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  1. Remember when Nintendo did mobile games for phones and tablets? What ever happened to that? I'm aware they had Mario Run or whatever it was called, but I don't recall ever see any other releases from Nintendo. Are they still producing mobile games for phones and tablets and other smart devices? Or have they since dropped that and moved on?
  2. Pre-orders were set up for the PS5 the other day, and it sold out pretty fast. Many were upset, because Sony promised to start pre-orders the next day, but instead opened them up the night before. Most places are sold out and currently I don't know of anywhere that has pre-orders open. Did anyone here get a pre-order in? I am waiting a while before I purchase anyway. People are already selling pre-orders on Ebay for like $1000+ right now. I hate scalpers, they suck!
  3. I would love to see GTA III up to San Andreas get remastered for modern consoles. Of course, I would probably add GTA IV to that list, considering it still looks pretty decent today, but could use a bit overhaul. I would love to see a remastered set for all of the past GTA Games. Of course I highly doubt Rockstar would give all games away for one single price. I could see them re-releasing each one remastered and then releasing a new one the next year. I think they could make bank remastering all of those games, especially III, Vice City and San Andreas. Just look at the Resident Evil re
  4. Same here, really made for a spooky atmosphere. I like this one, as it reminds me a lot of Resident Evil 4's setting. I wonder if that's a reason it looks so similar.
  5. I haven't tried the Dolphin Emulator yet, as I didn't have a good enough PC back then to truly utilize it. But, I do now, so I might give it a try. I never really owned a Wii, so being bale to play some would be nice. Does the Dolphin Emulator also emulate Gamecube games? Or is that a separate emulator? Anyway, the only downside I can see, is getting the wiimotes to work on PC. How do you go about that? Is there a converter you can buy to make it work on PC? Or do you need to just skip the games that utilize the motion controls?
  6. The Xbox Series X and Series S will come with SSD hard drive storage and will even come with extra spots for SSD hard drives. The downside though, seems that these SSD drives may cost a lot of money. How much do you expect the drives to cost? I sure hope it's not anything extra compared to other SSD's with the same storage. What do you guys think?
  7. We got more of a glimpse at the PS5 showcase of the upcoming Resident Evil 8: Village. Who here is picking this one up on release? I didn't play much of 7, but I watched a play through of it and thought it was really well done. This game looks like more of what 7 was, which is a good thing. Also it looks like you'll be going through the woods a lot, so that should be scary spooky! 😄 Watch the new trailer below:
  8. This is sad news. I always hate hearing that a new game gets shut down due to low or no activity. It looks like the game Disintegration is being shut down this November, so multiplayer will not longer work after that. I'm sure if there are any fans of the game, they can figure out a way to start their own servers. Thankfully the game looks to have a single player mode, so you can go that route if you want to try the game out. Maybe if more people show interest in the game, they'll bring the multiplayer back. Read more about this news here: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/ha
  9. L4D 1 and 2 in the wrapping yet? Nice! I'm guessing the same for Gran Turismo 4 and Need for Speed? I can see those going for a lot still in the plastic. It's always been weird to me that PS2 was getting new games for quite a while. I think Madden was on PS2 until like 2012 or so. Same with Fifa it seems. The Wii is still getting games.
  10. Ah noice! I don't know if i'd even have room for a 75 inch tv. On top of that, I'd have to get a pretty hefty tv stand, as my walls couldn't hold one lol. I think I can fit a 65 inch tv though on my current stand, but I'd be cutting it close. One of these days though I'll get a bigger tv. I want to game on a bigger screen, especially a 4K one.
  11. This is a pretty cool deal, you can pick 10 games out of this list for $4.99. But, there are other options. If you select one game, it's $1, for 5 games it's $2.99. Selecting all 20 games, will cost you just $9.98. Original price for all 20 games combined was $299.80, which comes to a savings of $289.82 You can find this deal here: Fanatical
  12. Do you guys have any rare games in your gaming collection? Maybe they're so rare they're worth a ton of money. Do you have any old games still in box, essentially brand new? I don't own anything rare or worth a lot of money sadly. But that's ok, I have a small collection that I'm still happy about.
  13. https://pureplaystation.com/cyberpunk-action-game-foreclosed-is-confirmed-for-ps5-xbox-series-x-releasing-2021/2020/09/ This game looks pretty cool. It's a third person action shooter by Merge Games & Antab Studio. Is this something you're interested in? It's expected to drop on the PS5 and Xbox Series X sometime in 2021.
  14. It would be a great time to remaster the original games and re-release them on the new gen consoles. I'd buy it. God of War series remastered would be nice. As well as RDR1. I wouldn't count out RDR2 though, as I could see Rockstar re-releasing with even better graphics. They're already doing it again with GTA V. You know what, GTA IV remastered would be pretty dope, with an updated GTA online mode that works with the current online. I'd love that.
  15. Yeah I don't usually talk to people online. I tend to stay in a party by myself. Or, if I do game, it's usually with my friends. I don't like meeting new people on games anyway. Had to deal with too much of the annoying lobbies back in the day. Especially call of duty, which was full of people saying idiotic stuff.
  16. So I'm on a Left 4 Dead kick lately and with the new campaign coming for L4D2 it got me thinking about other old games that could use new missions/updates. What games would you like to see get more missions/updates? I personally would love to see The Sims 3 get some updates, but with the Sims 4 out, I doubt they would. I would also like to see old COD games get updates with new maps. I know that would never happen, but I think they could easily make the current maps in Call of Duty 4 for example.
  17. Left 4 Dead 2 came out like a year or so after the first game. I had expected them to release the 3rd game soon after, but it's been 11 years since it came out and we haven't had any new releases. But, L4D2 is getting a new update soon, so do you think we could maybe see a 3rd game in the series to finally drop? I'd love to finally get L4D3.
  18. This is funny stuff. So those who've been caught doing cheats in Fall Guys are being put together with other cheaters. Unfortunetly the cheater island had to be taken down, as it was getting full. So, they just banned the users instead. Which, maybe should have happened in the first place. Either way, I'm glad they toyed with the cheaters for a bit at least. Source - https://sirusgaming.com/2020/09/15/fall-guys-cheaters-on-special-cheater-island/
  19. It's the inevitable future of gaming. As well, studios can have as many copies of a game as they want with digital. The good thing is, that there are still a fair amount of home grown game stores still around, many of them selling retro, which still has a place. Eventually consoles will go full on digital, or they will find another form of media that is smaller and cheaper to produce. I think some may go the route of carts like the Switch.
  20. I wouldn't say trailers sell me on games unless they show me gameplay. Anything cinematic doesn't paint a picture of what I'm getting. Sure it may be story based, but I'd rather see a trailer with gameplay over a cinematic one. Dead Island comes to mind, as they did the cinematic trailer and got people interested in it. But it was far from what the trailer showed. I thought it was going to be this depressing story about loss, but nope, we got an ok zombie survival game. But the story was not good at all. It probably wasn't even needed for what the game was. And the story seemed more comical th
  21. I have not lost a friend because of a game, but years ago I ended up straining a friendship. So this is kind of dumb lol. But my friend and I were playing GTA IV Online. We thought it would be funny to troll people, by bringing them all the way out to the ocean saying we found a glitch. When we did, we'd inform them to jump off the boat and they did. We'd of course jump off to make it look good and quickly get back on and drive away. We pissed a lot of people off doing this. Though I think we got the idea from others who did it, the prank started to get noticed and people stopped falling for i
  22. We all know it's coming. With each new console, we see past games remastered with upgraded graphics. We already know Grand Theft Auto V is coming, and I'm sure we're going to see Skyrim get remastered yet again lol. But what other games do you see getting yet another remaster treatment? Think Sony will do The Last of Us 1 remastered? Hell, they'll probably re-release TLOU2 remastered.
  23. Probably old news at this point, but I'm always happy to hear Gamestop struggling. According to many news outlets, Gamestop is going to be closing 400 stores. I don't know if you guys like gamestop or not, but I personally never cared for them. They treat their employees like crap it seems, and they have really crap customer service. Source: https://www.ibtimes.com/gamestop-close-least-400-stores-end-year-3043492
  24. I don't think it's Crystal Dynamics fault though. If Crystal Dynamics had a choice, I bet they would have done a lot different. This is just Square Enix wanting to make extra cash through micro-transactions. I was hoping this game was going to be on the level of The Batman Arkham Series, or the Spider-Man game. But not some Destiny rip-op.
  25. I think one that comes to mind is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on the Xbox One. It's a really good action/psychological horror game, with the theme being mental illness. I liked A Plague Tale as well. It was actually a pretty decent game.
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