NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2: Limited Edition II Packs Bring Pink Diamond Paul George, Jason Kidd Cards

As NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2 is in full swing, new content continues to drop in the popular mode. On Friday, gamers saw the return of Limited Edition 2 packs which will feature high-rated cards for a limited time. Leading the way are Pink Diamond cards for current star Paul George and former star, Jason Kidd. In addition to the packs, new Season Agendas arrived along with a Locker Code that could be good for a free pack.

Limited Edition 2 drops in NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2 launched several weeks ago and still has about three weeks left until it ends. During the season, the mode where gamers can add new players to their rosters featured multiple pack releases. They’ve included Primetime, Flash, and Alter Ego packs, each of which brought upgraded cards for stars of the past and present.

With Limited Edition II packs, gamers have a shot at 13 new cards, two of which come from the NBA 75th Anniversary lineup. They are Pink Diamond Jason Kidd and a Diamond Kevin McHale card. Each of them also has a regular PD card available.

Along with Kidd’s Pink Diamond are three other PD player cards. Paul George gets one, as do Jayson Tatum and Shawn Kemp. The latter two players, Tatum and Kemp, are in the packs for only the next day and then two new PD players will replace them.

The full lineup of cards in the Limited Edition II packs:

  • Shawn Kemp (PD) 95 OVR – Limited time in packs
  • Jason Kidd (PD) 95 OVR – 75th Anniversary card
  • Jason Kidd (PD) 95 OVR
  • Jayson Tatum (PD) 95 OVR – Limited time in packs
  • Paul George (PD) 95 OVR
  • Bam Adebayo (Diamond) 94 OVR
  • Kevin McHale (Diamond) 93 OVR – 75th Anniverary card
  • Kevin McHale (Diamond) 93 OVR
  • Kyle Korver (Amethyst) 91 OVR
  • Tyson Chandler (Amethyst) 90 OVR
  • Saddiq Bey (Ruby) 89 OVR
  • Kevin Huerter (Ruby) 89 OVR
  • Matisse Thybulle (Ruby) 88 OVR
  • Davion Mitchell (Sapphire) 86 OVR
  • Dylan Windler (Sapphire) 85 OVR

Visit here to get full attribute ratings, Badges, and more details for the above cards.

The Deluxe packs are selling for 15,000 NBA 2K Virtual Currency or 21,000 MT in the Pack Market. A 10-pack box is 135,000 VC while the 21-pack box is 300,000 VC. Cards are also available in the Auction House, and it may be smart to buy a few inexpensive ones for the Weekend Warrior Agendas.

Remember to check the @NBA2K_MyTEAM Twitter for updates this weekend as new Pink Diamond cards are revealed for Limited Edition 2.

New Locker Codes and Season Agendas available

The newest Locker Code for NBA 2K22 Season 2 dropped shortly after the Limited Edition II packs arrived. With the code, gamers will get a Limited Edition II pack. That gives the potential for one of those high-rated cards mentioned above. However, these aren’t the Deluxe packs that are selling at Pack Market, so there’s no guarantee of one of those cards.

Enter the code “MYTEAM-LIMITED-EDITION-2-PG13” in the Community Hub area or 2K mobile app to get the pack. There are also Tokens and MT available along with that pack based on how the ball bounces in the pinball machine.

Another Locker Code was set to arrive during the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics NBA game on ESPN. Previous codes released during games gave a free pack featuring a few cards of players from that matchup.

In addition to the above Locker Codes, there are plenty of new Season Agendas to take advantage of. The “Limited Edition II: Group 1” involves using player cards from the release to record certain numbers of points, assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals.

Along with those, there are more player-specific agendas. For 1,250 XP, get 30 rebounds with the NBA 75 Kevin McHale over multiple games. For 1,500 XP, record 20 layups with Jason Kidd over multiple games. Get 15 dunks with Shawn Kemp’s LE II card over multiple TT or TTO games for another 1,500 XP. Lastly, score 100 points with the LE II Tatum card over multiple games for 1,500 XP.

There are also new Weekend Warrior Agendas for the upcoming weekend, giving gamers more ways to move up levels to get to that Level 40 KG card.

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