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  1. Karulean

    Play vs watch

    I rather play sports, but watching is really fun too
  2. Karulean

    Hi there

    Thunder is def my favorite team, and Chris Paul is my favorite player, what team and who is your favorite O_O?
  3. Karulean

    Hi there

    Hello there, I am Karulean, and I love to play PC games, I unfortunately do not have console, I wish I did. But I play League of Legends on my PC, and I love watching NBA. I also manage a large community server full of NBA fans with 7k members 🙂
  4. Karulean

    VGR Sports Bar

    I am! 🙂
  5. Karulean

    VGR Sports Bar

    I really wish NBA came back :<
  6. I will be hanging out with my gf 😆
  7. I am currently playing League of Legends, if that clearly counts as last game played.
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