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The Legendary eSports tournament is now back

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WCG will be making their comeback this 2019. 
Before that, Let's take a review to some of my Favorite Player in CSGO.

In the upcoming Tournament of WCG, I'm expecting Gabriel Toledo de Alcântara Sguario known by his IGN "FalleN" to make his appearance in one of the biggest ESports tournament by WCG. 

He plays the role of an AWPer and in-game leader for MIBR. In 2015 he was voted the most influential person in Brazilian eSports.

Reasons Why you should idolize fallen (Based on my perspectives)
This guy is one of the oldest players, He IGL(ingame leader), He AWPs, He has a good Rifle, He is a starplayer and he works hard to win.

He has great ingame vision,the way MIBR works is very reactionary where they have a default, and Fallen already has it drilled into his players how to react in certain situations. There isn't quite as much mid-round calling as some other teams have. 
That could be part of what lets him focus more on his game.

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