New Battlefield 5 Boot Camp Website Resource Launched

EA DICE has announced the launch of Battlefield 5 Boot Camp, an online resource centre for Battlefield 5. According to DICE, the website is based on fan requests, and is now available on the official Battlefield website. The Boot Camp contains all manner of tips and advice for new and more experienced players alike.

EA DICE Launches Battlefield 5 Boot Camp

“Ready to join the ranks in Battlefield V?” asks DICE; “We’d like to introduce you to the Battlefield 5 Boot Camp, a great place to learn everything from combat and Class basics to the importance of Bullet Penetration and the Attrition system. We listened to you, the players, to create the Battlefield 5 Boot Camp and make sure it’s got the answers you need.”

The new Battlefield 5 Boot Camp will serve as a resource centre for instructional videos and other sources for the upcoming game. At present, Battlefield 5 is only available to EA Access and Origin Access subscribers. It will launch for everyone on the 20th of November. Each Boot Camp entry is succinct and to the point; hopefully helping players to quickly find the answers that they need. To get players started, DICE also gives a Top Ten Tips list:

Battlefield 5 Boot Camp is an Online Information Resource Centre

DICE’s Top Ten Tips for Battlefield 5

  1. Stick with your squad and follow your squad leader. Watch their backs, and they’ll watch yours.
  2. Always play the objective – work as a squad to push on the capture point. The more effectively you work as a squad, the more Requisition Points you’ll earn, and the faster you can call in game-changing Reinforcements like the devastating V-1 Rocket.
  3. You’ll respawn quicker on a squad mate, so if you’re the last surviving member of your squad, play conservatively and give your buddies a chance to get back in the game.
  4. If you’re playing the Support Class, start passing out Ammo Pouches the second you spawn.
  5. If you’re playing the Medic Class, start sharing Medical Pouches the second you spawn.
  6. If you’re playing the Recon Class, be sure to spot enemies for your squad.
  7. If you’re playing the Assault Class, lead the charge, but don’t be afraid to retreat when you’re low on health or ammo.
  8. Remember, in Battlefield V you can always revive your squad mates regardless of your Class.
  9. The best players learn how to play every Class to fill in the gaps on their squad.
  10. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by multiplayer, spend some time in single-player War Stories to sharpen your skills.