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  1. Walking away is definitely a great option - As for me, I learned to just tune out everyone so you can be yelling in my ears and I still won't hear you or won't really care what you're saying.
  2. That's even worse - I'd be stuck at the base of the mountain 🤣
  3. So are we talking about everyone dressed like bums during the pandemic or...
  4. I'd know if that was me because I'd be charged for polluting the atmosphere by releasing toxic gases from my body. That public bathroom would never be suitable for use again - it'd probably be comparable to Chernobyl in terms of nuclear toxicity.
  5. I get you but it's still some sort of doll and that does reinforce my point - as for me, sex dolls are a hard no. Nothing but the real thing satisfies me.
  6. Climb Mount Everest within the seven days only to be back at the beginning at the end of the loop and having to do it all over again - what a situation! In all seriousness, I'm not really sure... Try to assassinate the corrupt politicians and doing it repeatedly at the beginning of another loop? Could be a possibility.
  7. I'd just start ignoring them after telling the person politely I'm not interested. I despise pointless back and forth arguments once I've already told them my stance.
  8. Have you seen the size of some of those poops that people take in public bathrooms though? Like there was once instance when I was teen that I wanted to use one of the toilets and there was this shit the size of a log in the toilet. I kid you not I tried to flush it but it ended up blocking up the toilet and was starting to overflow so I quickly evacuated the premises.
  9. Gathering in public places in large numbers Touching other people Not wearing masks in certain spaces
  10. I agree - some brands are just way too overpriced for what they offer.
  11. Mad Max: Fury Road - 8/10
  12. Jiren has to be one of the most broken Dragonball characters in history.
  13. So how far did they go with Obi Wan story - was it his entire backstory and how many episodes did it take? I've had Disney Plus since last month but I rarely watch it. Netflix is what I still watch primarily and I'm trying to find a series that'll interest me.
  14. Not sure if it's still on TV - I always remembered the theme song because it's an old Jamaican song that I grew up listening to because my mother liked it.
  15. Yoshi is a good shout as well and he's heavily underrated in the Smash series. I mean he can swallow you whole and poop you out in an egg. Who doesn't like to be treated like shit? lol
  16. Ninja Gaiden is a good shout - I totally forgot about that game. I remember at one point it was an Xbox exclusive - why did they choose to drop it?
  17. I agree and the first time this happened with Bluebox, I said that it doesn't mean they have anything to do with Silent Hill and until there was an official announcement, I'll save my judgement.
  18. I feel so flipping old lol - seriously, I remember them talking about the 30th anniversary of Atari as a kid going into my teens - how time flies.
  19. Seems like they'll just take bits and pieces of the game lore and freestyle the rest of it which could in turn. hurt the show's rating especially among hardcore fans.
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