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  1. I agree that it wasn't quite as captivating as the other but I did enjoy it. That being said, I know EA is going to screw up the remake so I'll just go back to playing Andromeda.
  2. What ruins immersion for me is bugs, blurs and other effects that aren't a part of the natural game. I'd also include the type of weapons in a story especially the time period.
  3. I'd think that Roblox is the only game I can think of that's similar to Minecraft but not being some kind of cheap knock-off. The features and how they're played is quite different in most aspects as well.
  4. My vote goes to Skyrim - Fallout 4 is a close second but I've been modding Skyrim for close to 9 years now and it never grows old. I've also modded Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas and those are also fun to mod. Come to think of it, most of my modding experience is from Bethesda's buggy games lol.
  5. It depends on the type of game. If it was an MMORPG that is online that saves every second, you'd be alright but if it's a single-player game where you have to save manually, then you're out of luck if you didn't save right before the power cut. I try not to think about it too much.
  6. Buy a comfortable chair and sit properly in it? Also, make sure that you spend money on a quality mattress so that you can sleep comfortably and won't wake up with any back pain.
  7. Unless my house is burning down or the light suddenly goes, nothing can distract me from gaming under normal circumstances - and I'd have to be on fire to realize that I should stop gaming for a moment.
  8. Imagine if you were playing some VR simulator that simulated you running to your boarding gate and boarding the plane but in real life you're still in the airport and missed your flight, I wonder how you'd feel about a situation like that?
  9. Please God no. Games based on movies usually suck - I mean, how many video games based on movies can you actually name that were an absolute hit? Not even 5. I don't mind the MK movie skins if they added that to MK 11 but we don't want another movie flop. We already got the Cravengers (Avengers but the game was crap that's why I called it that), please let us get over that first lol.
  10. I have to agree about Dark Souls franchise - some of those battles are borderline maddening. I've never played a game that made me swear so much like Dark Souls and I'm not one to lose my composure playing video games. At most I'd be a bit annoyed.
  11. The original Bioware is definitely one of them with most of the original staff leaving to join other companies. That's how we ended up with the garbage dump called Anthem. THQ is definitely a loss because I remember their WWE games back in the day as well as Primal for the PS2 (massively underrated game).
  12. In this episode of the consequences of your actions comes back to bite you in the butt, Konami Games are tanking so hard that they're considering letting other studios develop MGS/Silent Hill/Castlevania games. On my list of developers who should not touch these franchises - EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Activision, did I mention EA shouldn't touch it - had to make sure. In my estimation, I'd like Capcom to get Castlevania and Silent Hill because of their work on the DMC and Resident Evil series, they'd be perfect for both series. Metal Gear Solid is a weird one because I'd say Kojima should get it b
  13. Cooking skills are definitely an essential during these extremely trying times. Working out during quarantine also helps with the mood as well so that's awesome to hear. Quarantine definitely has its benefits as I don't face a lot of traffic on the road anymore so I can get around pretty quickly.
  14. Skyrim SE, NFS: Heat and Fallout 4
  15. I've hardly ever gamed on flights even when I had a PSP or GBA as a teen. I normally look out the window because I like the view above the clouds or listen to some music. I'm also looking out for snakes on a plane...
  16. I mean bosses are normally the ones responsible for most of the calamities that you face in-game. They are also way stronger that the average enemy and more annoying with some cheesy taunts.
  17. Other than experiencing a bit of soreness in my thumbs from using the joysticks of an Xbox One controller for an extended period of time, I've never had any gaming related injuries. I've heard of people get wrists injuries from spending extended time on a keyboard but that is also a rarity. You'd have to really overdo it to get any serious injuries from gaming. Unless you mean the people using VR who run into walls or trip over stuff, I can't really see how you'd get any significant injuries while gaming.
  18. That is possible because I remember them doing a VR test with some dogs a few years ago and they were very responsive to the events in-game.
  19. Unless they get some kind of license from Konami, I highly doubt it and Konami are known to be notoriously overprotective of their franchises and will sue the daylights out of anyone who even makes a remote lookalike of any of their products.
  20. So true - I've always wondered if people knew that some of these same animals helped to keep the environment healthy for us. I mean, we'll destroy the natural habitat of some very rare animals just to mine ore and other minerals literally wiping them out in the process. It's so sickening.
  21. I know what you mean and then you also have the trolls who join heist just to keep messing them up. I usually do heists with friends so that I don't have to go through most of this.
  22. 3000 series cards are so overpriced and scarce right now so that's why I recommended the 2070. I've been trying to get my hands on one for the past 4 months and still nothing.
  23. Final Fantasy VIII - I still don't get why it has so much hate! I mean the ending was so amazing, the gameplay was nice and it was an incredible story. Even FFF 9 gets more with its cartoony graphics.
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