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  1. It was a banger, how did everyone rate it compared to previous Pokemon titles? I made a video on my thoughts :) The Truth - Pokemon Shield https://youtu.be/4-cvzVdekyk hope you like it :)
  2. Hello, Hope you're all doing well. I have just completed the penultimate episode of my lets play series. looking for another game for season 2. hoping for something co-op but slightly more narrative driven than l4d2. any ideas? see below for reference:
  3. I've been playing a lot of Halo on PC recently. I have noticed that the movement seems so slow compared to other PC shooters. I don't know if it's games developing and leaving this style behind or if it is done that way due to controller functionality. Regardless, it is still hella fun! Heres some of the footage from it:
  4. I agree with that, I definitely preferred most things about the first Bioshock. I don't dislike the second by any means though.
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