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Urban Exploration

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Have you ever done any urban exploration before? For those not aware of what urban exploration is, it's the act of exploring abandoned locations. It could be buildings, bridges, trails, roads anything that's abandoned really! I've tried doing this back in 2016, but my wife and I couldn't find our way into the building that I wanted to explore. Plus we decided to try and check out the other building behind it but we heard music playing, and while she was taking pictures of the scenery we noticed a guy watching us from one of the broken out windows. I heard a train whistle and we weren't too far from the tracks so I wanted to wait around and watch the train go by but it must have been on another track since it never passed us. Then I heard the music again, and noticed the same guy come walking around the corner with another guy and a woman. They all three had back packs, and one of them had a boom box. I think they were just train hoppers or homeless people, since they didn't say a word when they walked past us. I've been wanting to try and find other places to try and explore, but we don't have many places around here. This was all in East St. Louis and that's a sketchy area, so I don't really want to go back there. :V

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