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  1. Well I did not see this coming at all. Roblox seems to be crazy popular these days. They have officially gone public and have already amassed over $30 billion +. Last I heard it was over $45 billion. It's crazy! I never expected to see Roblox become a billion dollar company, not in a million years. You can read all about it here - CNBC
  2. Most shovelware games are just cheap, poorly produced games released either on a disc with a bunch of other bad shovelware games, or it's released as a standalone game. The Wii suffered with a ton of shovelware games, and I imagine most consoles and PC have a fair share of really awful shovelware games out there. But are there any that are actually good and worth the time to check out? I mostly assume not, but there's got to be some fun shovelware games out there.
  3. I have an envelope full of demo discs from the PS1/PS2. I don't know why I keep them, as I don't think they're really worth anything yet. Most of them are PlayStation magazine demo discs. I remember getting them from a local grocery store and remember them costing a lot. Does anyone here still have a collection of demo discs? Maybe from the ps1, ps2, xbox, gamecube, etc. Pretty much any disc based demo. I think the last demos came out for the PS3 and 360, at least physically.
  4. 2020 was a good year for gaming, in fact it drew the gaming industry some of its biggest profits in years. With more people at home and out of a job, more people were gaming than usual. But, with the pandemic hopefully winding down here soon, do you think profits in the gaming industry will stay steady, go down, or even maybe go up? I think it'll stay steady and it'll be another great year for the gaming industry, but with the talk about $70 games, and new gen consoles still being hard to come by, it could be a lower year. What do you guys think?
  5. Hell yeah, a new TMNT beat-em-up. I will for sure be buying this when it releases. I'm so happy they went with the original art style. This is going to bring me back to the NES days of playing TMNT 2 the Arcade game.
  6. YES! This is one reason why I have never touched these games. RE7 looks like a pain to control. The controls look sluggish and slow. As well, your character looks like he doesn't move fast enough. Maybe I just am a lazy gamer and want games to be easy, idk lol.
  7. I just think with pre-orders, there's nothing really worth pre-ordering for. Because I can buy the game day one no problem. But, I think when they make an incentive to pre-order, like a physical item. That's the only time I would ever pre-order, and even than I don't usually pre-order lol. Also, I would never pre-order to get some extra DLC or DLC items. It has to be a physical item at least.
  8. Oh, another thing I can't stand, is when a developer doesn't make it easy to get past an NPC. For example, I don't know how many times an NPC character has blocked me from leaving a room through the doorway and often times I get stuck on geometry because of NPCs. Also when you have partner AI that is stupid and can't provide cover fire in games. Fun times. 😄
  9. I think it's the fact that it looks too real. Like these zombies look like corpses and it creeps me out even more. And yeah, that other zombie throwing the brick was great. Reminds me of RE4 and the newer RE games.
  10. Do you know how to develop games? I can't imagine it's rocket science, but I also can't imagine it's something super easy to do either. Look back at the days where doors didn't even work, and just progressed to a loading screen. Like how it is in older Resident Evil games and some of the Silent Hill games.
  11. I had to share this, because if this is what horror games could look like in the future, we're going to have some good horror games on the way. Clout_games has made this concept trailer for a game they're hoping to make. It's not much, as this is all that has been done so far. They're hoping to produce a demo soon, and seems to be looking for publishers/developers to help out. But seriously, I was genuinely freaked out by the look of the zombies. Just creppy dude!
  12. Well I never saw that coming, but I guess doors are notoriously tough to code in games. I guess it makes sense, considering it also has to move, and be intractable, etc. I think that's why games like the newer RE games, have doors that just push open when you run into them. Maybe that's a work around? IGN did an article about devs working on doors, and you can read that here - IGN
  13. Well, it's been finalized and Bethesda is now property of Xbox/Microsoft. Never did I see this day coming originally, but we are here. Anyway, with this news, it is said that Bethesda's game catalog will be added to Game Pass. This is awesome news, but so far the only games selected are; The Evil Within The Evil Within 2 DOOM 3 BFG Edition Dishonored: Definitive Edition Dishonored: Death of the Outsider The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind No mention of Skyrim, but I believe that's already been on gamepass. What are some Bethesda games not on gamepass that you want to see added soon? You can read more on this news here - Twisted Voxel
  14. I just read an article from DSOGaming that mentions an update to a San Andreas mod on PC, where it combines maps from GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Manhunt, Manhunt 2, and Bully. I think I'm going to have to pick up San Andreas and try this mod out. Anyway, from the article above, I thought it was a new mod, but it's been around since 2015. Noice! I think I'm going to get SA on PC now. 😄
  15. So you thought the PS5 alone was a massive beast, well the development kit alone looks like this. 😮👇 The thing is massive. More images of it can be viewed at Push Square.
  16. That's kind of how I feel. Like with the MGS games back then, I think getting the controls down was always an issue. It's kind of the same way I won't play old horror games with tank controls, because I feel anxiety because of it. And I know that's the intended purpose, but it's not just with horror games. It's with any games where I probably don't want to relearn all the stuff I already did. It's often that I do want to play the games, it's just that something stops me from jumping back into it. I don't know if it'd be burn out for me. I want to play the games, it's just that for some reason I can't push myself to do it. m76 brought up a good point, I think it has to do with the controls or certain aspect of the game that I don't want to revisit maybe. Some of the games I just get bored of, but I rarely bother coming back to those. There are games I want to play, but I usually push it off because of mechanics in the game, or maybe even a challenging aspect that I could never get used to. Maybe it's based off of how tough a game is too.
  17. Ever since EA bought them up, they have slowly gotten worse and worse. It sucks to see a once reputable company, dying out. I really hope the next Mass Effect game is what brings this studio back up. But, only time will tell. They can't have another Andromeda or Anthem situation on their hands, otherwise I can see EA shutting their doors on them.
  18. oooh I want those smart lighting towers. Those look sexy! 😍 But hell, who am I kidding. I want pretty much everything on this list. 😄
  19. One thing I want to mention, is that I feel private servers are ideal in some regards. Like for example, I hear Rust is pretty rough on public servers, like there's very small chance of you surviving. I know that's kind of what comes with the territory with Rust, but it's a bit too chaotic to start. Yeah I need to start up my own server. I want to figure out how to use mods and such, and want to stay away from any public servers. I hope I can do that stuff in private ones though.
  20. If I had the money to spend on PC parts, I would try to go for new, but I would also try for used. These days, it doesn't really matter, as even used it's high priced. This shortage is really pushing prices up, and it's not good.
  21. I have this feeling often with some games. Sometimes I get tired of playing a game, and shelve it for a while. But, when I try to come back to it, I always feel overwhelmed or scared to jump back in for some reason. It's a weird feeling, I know. But it's been that way my whole life. For example, I didn't touch MGS 2 for a long time after first playing it, because I felt like I would be overwhelmed jumping back into it. I don't have the feeling as much these days, but I think it ties into the gameplay more than anything. Have you ever had this feeling when it comes to playing some games? It's tough to explain, as I don't understand why I even feel that way about games sometimes. But I think it's like anxiety playing a tough game. But like I said, I think it has to do with bad controls in the past, and me not wanting to deal with that. I'm doubting anyone here has had this sort of feeling with games, but maybe I'm wrong?
  22. Most of us here I imagine don't pre-order games that often. Last game I pre-ordered was GTA V on the 360, and that was the day of release, so idk if I would count that lol. But, I know some people also like to get a special edition set, and I guess I can understand that. But often times, you don't even need to pre-order those. But, what about the games that give you a little something extra when you pre-order? I think it's only worth pre-ordering, when you get an extra thing along with it. Like a figure, a poster, an art book, etc. I feel pre-ordering otherwise, is pointless, because they will produce enough games anyway.
  23. Hell yes! According to Engadget, Germany might block games from being purchased by miners if there is any loot boxes in game. So this means, that any games that do have it, may be forced to up their rating. I don't know how Germany's rating system works, but if this happened in the states, it would probably render games M rated because of this. That would be a big blow to anyone doing loot boxes. I think this needs to happen everywhere. Because it's clear that kids these days still make the mistake of buying stuff by 'accident'. And no matter how you put it, buying loot boxes is essentially gambling, and I'm pretty sure in many states it's illegal to even gamble. I'm kind of surprised the US hasn't took this more seriously. It helps having countries like Germany jumping to take action.
  24. I often steer clear of AtGames devices, as the Sega console they made years ago was awful. And most of their recent releases haven't really been that great. Now they're starting to make their own arcade cabinets, and I sure hope their production quality goes up there, because if they're still facing the same problems, I wouldn't put any money in an arcade machine from them. Have you purchased any devices through them recently? I remember when Sega backed out from working with them for the Genesis Classic that came out a while back. Sega actually made that one, but AtGames were originally hired on to make it happen. But after fan backlash, that was dropped. Do you think AtGames can deliver quality products? I'm not going to bet on it. But I am kind of curious about their arcade cabinets, but that's really about it.
  25. The Guardian Legend was an NES game that I picked up at an old thrift store when I was a kid. I thought the cover was awesome, so I had to grab it. Back then I didn't know what I was grabbing, I just looked at the cover art and hoped it would be fun. Anyway, this game is a classic, but sadly it's been kind of forgotten. Does anyone remember this game? It's a shoot em up that I played for hours on end when I got it. Sadly, never beaten it, but that's just for a lack of trying to complete it.
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