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  1. Same - Don't you have any external hard drives? I mean, they are pretty affordable and just make sure to keep them in a dry place like a safe...
  2. What kind of PC do you have? On another note, I've also used Classic boy and haven't really ever had any issues with it and that's from the early 2000s.
  3. I understand what he's saying - Sony has a signature way of designing their accessories for any device and this is just a recolored mobile gaming controller made by a third party company which will be more expensive despite it being generic.
  4. PUBG Mobile is also doing way better than PUBG itself which normally doesn't happen - for instance, COD mobile has nowhere near the amount of popularity or fanfare as COD on other platforms like PS5/Xbox/PC. It also seems a lot of people from Southeast Asian and African countries flock to PUBG Mobile for some reason (encountered a lot of them while playing it a couple of times)
  5. I mean, I have apps for Crypto updates and I do have another account for Airdrops as I don't want random people messaging me trying to scam me.
  6. As in store them in the closet in my computer room which is locked with a key. I have tightly sealed, waterproof plastic containers that I store my devices in when I'm going away for a while, I know I'm going to have company over or a storm might be coming and I want to keep my devices safe. In my country, it's currently hurricane season and we have plenty of rainfall during this period so I'm not taking any chances.
  7. That's not really it either - The Last Of Us didn't need a remake especially when the sequel just came out a year or two ago. They could've given it a bit more time before doing a remake.
  8. Nope - I just like preparing my own food. There's nothing like a home cooked meal as @The Blackangel says. If I eat nothing but fast food for 2 days straight, I will literally lose my appetite even if it's delicious.
  9. A portable filter to purify the water and make it potable/drinkable. A swiss army knife because it's a very versatile tool. A spear for spear-fishing/hunting animals/protecting yourself As long as I have food and drinking water and build a good shelter, I'll be alright. I might love the luxury I'm afforded right now but I'm always prepared for the day things go left and I have to survive on just the essentials.
  10. I'd probably sneak into the most corrupt politician's house I know. I'd claim to be a ghost and tell him he's going to hell if doesn't confess all the wrongs he committed and turn himself in. I'd write some bunch of random stuff all in his house just to mess with him.
  11. Hey Everyone - How's the week been?
  12. This sounds like a very interesting channel to me because I do animations myself (well 2D and whiteboard for now but getting into 3D). Ever since I've become an animator, my dislike of CGI when implented well has lessened. I used to hate seeing it in movies as a kid or even as a young adult.
  13. Yeah - he wasn't quite as cold and robotic as Agent 47 in the games. Some of the gunfights were pretty decent in my opinion but I also liked the first movie more. There was a movie in 2009 called Accident that had a bunch of assassins that pulled off hits and made them look like complete accidents - kinda like Agent 47. They wore disguises and everything. Personally, that was a better "Hitman" movie than the 2007 Hitman release.
  14. Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 7.5/10
  15. Got on some CS:GO today - they first in a while as well...It sucks when you end up on a team full of bots.
  16. Now that I remember, Cyberpunk 2077 was pretty overhyped before it came out. The media wouldn't stop going on about it, hell, even I fell into the trap and almost pre-ordered the game. It's a good thing I waited and got a free key from a friend. That being said, since the recent patches and Cyberpunk Edgerunner coming out on Netflix, the game has rose in popularity again.
  17. Personally, I'd like the Forza team to take on Gran Turismo because Sony is just ruining it with their microtransactions and always online feature. Why would you put stuff like that in Gran Turismo in the first place?
  18. Those are only a couple of seconds to a minute at most, just 10-15 cutscenes from a Final Fantasy game would take up almost as much time as a movie. You're talking about cutscenes as long as 5-7 minutes and if you died, you have to go through that all over again. The worst part is the long ones are normally unskippable.
  19. I agree - For instance, if someone were to play some of the tracks from Batman the animated series, I'd recognize it in a heartbeat whereas if you played some tracks from Game of Thrones, I wouldn't recognize most of them even though I did watch the whole series because they just aren't as memorable.
  20. To be fair, you're not exactly wrong. The key is Z in Oblivion - you could just change it to E like in Skyrim.
  21. I've always been against this whole exclusive thing especially when it comes to multi platform games - They will do this in cases where the primary audience is a niche set of players - Outworld is an example. They won't try this with COD because they stand to lose lots of money by making it an exclusive.
  22. I remember Star Ocean: The Second Story on the PSP had a lot of endings to the story - I know it was over 50 (that's what the developers said). I just checked and it had 87 endings...wow! That reminds me - I need to download it for my PSP emulator.
  23. I have to agree with @Shagger on this one, Fallout games in general handle this pretty well. For instance, most may look at the Brotherhood Of Steel as "Evil" but are they really? Yes, their means of going about things is very authoritarian but their motive is actual a pretty noble one.
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