Fallout 76 Main Quests #24 Part 5: The Control Room Event

After you complete the Residential Area, Reactor Area, Operations Centre, and Storage Area events during Mission: Countdown, there is only one final challenge left to face. The fifth part of each nuclear silo, be it Site Alpha, Site Bravo, or Site Charlie, is the Fallout 76 Control Room event. This event poses a slightly different sort of challenge to the previous four.

How to Complete the Fallout 76 Control Room Event in Mission: Countdown

The Fallout 76 Control Room event follows the Storage Area event as the final challenge in each nuclear silo. Like every other event, there is a terminal in the first room which will let you disable the Supervisor and the turrets. Once that’s done, head into the Control Room proper. This event is a bit different to those before; you’ll need to defend the Section Chief robots as they go about completing the Launch Prep. Unlike each of the previous events, there’s no way to do this quicker. You simply have to hold off waves of robots while keeping the Section Chiefs operational.

Fallout 76 Control Room 2

Luckily, you have as much time as you need to prepare. As a result, you should consider laying mines and dividing up areas of the room between the players in your group. Once you initiate the Launch Prep system, the security will activate. The Launch Control Chief is the easiest robot to defend, and keeping that one operational will ensure that the prep phase doesn’t fail. If one of the Section Chiefs is destroyed, you can create a new one. Return to its fabrication pod and use the terminal to fabricate a new robot. Once all of the Section Chiefs have completed their tasks, the security system will deactivate.

Completing the Control Room event will bring you to the final phase of Mission: Countdown; using your Nuclear Keycard to input the Launch Code and actually firing the nuke!