NBA 2K22 Season 2 Level Rewards and Locker Codes Arrive With Signature Series II Packs

NBA 2K22 Season 2 is finally here, with a Build Your Empire theme featuring Michael Jordan and other stars of the game. Along with the launch of the new season, we’ve seen the first new packs, Signature Series II, with new Pink Diamond cards for one of the game’s stars. Additionally, all Level Rewards are revealed, and some new Locker Codes have arrived for gamers to use in MyTeam mode.

NBA 2K22 Season 2 trailer, Signature Series II packs arrive

On Friday, October 22, 2K’s NBA 2K22 Season 2 launched, bringing all sorts of new content. The launch came complete with an official trailer (below) showing off MyTeam and MyCareer additions. Among those additions are new rewards for the various levels, and also the arrival of Signature Series II packs. We saw Signature Series 1 featuring LeBron James in MyTeam Season 1: Call to Ball.

For those wondering, the trailer features the song Juggernaut by Tyler, The Creator featuring Lil Uzi Vert, and Pharrell Williams. That song is amongst new music that arrived with Season 2 in partnership with Columbia Records.

The Signature Series 2 packs feature two-time NBA champion Stephen Curry with two different Pink Diamond cards. Steph’s Signature Series II Signed card is the best of the best. It comes with 23 Gold and seven Hall of Fame Badges, plus a 97 rating for three-point shots. Other top attributes are his 91 Speed, 95 Pass Perception, and 98 Ball Handle.

Also in these packs are Diamond cards for Jaylen Brown and LaMarcus Aldridge. Bruce Bowen and Juwan Howard get new Amethyst cards, while Desmond Mason and Jose Calderon get Ruby items. Check out all of the Signature Series II players over at’s listing.

The five-card packs are selling for 11,250 Virtual Currency or 15,750 MT. A 10-pack box is 101,250 VC, and the 20-pack boxes are 202,500 VC.

Season Two Level Rewards, New Locker Codes available

Upon logging into the game’s MyTeam mode and going to Season Agendas/Rewards, gamers receive a Free Agent MJ. That card is one of several player rewards for reaching different levels in Season 2. There’s also a Season Agenda where gamers need to score 20 points in a single game with MJ, and that’s worth 750 XP.

Other Season 2 Level Rewards include Gold Ben McLemore at Level 7 (890 XP), Emerald Aaron Brooks at Level 13 (2,680 XP), Sapphire James Posey at Level 20 (9,190 XP), and Ruby Danny Ainge at Level 24 (16,060 XP). The top prize at Level 40 is a Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett with a 96 OVR. To earn that requires maxing out with 150,000 XP for the season.

The first Season 2 Locker Codes also arrived earlier on Friday. That code gives gamers a chance to get a free Signature Series II pack. Other possible prizes include five NBA 2K Tokens, a Diamond Shoe Boost, or Diamond Shoe Base.

To get one of these prizes, enter the Locker code “BUILD-YOUR-MYTEAM-EMPIRE” in the Community Hub area of the mode. You can also enter locker codes using NBA 2K’s mobile app.

They revealed the Locker Code “THE-WORM-SEASON-2” during the latest episode of NBA 2KTV. With the code, gamers receive an Emerald Evolution Dennis Rodman player card to build their empire with.

Another code was set to arrive during ESPN’s telecast of the Brooklyn Nets vs. Philadelphia 76ers game on Friday night. Most gamers were speculating it would be a Kevin Durant or Giannis Free Agent card.

As of this report, 2K’s NBA 2K22 Season 2 has over a month remaining to complete the various tasks and get those rewards!

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