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  1. Isn't he that guy from Twitch that went on a rant for them banning him? I'm not sure what to make of this other than I hope he makes quality games and not some among us ripoffs/ unoriginal stuff.
  2. I always liked the graphical quality of hades and it seems like a very entertaining game so it definitely deserves the award.
  3. Not worth buying the trilogy edition and you can get shark cards for pretty cheap.
  4. I knew of it last year but this year I might actually try it out.
  5. Not surprising at all - this has been an issue that has been going on for the past few years. It's hard to say what will happen given they've lost so many talented people.
  6. The graphics look great but is it that you're experiencing the memories of people who have passed away? It does give me a bit of Outlast vibes.
  7. F1 is the only game I know of that is really popular and has been for a good while now. There's another one that came out a few years ago that was half decent but I just don't remember the name.
  8. It does look a lot like Silent Hill with a hint of Resident Evil and a splash of Outlast. That being said, the character movement looks kind of weird - like he has diarrhea and is about crap all over himself kind of walk lol.
  9. It's way better than the drugs they constantly have you hooked on which you develop an addiction to.
  10. Agreed - although it's not my kettle of tea, no one can deny its popularity. I've seen some pretty great things that can be made with minecraft mods so of course it'd have loads of content.
  11. Ah - the good ol' ring of death. Have also had my fair share of them as well. It's funny how we can laugh about things like this now but back then we were livid when it used to happen.
  12. I'm not going to lie - the colors look really good. Dbrand and others won't be able to compete because these are first-party covers and they're affordable as well.
  13. I'm in two minds about this because I like some of the DLCs released for the online mode. However, the items that come with it tend to be rather expensive unless you do plenty of heists and save up which is what I usually do.
  14. Unless you trademark the design, then it's free real estate especially when that company has way more money than you do. This is disgusting if true but companies should be smarter about protecting their assets via trademarks and patents.
  15. This is quite interesting if I do say so myself as the Unreal Engine 5 has been getting a lot of hype over the past few years so I want to see what it's really capable of.
  16. What this does is prevent them from buying off the stock of in-demand items in seconds which would lessen the shortage of said in-demand product. Because there isn't a shortage, nobody will buy their products at such inflated prices. It basically makes scalping a very time-consuming thing for them with very little reward effectively killing the scalping industry.
  17. The dislikes was so great that they removed the promotion video lol. Serves them right - what a bunch of idiots!
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