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Pixel -VS- iPhone - Which "Vanillla" Phone Do You Like?

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The Pixel series (and Nexus previously) is technically the "Apple" version of the Android world. Google manages the OS, and they make the phones. So in a sense, I guess you can compare them to the iPhone.

Which of these two phones do you prefer? Me? I prefer Pixel, since I've been using Android since 2.3 (December 2010), so I have hundreds of dollars of paid apps I'd rather not lose access too!

I don't mind using an iPhone temporarily from a friend, but I wouldn't want it to be my daily driver due to losing lots of paid apps.

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Even though I've never really owned one, I'd say a Pixel. For the record, I do like IPhones somewhat unlike most people here but Pixel is the one phone you can install any custom Android OS on and do a bunch of stuff with. I might just get one this year.

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