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  1. Slightly disagree. It's real that old graphics game have their own charm, and it can be enhance by HD. I believe in "Gameplay over graphics", but "Old game with enhanced graphics" is one of the greatest gift we will ever received.
  2. If that is the case, it's not a normal match anymore, it's like WWE. I think WCG will not do a competition against AI like you said, there is no fun in that.
  3. OG lost to the OpenAI Five bots team with a score of 0-2 in an exhibition match. On the second map, the International 2018 champions were defeated in less than 20 minutes. Both teams picked heroes from a limited hero pool. Unlike previous show matches, OG was permitted to use invisibility, and the OpenAI Five courier was not invulnerable. At the same time, illusions and summoned unit were not allowed. This is excellent news for AI enthusiasts. The state of AI development is getting better to the point that they could even defeat the champions of a complicated game. In other news
  4. HAHAHA You're a pain in the ass to them, don't you?
  5. WCG - World Cyber Games reached a cooperation agreement with Appota Esports in which Appota Esports will officially become one of WCG 2019 Xi'an’s online media partner in Asia - Pacific region. Appota Esports shall be the sole provider for online stream and video in Vietnamese language for WCG 2019 Xi'an Game Sports contents. The participation of Appota Esports promises to improve the quality of recording / broadcasting matches in WCG 2019 Xi'an, giving the audience the most competitive and highest quality matches on the official channel of Appota Esports. In addition, Appota Esports will
  6. Hahaha. That's funny, yeah we always have that one friend who always bosses us around because he know what decision to make. But there is also who acts like a boss because he just want to, lol. Btw what happened after that? Did you cry? Hahaha
  7. When me and my friends were young, we play pokemon together every morning and named every pokemon after us. It's really memorable for me and it will be an undying memory.
  8. I slightly disagree. In my opinion pro skills comes come from watching other players play and then an idea pops out in their head then they will try that idea in game. You can learn faster if you do that. That's why they compete on esports like World Cyber Games to test their skills and looking for someone to defeat them, and that's the time you became stronger, by taking that defeat as a lesson and a motivation.
  9. That's what i feel sometimes. I just want to see my favorite players compete and also to support them, i guess that's the real reason why i still love esports like World Cyber Games
  10. The results for the WCG 2019 National Qualifiers Week 1 (DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Warcraft III) have been released. Players representing these countries will now move on to the Regional Qualifiers of their respective games. You can click on the links to know which players are representing which country. DOTA 2 - http://www.wcg.com/news/view/503 Americas - Canada - Colombia - Ecuador APAC - Australia - Singapore - South Korea Europe - Croatia - Czech Republic - Germany - Luxembourg - United Kingdom Hearthstone - http://www.wcg.com/news/view
  11. If you're wondering what it's like to be an professional esports player, then this documentary will show you everything about a pro player's journey to victory. For those who haven't watched this documentary, Beyond the Game follows the journey of professional Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne players as they compete in the 2007 World Cyber Games in Seattle, Washington. Three well-known Warcraft III players (namely Grubby, MaDFroG, and Sky) were the main focus of this documentary. One of the biggest struggles in the film is the conflict between a player reclaiming his world title and another pla
  12. Oh yeah, i see. Now i get it i respect that. If you'll ask me, I watch World Cyber Games to learn new tricks and tips about the game i played, specially the grandfinals. I learned so much from watching esports and it makes my play precise and more focused on winning. So i decided to share a little bit because i want to reach other players with this news. Maybe i'm too hyped because it their grand comeback, i dunno.
  13. This is eSports 15 years ago at the 1st World Cyber Games 2001. This is where it all started. Today's tournaments are getting more competitive with the increasing numbers of professional teams and organizations with each teams having multiple sponsors to help them grow even more. And another, the very first WCG events placed esports on stage and esport events today are being held at the biggest indoor stadiums with millions of fans watching globally. Who would have thought Esports would grew this big today? #EsportsHistory #WCG2019
  14. You mean you love the game but not the esports?
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