most horror games at the time had poor voice acting, that's kinda to be expected lol.
  23. Do we even know if we're getting a sequel to Bloodborne? I really think this team is going to keep making one off games in interesting places. We got Sekiro (was it same creator, I forget), and I think another game I'm forgetting. But I feel like they want to focus on one off games going forward, but with souls like controls and difficulty. But, who knows, Bloodborne might get a sequel one day. My guess is that it won't happen, and we'll see another game like Bloodborne, but with a completely different name, setting, characters etc.
  24. Not sure what you're on about, as this is just the DC side of things. Marvel isn't part of it, so no crossovers with them, at least not in the foreseeable future. Well this is more to do with DC and their universe. Marvel pretty much does the same anyway, as they are tying characters in from their shows into their movies more now. But DC normally doesn't mix their stories from other media into their main storylines.
  25. The Game Awards 2022 is nearly upon us, as they will be airing a live stream December 8th. Are your favorite games up for awards? Or are there some games that are missing from the mix? I figured God of War: Ragnarok would make the cut this year, even though it came out so close to the end of 2022. Anyway, what are your predictions on winners? What reveals do you think they will show? You can find more on those nominated, along with start time and where to watch here - https://thegameawards.com/
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