Inon Zur Announces New Single “Into the Storm” Coming in March

Back in December, it was formally announced that Inon Zur, the composer who is perhaps best-known for writing soundtracks for Fallout, Dragon Age, and other popular game franchises, had signed with Sony Masterworks. We actually had the opportunity to interview him about the new partnership, and the music he was working on. Now, the composer has announced the release date of the first single from his first upcoming album; “Into the Storm.”

“Into the Storm”: Inon Zur’s Upcoming Single and Album on Sony Masterworks

“Into the Storm” will be Inon Zur’s first album on Sony Masterworks, and will feature original compositions not written for any game or other project. It will be Zur’s first release with Sony Masterworks, though probably not the last. In December, Zur told us that the upcoming single was; “reminiscent of the previous scores I wrote for fantasy games, based on and inspired by the soundscapes and music-scapes I created for games like Dragon Age, EverQuest, Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, and others in this genre.”

Inon Zur Into the Storm Title

The single will also feature both violin and cello performances from illustrious musicians Caroline Campbell and Tina Guo. We were fortunate enough to get to interview Tina Guo about her work, and a little bit about the upcoming single, back in December. The full Sony Masterworks album doesn’t yet have a release date. However, the first single from ‘Into the Storm’ will release on the 1st of March, in roughly two weeks’ time.

In addition to working on Into the Storm, Inon Zur is also the composer for The Elder Scrolls: Blades; the upcoming Elder Scrolls mobile game which was announced at E3 last year. The Elder Scrolls: Blades initially had a release window of late 2018. However, it was delayed into 2019 and is expected to release sometime in the next few months. However, Bethesda has still not announced a formal release date.