Can Battlefield 5 Players Get 100 Million Kills and Unlock the Fliegerfaust?

With War in the Pacific on the horizon, the Battlefield 5 Battlefest event is now drawing to a close. The month-long event celebrating the game’s community has seen the return of fan-favourite game modes and a series of weekly challenges, the last of which is now here. However, breaking with tradition, this latest challenge is a grand community challenge which tasks all players with completing one giant objective.

The Battlefield 5 Battlefest Community Challenge: Fight as One

The final Battlefield 5 Battlefest weekly challenge is quite different from the norm. Ordinarily, players complete a series of objective nodes which lead them to unlocking a new weapon or cosmetic. This week, there is only one such objective node; Collective Efforts. Plus, this isn’t an objective that anybody can complete alone. Instead, every Battlefield 5 player will contribute towards this objective, which is to earn a whopping 100,000,000 kills in any game mode!

Battlefield 5 Battlefest Community Challenge Fliegerfaust 2

As usual, players can matchmake through these node, which will link them to a Grand Operations playlist; a perfect place to rack up kills and make your contribution to the vast total. If the community can achieve this challenge before the week is up, then everybody will unlock the Fliegerfaust; a powerful new Gadget and anti-aircraft weapon. “A German prototype man-portable anti-aicrcraft launcher,” explains DICE; “Fires two salvos of unguided rockets.”

For now, it remains to be seen whether the Battlefield 5 community will be able to achieve this colossal goal. However, it’s certainly a good opportunity to get ready for War in the Pacific, which is launching on the 31st. That new content release begins once the Battlefield 5 Battlefest event concludes. Along with the two new factions of Japan and the U.S., War in the Pacific includes eleven new weapons, eleven new vehicles, and three new maps. In fact, one of those new maps is Wake Island, perhaps the most iconic Battlefield map of all time!