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  1. Do you have any idea when you developed this phobia and what in your environment usually triggers it?
  2. Or even funnier - running away and the person chasing you falls to their death...
  3. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and Dragonball Fighter Z
  4. It was either last month or June if I remember correctly and it was a hideo kojima interview where he was asked about different things. Even though most of the answers about Death stranding were generic, he did make mention of the game being influnced by a few aspects of Japanese folklore but didn't go much further. I'm familiar with some aspects of Japanese folklore because of my ex gf but nothing in the trailer immediately reminded of anything my ex showed me. That's why I'm even more curious about the game.
  5. DareDevil is a good shout as well although I don't watch it as religiously as other series. I'm going to give Stranger things a watch because everyone keeps recommending it to me.
  6. And now EA are ruining the game by introducing some ridiculous paywall systems such as the iron box event.
  7. I usually just go do other things and a solution just comes to me in a random moment. I make sure to jot it down and then when I start playing said game I execute my strategy. Either that or I try some crazy outlandish thing that nobody else wouldn't and I end up finding the answer sometimes.
  8. I got back my dog from the Vet on Thursday and his overzealousness cause him to try to jump into my arms and I twisted my ankle because he is a very big and heavy dog so I'm just chilling at home.
  9. Mad Scientists are common enemies in video games and usually they are the cause of the outbreak/crisis by messing with something that they fail to contain and it goes out of control/berserk.
  10. I'm not even sure where to start with this one - could you give a more detailed description of what you are hoping to achieve?
  11. Need For Speed Most Wanted
  12. Virgil and Dante are half demons and that has always been established in the lore.
  13. The bits of information that came out about the game recently in an interview with Hideo Kojima has raised even more questions for me.
  14. The Dark Knight Rises - 9/10
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