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Staying Safe Online

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If you are here with us on our community, we’re very happy to have you.  It’s important to us that you stay safe while you are on our forum, so please observe the following simple guidelines for your safety:

  1. Keep your personal information to yourself.  While these days many people are voluntarily surrendering their privacy online, we do not recommend that you share your real name, address, or phone number with anyone online.  Do not give away your password either, because that can compromise the security of your personal information.
  2. Be cautious about meeting people in “real life.”  Children should not meet strangers they have met on the internet without their parents’ permission and presence.  Adults should proceed with caution.  If you do decide to meet someone offline who you originally met online, do so in a public place.
  3. Do not accept files or open emails from people you don’t know.  If you receive a suspicious message or file, don’t open it.  Only open files you expect from people who you trust.  If you are sent a suspicious email or PM from a member on this forum, contact an administrator
  4. Do not take everything at face value, including what people tell you about themselves.  Not everyone is honest about who they are on the internet.  For some people this is a matter of privacy.  For others it is a deliberate attempt to mislead.  In either case, you should always remember that what you see may not necessarily represent reality.
  5. If something happens online that makes you uncomfortable, do tell someone who can do something about it.  If your children use this forum, encourage them to tell you if something happens to them online that troubles them, and make it clear you will not be angry with them or shame them.  If you are the one using this forum and someone harasses you, either avoid further communication with that person or report the incident to an administrator.

The majority of forum users are here to make friends and share their enthusiasm for video games, and your administrators are here to ensure the safety of this community.  We can only do so if our members observe safe online practices however and report members who are behaving in a manner which violates our terms of service or another’s online rights.  Thank you for staying safe!

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